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Women Writers Worldwide Share Travel Secrets 2006

She goes hostelling...

The perfect active vacation doesn’t have to mean shelling out the platinum card for a resort stay. For your next domestic trip consider catching your winks at a hostel to defray costs (averaging $45 for a private room and $20 dorm-style) and enjoy the camaraderie of communal living. Let Colleen Norwine’s Great Hostels USA (Sedobe Travel Guides) be your guide to nearly 100 inviting hostels across the country—most near national parks and other active travel destinations. Cost is $18.95 on

Genessa Poth is the Assistant Editor of the U.S.-based, Her Sports magazine. Website:

Vive la difference...

There is a difference between travel and vacation. While vacation implies rest and relaxation, travel engages you and keeps you busy. You can combine the two but you need to be aware of your own travel style. I do best if I tour for three days and then rest for one. My friend can go for two weeks straight. Obviously we need to compromise our styles. Usually she will spend a day on her own, while I take some time to read or relax. Then we continue our travels together. Planning for both styles ensures we each have a great time.

Carol Matthews is the Travel Writer for Eastern Canada, Website:

She is allergic to...

If travelling in countries or an area of a country where English is not spoken widely and you are allergic to certain foods or drink, or have dietary restrictions, check out and order their plasticized cards that tell hotel or restaurant staff in words and pictures, "I am a vegetarian. I do not eat meat, fish, shellfish or poultry" or "I have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts." You can order cards in 15 languages including 2 forms of Chinese or make special requests for languages such as Khmer or Hebrew for over 40 different food situations. A bonus—if you live in a good foodie city, you can take them with you to local restaurants too. My husband is highly allergic to alcohol, even when it's boiled away, and as we will be travelling to France this spring, we will definitely be taking his "I am allergic to alcohol" card. Cards, starting at $8.95 U.S. for two, are shipped to 60 countries worldwide. The site also offers tips for travelling with food allergies.

Kate Pocock is a family travel writer and author of a future book on Paris. Website:

Sales in the UK are the real thing...

If you're travelling to London in January, some excellent bargains can be found in the sales. Retail laws in the U.K. strictly govern what can be labeled as a sale item. Stores are not allowed to ship in truckloads of inferior merchandise and then pass it off as 'reduced to clear' goods. Usually, merchandise has to have been in the store for a significant period of time marked at a higher price before it can be called a sale item.

Toni Summers Hargis is a Brit living in Chicago, USA. She is the author of Rules, Brittania: An Insider's Guide to Life in the United Kingdom. Copyright (c) 2006 and published by St. Martin's Press, LLC.

Bring more for baby...

I know this is basic but so important. When travelling by air with an infant -- even on a short one hour flight -- always pack more formula and diapers than you need. Throw in an extra container of fruit as well. You never know when your plane will be delayed, sometimes for many, many hours at a time. We once missed our plane (don't ask) and had to wait almost a full day for the next one. Thank goodness I had my extra milk powder and goodies with me. While diapers are usually more readily available, it isn't easy to find the exact formula your baby is used to at the airport.

Erica Ehm is the host of the hit international television parenting series, 'Yummy Mummy.' Her online Yummy Mummy Club and newsletter can be found at:

She stays healthy when travelling...

My favourite guide for pre-trip medical advice and common-sense tips for healthy travel is The Travel Doctor by Dr. Mark Wise. The Toronto-based family physician, travel medicine and tropical disease specialist devotes an entire chapter to women travellers. Subsections range from travelling while pregnant to personal safety. The 300-page book also includes a regional guide to diseases and chapters on insect-borne diseases, altitude sickness and pre-trip inoculations.

Barb Kroll is a Canadian journalist, one-half of a wife/husband (Ron) travel writing/photography team and co-publisher of website

Journeywoman Bonus Tip...

We think this is a very cool travel product...

YOUR EARRINGS GO WHEREVER YOU GO! -- Take all your earrings on your journey in the new EarringMaster. Its revolutionary design organizes 35 or more pairs of pierced earrings - all styles, all sizes! The EarringMaster and Travel Bag packs flat in suitcase or carry-on. Perfect for the woman on-the-go! Have all your earrings on hand, wherever you may roam . Visit or order toll free at 1-800-979-5212.

For other travel products designed to make life easier for the female traveller, check out our listings submitted by members of our Journeywoman Network of classified advertisers.

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