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Women Writers Worldwide Share Travel Secrets 2006

Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina...

Here's a tip that will come in handy if you travel to this part of the world. Tours on the Argentina side of the Iguazu Falls National Park stop for lunch a short distance from the Sheraton Internacional Iguazú Resort, the only hotel in the park. Rather than line up with the large crowds at the park restaurants, walk the short distance to the Sheraton for lunch. It's not as crowded, it's air conditioned, clean bathrooms, there's a bank machine in the lobby (a rarity), and a fine view of the falls. P.S. Though the Sheraton is often fully booked months in advance, it's worth the splurge to stay here if you can, so you can explore the falls trails on your own. For five days each month, when there's a full moon, the park is open at night for escorted Moon Walks.

Karen Zabawa is a freelance travel writer in Missisauga, Canada. Website:

She stays fit on the road...

Thanks to, hitting the road doesn’t have to be the death knell in your workout routine. The road warriors behind the best-selling book The Athletic-Minded Traveler (Social Publishing, 2004) are now reviewing cities across the United States, and a handful overseas, from a fitness fanatic’s perspective. Pick a city and they’ll point you toward fitness-focused hotels, health clubs, lap pools, restaurants, the best spots to run (printable maps included) and local health - and fitness-related retailers like running stores, bike shops and health food stores. Subscriptions for this service are $2.95 a month or $19.95 a year but you can try it out at:

Genessa Poth is the Assistant Editor of the U.S.-based, Her Sports magazine. Website:

She hikes in Wales...

Those hiking the Brecon Beacon National Park in Wales should do well to bunk in at the historic Rectory Cottage B & B (, tel +44(0)1495 785712), a 16th-Century converted stone cottage and barn about 22 miles north of Cardiff. Congenial hosts Angela and Bryan will start you off with a home-cooked Welsh breakfast before you set off across scenic hills or walk the old Roman cobblestone road. Their property is on an ancient pilgrimage route so some arrive by foot. In the evenings, walk down the lane to the Star Inn, an old coaching inn, for fine food and atmosphere before tucking in at Rectory Cottage under duvets in rooms with bath. As Bryan runs local customized tours, he is a wealth of Welsh history; the couple eagerly meet any request for touring or activities. Probably the most-welcoming—and scenic—bed and breakfast I've experienced in all of Britain.

Kate Pocock is a family travel writer and author of a future book on Paris. Website:

Solo Woman? Just do it...

I love travelling on my own. Not just because it is a time to clear my head of all the day-to-day living stuff that crowds it, but because alone you really see, experience and feel your travelling. Staying in backpacker hostels, I'm never totally alone anyway. I cook in the kitchens and chat to fellow travellers, or catch up with the staff on what is good to see and do. There's always someone interesting around who shares a bit of their travelling experience with me. But I also get to go where I want, see the things I like and change my mind as many times as suits me.

Janet McGarry is a travel journalist living in Australia. She is the Managing Editor of Backpacker Essentials. Website:

A bit of shopping is always good...

Since I’m often doing soft adventures (hiking, biking, kayaking) on most of my trips, I am not often a shopper. However, I started to think about some of the most useful and memorable items I’ve purchased over the years and it’s an interesting compendium. Under most useful would have to be the sandals that we women purchase in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. They cost about $27US, they have tire-tread soles made for walking on cobblestones and they hold your heel and toes firmly in place. I wear them in every hot country I visit. In a Beijing market I bought a shawl that I picked from among the thousands on display. Although soft and warm, it is not ‘valuable’. It cost about $3. It is patterned in reds, I wear it as a scarf in winter and a shawl in summer and I have never worn it without receiving compliments. Three bucks well spent! In the tiny Ecuadorian village of Peguche, I fell in love with a weaving named, ‘The Garden’. When I went to purchase it, I had $50US and a credit card but the weaver said it was $54 and he didn’t take credit cards. I was surprised and happy for him that he didn’t invite bartering for his phenomenal work of art. I borrowed the extra money and whenever I look at The Garden, in a place of honour in my home, I think of this proud weaver. These are a few of my favourite travel mementos. Start collecting your favorites. You'll be glad you did.

Judi Lees is an award-winning freelance travel writer living in British Colombia, Canada. Author of 'Vancouver The Ultimate Guide' (Greystone Books, Vancouver; Chronicle Books, San Francisco) and co-author of '52 Weekend Activities Around Vancouver' (Greystone Books).

Budget lunch in New York's Chinatown...

One of my favorite meals in New York City's Chinatown is at a hidden little Fujianese restaurant called New Bai Wei Gourmet on Division Street. Just $2.75 buys you a plate with your choice of four entrees, a heaping bowl of rice and a bowl of soup. Absolutely delicious, fresh and you'll be one of the few English-speakers to have ever entered this tiny hole in the wall restaurant.

Pauline Frommer is an America travel journalist. She appears weekly on CNN's Headline News discussing travel trends. Watch out for her new series -- The Pauline Frommer guidebooks which will be in bookstores from July 2006. Website:

Journeywoman Bonus Tip...

Travelling to Toronto, Canada? If you are looking for elegant, Asian-inspired gorgeous shirts and suits you'll enjoy a browse through the offerings at Kamina (112 Yorkville Avenue) in fashion-forward Yorkville. Created and marketed by the Korean sister-brother team of Yong Chang and Kimin Zang, each garment is a pleasure to look at. Mandarin collars dominate displays of wearable soft wools, crisp cottons, comfy linens and gorgeous silks. Perfect for day or evening wear -- I always pop a few pieces into my Journeywoman suitcase.

P.S. While I dry clean the wool pieces -- all others can be washed by hand or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.
(Evelyn Hannon, Editor,

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