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This Month's Hot Deals

Best Tips March 2016
Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

HERE ARE THIS MONTH'S TOP 12 JOURNEYWOMAN TRAVEL TIPS -- As usual, your many female-friendly bits of advice from all over the world continue to inform, inspire and amuse. This time, from wonderful travelling women across the U.S. and Canada to those in Menton (France), Adelaide (South Australia), San Miguel (Mexico), Melbourne, (Australia) and Kfar Sold (Israel) what follows are this issue's top twelve travelling tips. Enjoy, everybody!

1. JW RECOMMENDS TWO EXCELLENT PLACES TO STAY IN LONDON -- writes Therese in Southern Gulf Islands, Canada -- Thanks to your website my adult daughter and I recently stayed at the Goodenough Club in London and found it to be very good accommodations. Great location, safe and interesting - not far from Russell Square/British Museum. Big room, good staff and lovely breakfast buffet. I would also like to thank the person who recommended Hart House Hotel (51 Gloucester Place) on your website - same trip, we found this hotel to be everything that was promised. Owner operated and very helpful staff, good sized room, beautifully kept and good breakfast facilities. Ask for a room at the back for a quiet stay. Love Journeywoman!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Journeywoman loves you back!

2. ARE YOU A WOMAN OVER 60? -- writes Evelyn in Toronto, Canada -- If you are visiting Israel, at 60+ you are considered a senior. That means you are entitled to lots of discounts. Public transportation is one of those privileges. The magic Hebrew word you need is 'vah-teak' (senior) as you hand the bus driver your three shekels (about 75 cents U.S.). That's about half of full fare. P.S. Sorry, if you are a fellow of 60 in Israel, you have to wait until you are 65 to be considered an 'older adult.'

3. WELL PRICED GOOD MEAL IN NICE ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA -- writes Marlys in Menton, France -- If you have been to Vieux Nice (Old Nice) in the French Riviera as a tourist, you'll know how difficult it is to find and choose a good restaurant. So, here's my tip: go to Chez Palmyre, where the ambiance is great, service is good and the food is best! With a lunch menu at €17 (starter, main and dessert) you can't go wrong. In France, they serve you a pitcher of water for free if you care to ask for it. But their house wine is not ruinously priced either. Be there not later than 12 pm as it's a small place and gets full quickly. Don't bother waiting if you do arrive late as they allow for a leisurely lunch for their clients so they serve only one batch of 24 people. When you do go back, remember to reserve or be there earlier. They're open only on weekdays, for lunch and dinner. If you only go to one place to eat in Nice, this has to be it! Chez Palmyre, 5, Rue Droite, Nice, France.

4. DISPOSIBLE AIRLINE SEAT COVERS -- writes Marie-Claude in Bristol, USA -- My immune system has been compromised. Still, I plan on taking a trip to England in a few weeks and I'm trying to be extra careful. I had planned on sanitizing the tray table and arm rests, but was not sure how I could do the airline seat. I did some research and (believe it or not) found disposable airline seat covers. For $4.98 (USA) I got two covers from I thought that this was a piece of information that is worth passing on, even for those who's health is not compromised.

5. FISH TACOS IN SAN MIGUEL, MEXICO -- writes Ben in Montreal, Canada -- La Palapa on Nemesio Diez is known to be one of the best fish tacos places in San Miguel de Allende. This place is only opened from noon to 4 and from the outside looks as though it is part of a Garden Center next door. If you arrive before noon, the heavy metal gate will be padlocked and you may wonder if it is a good place to eat. It is absolutely worth stopping by for tacos, be it fish, chicken or beef. Each is served with a little salad and costs about 35 - 45 pesos, depending on the type you order. I eat here many times during each trip to San Miguel.

6. WOMAN-FRIENDLY GUEST HOUSE IN LISBON, PORTUGAL -- writes Egle in Kfar Sold, Israel -- I would like to recommend Pensão Rosinha Art Gallery House1 to other Journeywoman readers. The owners are a young couple, Camila from Brazil and Paulo from Portugal. They are both artists so the rooms are well decorated and their work is hung around the house. Paulo is also a chef and twice a week for only 15 euros you can take part in a goumet dinner that begins in the kitchen and ends with plenty of wine around the dining room table. It's a lovely way to meet the other guests and have a wonderful communal experience. Pensão Rosinha Art Gallery House1 is located just in the Barrio Alto near the famous 28 tram that takes you to all the tourism places. Address: Rua Da Quintinha, N54, Misericordia, 1200-367 Lisbon, Portugal P.S. There's free WIFI. P.P.S. While in Lisbon I also recommend that you take a free walking tour with a local. It is a special experience. Website:

7. ONE DAY GUIDED TOUR FROM TOKYO -- writes Louise in Adelaide, South Australia -- I would like to tell other women in our JW Network about a company called, Tokyo Way. My guide was Carl and the destination I chose to tour was Kamakura. This tour was the perfect antidote to a week of business in Tokyo. I was attracted to this tour as it provided an opportunity to get out of the city, and to experience a different side of Japanese culture. Carl was a wonderful guide and facilitator. He contacted me via email prior to the tour to provide some options for our afternoon activities in Kita-Kamakura. I was the only person on this tour, so Carl was able to personalize it for me. The tour included a beginners meditation session open to the public, sightseeing, afternoon tea and dinner. I recommend him and Tokyo Way highly.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read about the seven things one Journeywoman loves in Japan. Click!

8. AN EXCELLENT DOCTOR IN SAN MIGUEL, MEXICO -- writes Marilyn in San Miguel, Mexico -- San Miguel is one of my favourite places to spend the winter months. At times I have had to seek medical help and discovered that the care is excellent. The doctor I have seen over the years is wonderful. Dr Ricardo Gordillo Morath speaks English and German. If necessary he even makes house calls. His clinic is located at Hidalgo #28 and the telephone number is 415-154-9976.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Getting sick on the road is certainly not fun. Here are some suggestions that can be helpful when you are feeling under the weather as you travel. Click!

9. RENTAL APARTMENT IN PARIS -- writes Sue in Melbourne, Australia -- I'd like to recommend Rosemary Allan's apartment in Paris. It's in the 9th arrondissement, tucked away in a local area just down the street from the Moulin Rouge and the way up to Montmartre. It is well served by public transport with buses outside the door and two nearby Metro stations. It is beautifully furnished, very well equipped, has excellent wifi, a phone enabling free landline calls to many countries including the US and Australia, and a thick folder of travel brochures. Despite all the busy life of Paris outside the door, the apartment was very quiet and no extraneous noise is allowed in the evenings and early morning. Rosemary was happy to provide information, advice and company as we wanted it, always responsive to our requests but also leaving us free to get on and enjoy Paris by ourselves. She is a thoroughly charming hostess. The apartment is very secure as you enter through the street door with a key code and then the building with another code, and the apartment with a key which deadlocks the door so there is no risk of intruders! Website: P.S. Rosemary also has a room available for bed and breakfast in her own apartment upstairs.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read about the 10 really good things that makes this Journeywoman reader love Paris. Click!

10. MIDTOWN MANHATTAN BOUTIQUE HOTEL -- writes Leslie in Etobicoke, Canada -- The Refinery Hotel hosts the most sought after hidden gem of a bar in its exclusive rooftop terrace. Check out the up close and personal view of the Empire State Building (only two blocks away) while sipping fancy cocktails and eating light bites. Opens at 4pm daily. Get there early or call to book a table in advance as it's a real draw for hipsters and hotel guests alike. And be sure to consider staying at the hotel itself (a rebuild of an old hat factory), which is both hip and charming with more than decent sized rooms. Be sure to say hello to manager Albert on your way in. As a frequent guest, every time I stay there I'm greeted with a "welcome home Miss Leslie" and a complimentary bottle of wine or cupcakes. Heavenly luxurious splurge. 63W 38th Street between 5th and 6th. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Looking for cheap eats in New York? Here's an interesting list for you to save. Click!

11. A GREAT LITTLE NEIGHBOURHOOD RESTAURANT IN MONTREAL, CANADA -- writes Claire in Montreal, Canada -- Orange is the place friends meet and families get together. Located in Montreal's NDG neighbourhood, at Decarie and Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Orange welcomes everyone with its warm ambiance, friendly service and, above all, comfort food -- and all at reasonable prices. Among my favourites are the breakfast club and the tuna salad sandwich on flaky croissant. Haven't seen someone for years? You're sure to see them when you next eat at Orange! The Sherbrooke Bus 124 will take you right there. Address: 4011 Decarie Blvd

12. SEW YOUR OWN SAFETY POCKETS -- writes Trisha in Olympia, USA -- My travel tip suggestion is to introduce you to a very small pattern company in Oregon, USA called Saf-T-Pockets. Their patterns feature many pockets in each item of clothing. They are perfect for travel. Yes, someone would have to make the clothing, but for those who sew it is no problem and the bonus is that they choose the material and colors they like. For others, they can have a dressmaker create what they want. I hope you will check their website to see what you think. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are not a seamstress yourself, you can buy ready made T-shirts and underwear or tights with hidden pockets already sewn into them at Clever Travel Companion. Click!

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