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This Month's Hot Deals

Best Tips Submitted by Readers -- May 2013

Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

HERE ARE THIS MONTH'S TOP 12 JOURNEYWOMAN TRAVEL TIPS -- As usual, your many female-friendly bits of advice from all over the world continue to inform, inspire and amuse. This time, from wonderful travelling women across the U.S. and Canada to those in Belize, Singapore, Okinawa (Japan) and Johannesburg (South Africa) what follows are this issue's top twelve travelling tips. Enjoy, everybody.

BUT BEFORE YOU READ, HERE'S A GENTLE REMINDER -- Our Journeywoman Network is only as good as the travel secrets YOU share with us. In this case YOU = every single person in our JW Network. Whether you are in Shanghai, St. Louis, Saskatchewan or Salagnac, if you have a juicy tip to contribute please send it to: Put the words 'My 2013 contribution' in the subject line. We'll love you for it!

1. PACK A MULTI-PLUG WHEN TRAVELLING -- writes Jess in Singapore -- Most of us would have come across a situation where all our electronics (handphone, camera, laptop and iPad) were running out of battery. To make things worse, the room you were in had only one power outlet and somebody else was already using it. A multi-plug would solve this problem by allowing us to charge multiple items at one go. Not only will this gadget save you lots of precious time, it also avoids potential fights from room mates who are also scrambling to charge their electronics at the same time.

2. SWEET CAFE IN MONTREAL -- writes Lynda in Montreal, Canada -- My friend and I popped into Cafe Souvenir for lunch on one of the first weekends in Spring. Already locals were lining up to get an outside 'terrace' table in the sunshine. The vibe is relaxed with servers speaking both English and French. Since the French word 'souvenir' translates to 'a memory' in English, the owners cleverly used this theme when creating their menus. Instead of a traditional listing of dishes, they used small dollar store photo albums with tourist spots inserted on one side and parts of the menu written on to the other. So, as you turn the pages you 'remember' different places in the world. Cafe Souvenir's omelets are excellent; you are allowed to choose any three filling you like. The finished product comes to your table in the skillet it was cooked in. Yum! Located at 1261 Bernard Avenue in the area of Montreal called Outremont.

3. A FEMALE-CENTERED TRAVEL BOOK -- writes Bonnie in New York City, USA -- I have been an artist and traveler all my life. Without a Spare: A Fearless Woman's Life of Travel is a unique collection of interconnected short stories - each chapter set in a different country. The time span is 1960 to the present. I've just spent an hour reading the splendid informative Journeywoman Newsletter and believe Without a Spare would be of interest to you and your woman's network of female travellers. Click here to find out more.

4. IN CROWDS WEAR YOUR DAY PACK IN FRONT OF YOU -- writes Susan in Danville, USA -- I was recently pickpocket-ed in Prague. My wallet was in one of my day pack's pockets and I didn't notice it was missing until the next day. Since then, in large crowds such as marketplaces and train stations I wear my daypack in front of me. For example, one night a man playing water glasses mesmerized a crowd that stopped to watch and listen, just the perfect venue for a pickpocket. This is the situation they look for, when you're distracted. They are fast, slick, and experts at what they do. So, be an expert at what YOU do! Have a backup copy of your ID and passport, lock valuables in the hotel safe and put money and cards in inside pockets. Believe me, there were lots of things on my bucket list, but visiting a U.S. embassy to get help wasn't one of them. I hope this reminder helps even one other person avoid the anguish of being ripped off.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you know a young woman going off to travel for the first time? Please send her the link to this safety article. She'll thank you for it. Click here.

5. PACK LIGHT FOR BELIZE -- writes Suzanne in Belize -- I'm sitting here in Belize and thought I'd add my two-cents worth to your travel tips for this month. Belize is wonderfully hot, humid, and rainy, even in the dry season. However, a lightweight shawl, jacket, or fleece is helpful for cool evenings and early mornings. Packing a pair of lightweight crew or knee socks for the sand fleas is also helpful. For the cayes, a long-sleeve rash-guard shirt sold at is great protection against sunburn (in and out of the water) and it's very quick-drying. Very light cottons for tops and either skirts or cropped pants at least have some chance of drying out, but technical fabrics do very well here--I shunned my t-shirt in favor of a polyester top I'd found in a thrift store: much dressier and it never felt clammy or sodden. Basically, I washed and wore that polyester top and a skirt and a swim suit for ten days. Pack light!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Before you start packing, always check, 'What Should I Wear, Where?' Click here.

6. FABULOUS B&B IN BOSNIA AND HERTZAGOVINA -- writes Kathie in Bellingham,USA -- We just finished a Croatian bus tour and have set off as a foursome to explore Bosnia and Hertzagovina. I have to share with women everywhere the fabulous B&B we found in Mostar. It's literally a 5 minute stroll from the old town where you'll spend most of your time. The facility is affiliated with a local Tour/travel company so other perks are available such as bookings and local travel tips. This spot was recommended by Rick Steves in his Croatia and Slovenia book. Villa Fortuna in Mostar, Bosnia and Hertzagovina is run by a very capable and friendly staff of women. Eight modern rooms, breakfast included and a lovely patio garden. Top floor views of tile roofs, minaret and surrounding mountains! Book directly for best prices Price for double room April 2013, 50 Euro per night.

7. FIND YOUR PHOTOS AND YOUR LOST CAMERA -- writes Editor, Evelyn Hannon -- How cool is this? If your camera has been lost or stolen there might be a positive solution for you in cyberspace. StolenCameraFinder uses the serial number stored in your photos to search the web for photos taken with the same camera. Find out more about this at:

8. A GREAT GUIDE IN SIEM REAP AND ANGKOR WAT-- writes Meg in Okinawa, Japan -- This guide was listed in Journeywoman. We hired Sopheap Brem for four days while touring Siem Reap and Angkor Wat and we couldn't be happier with the results. He was extremely knowledgeable about all the temples, restaurants and overall history of the area. Any questions we had, he could answer. He was very flexible with our itinerary and spoke English well. Sopheap was always so positive, happy and great with our young kids. He felt like a regular part of the family. I highly recommend him! You can contact him at:

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is where all the guides recommended by Journeywoman readers are listed. Click here.

9. SPANISH LESSONS AND A HOMESTAY IN BUENOS AIRES -- writes Linda in Victoria, Canada -- I had one of my best ever solo trips in Buenos Aires, where I took Spanish lessons for two weeks, then spent a week exploring and practicing my new skills. The school, Expanish, arranged a home stay accommodation with a single woman my own age (50's), in an apartment in Recoleta, a leafy safe neighbourhood within walking distance to downtown. In addition to excellent Spanish classes, the school also offered a variety of excursions and tours, and tips on local culture and activities. I really felt like I was part of the community, walking to school every morning as merchants swept their sidewalks and citizens hustled to work. Another benefit was that fellow students provided great company for out trips. All in all, I found it a wonderful way to explore a new city and live like a local. Even with tuition included, it was also far less costly than any of other options I looked at.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn the Tango. This story by a Journeywoman will make you smile. Click here to learn more.

10. GET THERE EARLY -- writes Moira in Johannesburg, South Africa -- My tip is very short and sweet. It goes like this. JourneyWomen, always leave plenty of time to catch planes, boats, trains and buses. Not only does it take care of 'fear of being late' anxieties but some of the most interesting people I have met, has been while waiting in long queues. Relaxed and not stressing!

11. ISTANBUL EATS -- writes Debra in Toronto, Canada -- Foodies who visit Istanbul will relish a full day culinary walk with Istanbul Eats. I took the 'Two Market, Two Continents' tour and it was just wonderful!. For six hours we walked, ate and learned about Turkey's fabulous regional foods. Priced at US $125, it is well worth treating yourself. Besides, after a full day of tasting and 'treating', you'll hardly need an evening meal. Tip: if you must eat breakfast before the tour, make sure it's a very light one.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We recommend reading, 'She Spa's in Turkey.' It certainly is NOT your luxury spa back home. Click here.

12. CAFETERIA STYLE VEGETARIAN IN DUBLIN, IRELAND -- writes Gav in Toronto, Canada -- Cornocopia is a delicious restaurant that serves mains, salads, and soups cafeteria style. This vegetarian restaurant makes no excuses and does not hide behind lentil dishes. The focus is on using fresh ingredients and knowing everything going into your body. Dishes are all marked with dietary symbols such as allergens, raw vs living etc. Conveniently located off of popular Grafton Street. I suggest you try spiced sausage, with pepper, aubergine, and kidney bean ragout on brown rice. Excellent! Address: 19-20 Wicklow Street.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! -- For new tour ideas, travel products, discounts, free single supplements, etc. CLICK HERE.




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