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This Month's Hot Deals

Best Tips September 2015
Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

HERE ARE THIS MONTH'S TOP 12 JOURNEYWOMAN TRAVEL TIPS -- As usual, your many female-friendly bits of advice from all over the world continue to inform, inspire and amuse. This time, from wonderful travelling women across the U.S. and Canada to those in Adelaide (South Australia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Brussels (Belgium) and Cuenica (Ecuador) what follows are this issue's top twelve travelling tips. Enjoy, everybody.

1. AMAZING PENSION IN THE AUSTRIAN ALPS -- writes Karen in Vancouver, Canada -- I have a juicy tip of an amazing 'real Austria' pension called, Berggasthof Mittereggalm offering the best service that Austria is famous for. Situated in the Alps in Hochkonig ski and hiking region at 1400m is a mom and pop family-run inn that has been going strong for 40 years.  At the end of a long day of skiing or exploring you really feel like you are coming home. Delicious 3-course menu and breakfast buffet included. The region is charming and authentic and you get a real feel of farm culture. The parents do not speak English, however, the adult children are fluent in English and can get you sorted with what to do. Located just one hour from Salzburg.

2. PICK UP A FREE MAP -- writes Eliza in Baltimore, USA -- Almost everywhere I've travelled, there have been free and available maps of the town or city at my hotel, in information centers or in shops. My advice is to take one or two when you see a stack of them. These maps are useful for you in (1) Just finding your way around (obviously). (2) assisting other visitors who might be lost. (3) Locals can mark routes to places you are seeking. (4) You can mark restaurants and shops that you'd like to revisit. (5) A map is an easy gift and great help to friends who will visit after you do. (6) Cut up, the map can label and enhance pages in a scrap book and (7) a map is perfect wrapping paper for a gift purchased on your trip.

3. LOVELY HOTEL IN LIMA, PERU -- writes Christine in Vancouver, Canada -- I would like to recommend Casa Inca Boutique Hotel. The hotel is small with just two floors and it is one of the nicest I have ever stayed in anywhere in the world. The people on staff were more than accommodating. I had a single room on the upper level that had the feel of a restful spa -- all white linens and excellent bath products (these were worth taking home). The room was airy and comfy and just an absolute luxury. My single room was $89.00US per night (they accept both US and local currency) and included breakfast (eggs, baked goods, fruit, coffee, juices). There was also a mini bar in the room (prices in US) and nothing is better than a nice glass of wine on the terrace at the end of the evening. Location is excellent; it is only two blocks from a park and from the sea. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: We suggest reading the story, Life Lessons in Peru. Click!

4. BEST HUMMUS IN JAFFA, TEL AVIV -- writes Andrea Rosen in Tel Aviv, Israel - In Israel hummus is life and every Israeli will argue with you about who serves the best one. By far my favorite is Abu Hassan. It's been in the family so long. They have three branches all within seconds from each other, but the best is the original one on HaDolfin street and then two right across the street from each other on Shivtei Yisrael. It's the israeli version of brunch. Go before noon to escape long lines. Don't expect to sit there after your meal - get in and get out, it's a fast paced meal. Order the Masabacha (a gourmet version of hummus) - you won't be sorry!

EDITOR'S NOTE: When you visit Israel expect to experience diversity and multiculturalism. Click for photo essay.

5. ONE DAY GUIDED TOUR FROM TOKYO -- writes Louise in Adelaide, South Australia -- I would like to tell other women in our JW Network about a company called, Tokyo Way. My guide was Carl and the destination I chose to tour was Kamakura. This tour was the perfect antidote to a week of business in Tokyo. I was attracted to this tour as it provided an opportunity to get out of the city, and to experience a different side of Japanese culture. Carl was a wonderful guide and facilitator. He contacted me via email prior to the tour to provide some options for our afternoon activities in Kita-Kamakura. I was the only person on this tour, so Carl was able to personalize it for me. The tour included a beginners meditation session open to the public, sightseeing, afternoon tea and dinner. I recommend him and Tokyo Way highly.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another excellent way for women to see Japan. Click!

6. A SAFETY TIP ABOUT VALPARAISO, CHILE -- writes Arlene in New York City, USA - I'd like to pass along this bit of advice based on my time in Chile four years ago. From a hotel stay in Santiago, I took the public bus to Valparaiso. It was relatively easy, but the bus station in Valparaiso is not in a great area and it was hard to get a taxi to my hotel. I was also told to be very careful walking out alone at night in Valparaiso. Then from Valparaiso I took the train for a day trip to Vina del Mar. In retrospect, (and this is my tip) I would have stayed in Vina and done a day trip to Valparaiso because of the issues I encountered with safety in Valparaiso.

7. THIS APARTMENT IN VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA SLEEPS FOUR -- writes Wendy in Vacaville, USA -- If you are more than two people looking for a central place to stay in Victoria, BC, check out the Bella Belvedere Apartment managed by Victoria Prime. This was our home for a week with another couple. We had two rooms with two full bathrooms. It offered fantastic service including WIFI, great location in the heart of downtown, and was reasonably priced. Our concierge, Sharon, was amazing. Check their website for photos.

8. AFFORDABLE RESTAURANT IN CUENICA, ECUADOR -- writes Regina in Cuenica -- I live here and I suggest that you sample delicious, exotic Colombian cuisine at the busy and affordable spot called Moliendo Café on Honorato Vasquez and Borrero. It is owned by a tireless couple from Colombia. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I suggest you try the Arepas. These are thick Colombian corn tortillas as big as a dinner plate with at least a dozen toppings to choose from, everything from beans to chicken to shredded pork.

9. HOW DOES THE SHOWER WORK? -- writes Clare in Topsham, USA -- Wherever you stay in Britain, get your host/porter to explain the shower before he or she leaves the room after carrying your bag in. In eight different guest houses in England I encountered eight different ways to turn on or use the shower. In one you had to pull a cord outside the shower on the wall to turn on the hot water. I live in a retirement village. Cords in the wall there mean "call for help."  What was I supposed to do, on the third floor of a top-rated B&B, stark naked, with a male host? I took a cold shower. I think someone should write a book showing the different kinds of showers and how they work, something like explaining the different foreign coins.

10. WHERE TO STAY IN QUITO, ECUADOR -- writes Maria in Ottawa, Canada -- I would like to recommend a local hosteria - Hosteria San Carlos Tababela. It can be booked via, but I prefer to book directly.  Their email address is: An English email is appropriate and is returned in English however their website is still Spanish only. They can arrange a pick up and delivery to the airport in the range of $5 (when I was there Feb 2014). Cost of the room was $35 including breakfast. Dinner is available, but lunch is not. I found the staff so accommodating, even driving me around the little village looking for a SIM card, notebook and lunch. P.S. It is 10 km from the airport if you need just an overnight stay.

11. PUPPET THEATRE IN BRUSSELS -- writes Kristal in Brussels, Belgium -- When visiting my city you might want to check out Theatre Royal de Toone and their honest to goodness traditional Brussels puppets who performed the opera Carmen this summer and will be doing The Three Musketeers and Romeo and Juliette in the Fall. Performances are in French and Dutch. Admission is 9E. for students and seniors, 12E for everybody else. Located very close to Grand Place.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read what other JourneyWomen are saying about Brussels. Click!

12. BEST VEGAN BURGERS IN WINNIPEG, CANADA -- writes Evelyn in Toronto, Canada -- Please remember the name Boon Burger Cafe at 79 Sherbrook Street. This was one of my lunch stops and what a great choice it was. Boon Burgers is a small eatery with a very cool selection of vegan burgers (in a very different type of bun) served with baked yukon gold potatoes or a selection of salads. Picture this example from their menu - The Buddha burger consists of a curried chickpea patty, creamy curry mayo, red pepper peach chutney, sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion and lettuce. Or you can try their Thanksgiving burger with (of course) cranberries that also looked so very tasty. You can check out their complete menu online at: Boon Burger is completely solo friendly. Seating is at two very long tables with benches on either side. You can't help but talk to the folks sitting around you. I did and they turned out to be a husband and wife discussing plans for their upcoming trip to the Amazon. I had a terrific time there. Even if you're not a vegan, I think you will, too. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Heading to the Canadian Prairies? Check out '12 Things a Woman Will Enjoy in Winnipeg.'

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Now that you've read everybody else's tips, do you have a bit of advice or a recommendation you'd like to share? Don't put it off, please. Send your juicy tip to right now before you become distracted. Put 'Juicy Tip 2015' in the subject line. We're counting on you, ladies!

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