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Journeywoman's Best Tips of the Year 2000

Food for thought in London -- writes Liane B. from Ireland -- I'd like other travelling women to know about "Food For Thought," on Neal Street (Covent Garden Tube). It's a lovely, small vegetarian restaurant with mouth-watering food (the cheese scones are a real treat). The menu changes daily so you can go back often without getting bored. FFT is open for lunch and dinner and located right in the heart of the theatre district, making it a good place to stop before a show. The seating is limited and you often share a table which can be a pleasant way to meet people. If you arrive early, take the table tucked into the back alcove (tiny and you sit under a low ceiling on big, fluffy pillows). It's perfect for reading, relaxing or (should you meet your Prince in London) unlimited romantic potential.

Don't knock airline freebies -- writes Jen of Minneapolis, USA -- During my service in the Peace Corps, I did an all-night, 13km pilgrimage to a church with a friend. I am prone to blisters and my roommate offered to lend me a pair of great socks from REI. I dug them out of her crate of clothes and had the best hike of my life. Not one blister. The next day we realized I had worn her free American Airlines socks. Don't know what's in them, but they worked!

Watch your feet in Chile -- warns Lea in Ottawa, Canada -- When I visited Chile, I paid very close attention to the clothes I wore and I did not feel that I stood out in any way from the rest of the population except ... from the ankles down. I found, to my dismay, that mine seemed to be the only sneakers (Black Reeboks) in the entire country. Even the teenagers and University students were either in dress shoes or sandals. Yikes! My feet were a dead giveaway. Pack accordingly, ladies.

We love Tel Aviv's Big Mama -- writes Ella of Ariel Travel in Israel -- When my girlfriends and I meet for lunch, one of our favorite choices is Big Mama's. Location? Right in the heart of Tel Aviv next to the famous Carmel Market. For those in the know, this spot is famous for their pizza with thin, thin crust, and wonderful pasta dishes. The decor is eclectic -- high ceilings, old fashioned tiled floors, wooden tables and chairs, no table cloths and no frills. Just good food. Dining solo? Take your choice. You can eat either at your own table or at the bar where you can chat with other singles.

There's a women's B&B in Berlin -- writes Barbara from Germany -- We're new members of the Journeywoman Network and we're conveniently located right in the center of Berlin between Potsdamer Place and Brandenburger Gate. There are 37 beds available -- single rooms ($US39), double and twins ($US67 per night). Rates for triples and quads are available on request. We also have a two-bedded-room for disabled guests. All rooms have ensuite shower. Breakfast from $US2.00-5.00 E-mail: Website:, Tel. 049 (0)30/22489096. Berlin's a fabulous city. Welcome everybody!

Pack silk undies -- writes Nissa from Madison, USA-- The greatest tip I can give sister travelers going to any cold weather climate is to take along two pairs of 'silk long underwear', one for the day and one pair to sleep in. They are light weight and a little more expensive than cotton, but so well worth the price of not freezing! Ed. note: If you're travelling in China where they are always available and very reasonable -- pick up an extra couple of pairs. I got mine there ten years ago and they still are wonderful.




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