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Our Best 2002 Newsletter Tips

Your body is your alarm clock -- writes Angela from Minneapolis, USA -- I know this is possibly the strangest tip you've received but I think it might be helpful for other travellin' women who find themselves in this situation. While on a journey I found myself without an alarm clock but I needed to be up early to catch a train. A wake-up call was not possible at the hostel I was staying in so what's a girl to do? I drank two full glasses of water at bedtime. You bet I woke up on time -- in fact, much earlier than I needed to be up.

A woman-friendly bed and breakfast in Rome -- writes Laura from Italy -- I live and work in Rome and wanted to pass this tip along to women travelling to my part of the world. The Pantheon View Bed and Breakfast is located, smack-dab in Rome's historic city center within walking distance of its famous namesake as well as the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona. All rooms are furnished with antiques, and each has a balcony facing the Pantheon. Expect color TVs, ensuite bathrooms and mid-range rates in a multi-floor elevator building. Address: Via del Seminario 87, 00186 Rome. E-mail:

Try my favorite bistro in New York -- writes Carmen from New York City -- Jubilee is a neighborhood restaurant located on the 1st floor of a brownstone at 347 E. 54th between 1st and 2nd Avenues. It offers delicious French bistro fare, including mussels (the house specialty), steak frites (the French fries are by far the best I have ever tasted), fresh fish dishes, pate, tuna tartare, salads, etc. Many locals frequent Jubilee every week and are always warmly greeted by the staff. I have eaten here at least 4 dozen times (both with others and by myself) and have never had a poor experience or meal. Reservations are strongly encouraged since this welcoming spot fills up each night. Casual dress (including jeans) is acceptable. Live jazz is a bonus on Thursday evenings. Tel: 212-888-3569.
Ed. note:
There's a lot more about New York in our popular GirlTalk New York Cyberguide. Take a look!

There's financial assistance for single moms who want to travel -- writes Evelyn from Toronto, Canada -- Adventures in Good Company is a U.S.-based organization that offers outdoor adventures for all women and they encourage single moms to join them. Therefore, they generously offer a 10 to 50% discount on trip fees, based on travellers' financial needs. Details and an application form can be found on their website at or by calling us at 877.439.4042.
Ed. note:
If any woman is looking for ideas on how to spend her next holiday, Journeywoman invites you to explore our 100's of classifieds -- one of the largest women-centered holiday resources on the internet.

Have dinner with a Danish family -- writes Virginia from Atlanta, USA -- This is a very helpful tip especially for women travelling solo. When in Copenhagen, Denmark, don't miss your chance to "Meet the Danes." This is a service that arranges home-dinners with a Danish family or, in our case, a single woman and her friend. Our home-dinner was timed just right, at the end of our visit to Denmark. By that time we were filled with questions and the conversation never lagged -- we talked till quite late. The food (a traditional Danish meal which we toasted with Danish "aquavit" schnapps), was really delicious, as well! The cost is DKK360 for adults, about US$48 (there's also a children's rate if you're travelling with little ones). Meet the Danes requires at least a week's notice in order to arrange for a home-dinner host. Check their website:, E-mail: Have fun, everybody!

Experience inexpensive, top rate entertainment in Brooklyn -- writes Nina from Israel -- When you come to New York City, pry yourself loose from Manhattan, get on a subway to Brooklyn, and go to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is actually three theatres and a lovely cafe. They present plays, dance, music that is much less expensive than Broadway or even Off-Broadway or Off-off-Broadway. Seniors can phone at midday to find out whether they are giving senior discounts that evening. If so, you show up one hour before curtain and you get in for $10.00! Then you can walk around the very interesting neighborhood, or go up to their cafe and enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere. I went to see Baryshnikov and asked if I could bring my daughter (who is far from senior age) and they said OK and sold me two tickets for a total of $20.00. Try it, you' might really like it. For more information on programs, how to get there, the BAMbus and more, visit their website,

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