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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2003

Evelyn Hannon

Each year Journeywoman receives 100's of female-centered travel tips from women living in over twenty-eight different countries. From Pittsburgh to Paris and from Bangkok to Boston, these members write to share their 'journey' secrets. They tell us about their own city's gal-friendly sites as well as those they learned about while experiencing other cultures in other lands. Here in the JW office, we diligently record their findings about hotels, restaurants, attractions, books, culturally-cottect data, etc. and then include the best in our complimentary e-newsletters or post them to our website.

At the end of each year, we publish a list of the 'best of the best' tips that have been submitted to Here are our absolute favourites for 2003. Enjoy everybody!

Guests wear white at weddings in Philippines -- writes Janine from the United States -- Here's a little culturally-correct twist for Journeywoman readers around the world. If you travel to the Philippines for a wedding, it's customary for the guests to wear white. Wear red and you will be asked to leave, wear black and they'll think you're one of the wait staff.

Top rate entertainment in Brooklyn -- writes Nina from Israel -- When you come to New York City, pry yourself loose from Manhattan, get on a subway to Brooklyn, and go to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is actually three theatres and a lovely cafe. They present plays, dance, music that is much less expensive than Broadway or even Off-Broadway or Off-off-Broadway. Seniors can phone at midday to find out whether they are giving senior discounts that evening. If so, you show up one hour before curtain and you get in for $10.00! Then you can walk around the very interesting neighborhood, or go up to their cafe and enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere. I went to see Baryshnikov and asked if I could bring my daughter (who is far from senior age) and they said OK and sold me two tickets for a total of $20.00. Try it, you might really like it.

Cafés that women will love in my Dutch city -- writes Manon from The Hague, Holland -- My favorite place in my hometown is Eetcafé De Klap. It's very near the city centre. It is a small and friendly place with an interesting menu - every month it changes. They have a small and cosy terrace with grapes hanging from the ceiling. It is quite popular and there is always a nice person to chat with, a beautiful wine and a good meal for a good price. Address: Koningin Emmakade 118/A 2518JJ 's-Gravenhage Tel: 0031(0)70 345 40 60.

My second spot is called Make Your Own located directly opposite the Mauritshuis at #3 Plein. It is nice trendy little place where you can "make your own" sandwiches, soups, juices, salads. It's not cheap but for those women travellers hungry for salads this is a good place to know about.

From Hong Kong to China for shopping -- writes Ellen from Canada -- When Hong Kong locals want to find fabulous shopping deals, they go to Shenzhen, the Chinese city on the border of Hong Kong. Just 40 minutes by urban (MTR/KCR) train from the centre of Hong Kong, this Chinese border town offers up bargains not seen in Hong Kong for over 20 years. In the past year alone, Hong Kong shoppers have spent the equivalent of US$3.9 billion buying up good quality products made in China. That's a lot of shopping! Ed. note: Read Ellen's full article at:

Suggestions for gifts from Cuba -- writes Karen from Toronto, Canada -- One doesn't go to Cuba to shop however one always looks for a few goodies to bring back for the sweeties in our lives. This is what I learned from personal research. You'll find a smattering of wooden handicrafts, mostly carved toy lizards, birds and frogs, perfect for children. You can also pick up the occasional CD being hawked by one of the many Mariachi bands you'll see playing in roadside truck stops along the highways as well as in the streets of Havana. In some places you'll be able to pick up Cuban-themed t-shirts and hats -- I'll treasure my Che Guevara hat forever as it brings out my inner rebel and looks great worn at a jaunty angle (and it cost only US$2)! World-famous cigars and aged rum are great gifts to bring home for the guys, but check first to see how many you're allowed to bring out of the country. Never buy cigars from roadside vendors - they may be fakes made from banana leaves. Yuck! Stick to the hotels and official cigar stores to play it safe.





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