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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2005

We love Hotel Muguet in Paris -- writes Kathi in Toronto, Canada -- Hotel Muguet is our home away from home when we live in Paris. It's on the Left Bank in the 7th arr ( We feel so safe and comfortable in this smart, stylish two-star hotel. The spotless rooms are air-conditioned, a rarity indeed in two-star hotels. Each room has its own bathroom. A two minute walk down the street brings you to the rue Cler with its shops and bistros and everything you could require to make your stay perfect: cleaners, wine shop, cheese shop, bakery. Situated in an upscale residential neighbourhood close to two metro stops (Latour-Maubourg and Ecole-Militaire), it's a delightful hotel for any woman on her own. Highly recommended. Address: 11, rue Chevert,75007.

ED. NOTE: Kathi's tip is just one of 20 juicy tips we've posted in a new article called, 'Advice From Women Who Love Paris.' We've asked both tour operators and JW readers to share their Paris secrets and we're delighted with the juicy results. You can find this article at:

Taking your teenagers to Thailand? -- writes Nancy from Bangkok -- Here's three important things to inform them about Thai customs. (1) Women should not touch a monk (2) Never pat a Thai on the head (3) You should not ever point your feet at anyone in Thailand. Each of these three is considered rude behaviour. I hope this is helpful to your readers.

Taking your grandchildren to Disney? -- writes Evelyn from Toronto, Canada --From the moment the Disney's Magical Express bus from the Orlando airport passed through the main Disney Gates the children in our party were wired. The first morning they were up at dawn ready to go off and explore. Grandma wasn’t, so she conspired with her son-in-law next door. We informed our little charges that everybody must rest quietly in bed until Mickey called to wake them up. Each morning after that when ‘son-in-law in disguise’ called the room, the children sprang out of bed and raced to the phone. In a high pitched voice ’Mickey’ informed the kiddies that they were splendid for not disturbing anybody early in the morning. He reminded them to eat their breakfast, put on their sunscreen and that he would see them in the park later that day. The ruse worked. With apologies to Walt Disney, I promised myself I would tell my grandchildren the truth about those wake-up calls only when they went off to college.

ED. NOTE: Planning a trip to Disney with your children or grandchildren, you might enjoy these tips:

A woman's guest house in Wellington, New Zealand -- writes Marcia from San Diego, USA -- My daughter and I stayed in Wellington, New Zealand at a fun and comfortable spot called the Mermaid Guesthouse for Women. It's reasonably priced and centrally located, within walking distance of all the great restaurants, Botanical Gardens and the famous Te Papa Museum. We wholeheartedly recommend it, especially the Latino room with its own bathroom. We were situated right across the kitchen -- perfect for morning breakfasts or midnight snacks brought back from the wonderful French bakery, 'Le Moulin' a few blocks away. Check their website at:

ED. NOTE: Our Journeywoman classifieds contain many advertisements for women-centered accommodation all over the world. You can check these out at:

A woman-owned hotel in Verona, Italy -- writes Sue from Honolulu, Hawaii -- I've had the good fortune to stay at the two-star Hotel Torcolo located in the central historic part of town, just off the main piazza where the famous arena is located. I think it's a gem other women will enjoy! This cozy 19-room hotel is owned by two women who have been friends since childhood. Aside from a male night porter, the hotel is staffed entirely by women; an attached upscale restaurant also had a female chef when I've been there. Most mornings charming owner Signora Pomari, who speaks English fluently, is at the front desk and very helpful with sight-seeing and dining suggestions. All desk staff are friendly and show a real interest in their guests. Rates are reasonable (including a breakfast with cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt); the hotel is within walking distance to all tourist sites plus many restaurants and cafes. I would never consider staying elsewhere in Verona. Address: Vicolo Listone #3. Website:

ED. NOTE: Want more women-centered advice about Italy? We recommend this link:

Sweetest 2005 letter from a journalist...

Dear Journeywoman,

Thank you so much for our conversation today. You are a generous and delightful woman. I found our talk inspirational and probably just what I needed to hear to "follow my own heart." I believe you've been successful beyond your wildest dreams because you stay true to your mission to encourage women to travel. It was a good message for me to hear as I get ready to launch my own mission. Thank you again for your time and consideration.
Bobbie, Illinois, USA

ED. NOTE: If I've inspired one more female to reach their goals in the realm of 'women & travel' I am a very happy woman. I'm delighted that I could be of assistance and receiving this lovely 'thank you email' made my JW heart sing. Thanks, Bobbie.





More terrific tips 1/2/3/4

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