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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2005

When and where should women not wear hats? -- writes Graeme in Auckland, New Zealand -- I'm the male partner of a member of your Journeywoman Network and I'm also an anthropologist (for what that's worth). Hats, like any kind of clothing or bodily adornment always carry a message of some kind 'in' the visual language of wherever you happen to be. Whether you like it or not your favourite hat which the locals are used to in your local laundromat may mean more and different things somewhere else. Regarding hats, the only place I know much about is Indonesia (especially Bali) and there men wear hats more than women. The only women who seem to wear them are agricultural workers who want to protect their already brownish skins from the blackening effects of the sun. It's a beauty thing. They wear either big straw hats or turbans of whatever cloth is available. In a mosque a female keeps her head covered. She doesn't in a Balinese temple. This is getting complicated but I guess the message is there is no universal 'hat' rule and the easy solution is simply to ask with honesty and humility and most people will be only too happy to tell you what is appropriate.

ED. NOTE: If you're interested in many more tips about 'when and where not to wear a hat' as you travel, please see:

New Mexico's Real Mexican food -- writes Monika from Albuquerque, New Mexico -- I thought female travellers to my part of the world would appreciate this food stop. One of my favorite New Mexican restaurants is actually located in a drugstore -- a former soda fountain that has become a little restaurant. It is definitely not a Tex Mex franchise -- it serves excellent enchiladas, burritos, tacos, and other local specialties. The name of the drugstore is Durans and it's located on 1815 Central Avenue. There is no 'restaurant' sign outside so with this special information you are now an Albuquerque insider. Enjoy, everybody!

Yummy crepes in Oxford, England -- writes Brandi from Kentucky, USA -- Especially if you have a serious craving for a delicious dessert, The Cleo Creperie in Oxford is a perfect spot to take an afternoon break from sightseeing. I know; I discovered this yummy spot when I lived in Oxford. Cleo Creperie is located on Gloucester Green very near the main bus station. This place serves seriously sinful, amazingly rich crepes and ice cream as well as a full menu. My favorite 'sin' was a crepe aptly called the English Rose. It was packed with buttered bread pudding, lightly warmed, covered in melted milk chocolate, and finished off with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. Oh my goodness it was good. Give it a try, ladies! Telephone: 01865 791898

A solo-friendly food stop in Amsterdam -- writes Mara from The Netherlands -- I love the suggestions and tips women provide for Journeywoman. Now I want to share something with you from my part of the world. There's one place in Amsterdam I've taken almost all my American, Canadian and Dutch friends for dinner when I happen to be in the neighborhood. It's called Wagamama and it serves inexpensive, fresh, tasty noodle and rice dishes. I really like it for solo travellers because there is no designated seating. You can join others at tables where there are empty seats. Try getting there before 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday evening. This popular spot fills up quickly. In the summertime there's also the possibility to have your meal outside overlooking the Max Euweplein (a little city square) Address: Max Euweplein 10 . Tel. 0031-(0)20 528

ED. NOTE: For over 100 more female-friendly restaurant recommendations submitted by JourneyWomen worldwide, please check this part of our JW website:

A delightful cure for jetlag in Singapore -- writes Elizabeth from Singapore -- If you find yourself in Singapore wide awake in the very early morning, rather than tossing in bed for hours, hop into a taxi and head for the Botanic Gardens. You'll find a stroll around Symphony Lake with its water lilies, ducks, turtles and koi (goldfish) very restful and comforting. Then when you're ready for something a little more exotic, head for the Garden's 'reflexology' path in the Bukit Timah Core and give your feet a free massage. Highly recommended! Website:

ED. NOTE: Want to read more about sleeping well and overcoming jetlag? Please read:

Stunning silk fashion in Thailand -- writes Lyn from Boulder, Colorado, USA -- I found the most magnificent women's clothing store in Phuket. It's called the Silk Closet. The owner personally designs all the clothes in the shop and uses only the finest silk. Her clothes are exquisite in design, impeccable in workmanship and an incredible value. I bought over a dozen garments from blouses to long skirts. Styles range from everyday to high couture. And, she'll even work with you to create unique clothing to suit your personal taste and style. There are three locations in Phuket. Find out more at

ED. NOTE: JourneyWomen researching Thailand will enjoy these two archived articles jam-packed with lots of fabulous tips and pieces of advice: and


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