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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2006

A woman-owned guest house in Kerala, India -- writes Pat in Ottawa, Canada -- I'd like to recommend a wonderful guest house on the shores of the Arabian sea set between Trivndrum and Kovalam in Kerela, India. LagoonaDavina is run by a fabulous English woman called Davina Taylor who has created a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing oasis away from the chaotic delights of India. It's a particularly good spot for single women travellers as Davina makes sure you are part of the "family". The food is superb, there is massage and yoga readily available and the staff treats you like a valued member of the family. My stay at LagoonaDavina was one of the highlights of my trip to India. Their website is
P.S. I love your Journeywoman newsletter and am glad to be able to make this contribution to it. Enjoy!

Chocolate lovers unite in Chicago -- writes MK in Chicago, USA -- If you're a chocoholic Journeywoman, I suggest that you drop in to Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe on Michigan Avenue. This small, cozy cafe serves wonderful coffee as well as lovely desserts -- like their triple chocolate mousse cake, drinks like the Brown Cow (chocolate root beer float) hot chocolate, chocolate truffles, candies and more. Yum! Address: 320 N Michigan Ave.

ED. NOTE: If you need an energy boost after a few hours of shopping, this seems like the place to be. Want more advice about Chicago? Check the article, 'Women Tell Women About Chicago'

100 Yen shops in Tokyo -- writes Therese in Yokohama, Japan -- I'm a regular reader of your newsletter and figure it's time to say 'thanks' for the many, many Journeywoman tips I've received by offering a few of my own. If you're looking for modestly priced gifts to bring home to friends check out the 100 yen (hak - ku -en) shops in Jyugaoka, one of Tokyo's ritziest suburbs. These shops sell home wares, interesting clothing, games, toys, stationery and up-to-the-minute kitchenware at very good prices. Pick up some lovely lacquer-like soup bowls, stylish chopsticks and Japanese tablemats to match. Happy shopping, JourneyWomen!

Made to measure in Viet Nam -- writes Barbara in Canada --Using a travel trip found at the Journeywoman website I shopped at a wonderful shop in Hoi An, Vietnam. I purchased a terrific made to measure three piece silk suit which was sewn for me in six hours. It was easy to communicate with the tailoring staff, they did not even ask for a deposit from me and delivered my purchase to my hotel right on time. I would highly recommend Khoi Cloth shop to any other travellers that find themselves in that part of the world. Address: 134 Tran Phu Street, email:

Thai restaurant in Manhattan -- writes Eve from Toronto, Canada -- After a very long day of sightseeing my girlfriend and I dragged ourselves back to the hotel. We were very hungry, too tired to change and didn’t want anything pretentious. Bless the concierge for sending us to Topaz, a tiny neighbourhood Thai restaurant filled with after-work locals. Happily there was one table left for us but soon after we were seated there was a line-up waiting to get in. The food was excellent, portions plentiful, service pleasant and prices most reasonable. Perfect if you’re dining solo or with a friend! 127 W. 56th Street between 6th & 7Th Avenue. Tel: 212.957.8020. Please note: Lunch is not served Saturday and Sunday but Topaz is open each night for dinner.

Learn how to hail a cab in New York City -- writes Maryjo in New York -- Are you surprised when empty cabs pass you by without stopping? The secret is in their rooftop lights. If you're hailing a taxi, only those with the 'top center light on' are available. 'The side lights on' mean off-duty, not interested in picking up a fare (which happens wide scale around 4 pm when taxi drivers' shifts change). I hope this helps visitors to our city.

Know how to take a subway in Rio --
writes Evelyn from Toronto, Canada -- I read this in my local paper. In Brazil special subway cars are now being set aside for women only. Women commuters are invited to ride in female-only, pink-striped subway cars in Rio de Janeiro. This is an attempt to avert groping and other unwanted sexual advances. State legislation signed last month requires the subway and above-ground railways to have separate passenger cars for women during weekday rush hours. Rio joins Tokyo and Mexico City as major cities with female-only train cars.





More terrific tips 1/2/4

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