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Best Newsletter Tips of 2008

A TERRIFIC GUIDE IN BUENOS AIRES -- writes Susan in Vancouver, Canada -- I'd like everybody in our JW Network to know about a terrific guide we had in Buenos Aires in 2008. Ernesto Yattah picked us up at the hotel and took four of us on a tour of Jewish Buenos Aires. He was just great. Ernesto is a lovely man, warm, interesting, intelligent, knowledgeable. He speaks excellent English, has lived for many years in the US and has now returned to his homeland. My contact with him was via email and arrangements were made before travelling. I highly recommend him. Here's all his contact info: Ernesto Yattah, Av. Santa F? 1688 Piso 3?, (1060) Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Tel/Fax: ++54 (11) 4811-0108, Cell: ++54 (9-11) 5836-7095. Email:

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're heading to Buenos Aires click here to read, 'Buenos Aires, Her Love Affair With the Tango.' We think it will amuse you.


AN INTERESTING CLOTHING SHOP IN PARIS -- writes Sandy in Toronto, Canada -- For those JW members who like to shop on holiday, I offer this tip. This summer I spent part of my vacation in Paris. I went back to a wonderful women's shop I'd found two years ago and it was just as good as I remembered it. Anne-Elisabeth is located on Rue des Rosiers in the Marais district. Her designs are most unusual and shopping during the summer meant I found very interesting things, most on sale. Highly recommended. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are interested in more Paris shopping tips, click here for some great deals in the city.


FOR HEAVENLY SAVINGS IN ITALY STAY AT A CONVENT OR MONASTERY -- writes Mary Anne in Vancouver, BC Canada -- Monastery and convent stays in Italy are inexpensive, and there are hundred to choose from. I stayed at Monastero di San Gregorio in Rome, a gorgeous old building with stunning architecture, church and artwork. My very clean room had a single bed, desk and chair, and private bathroom with good towels. It's right in the heart of Rome, across from Circus Maximus (subway stop, just three from Termini Station, where the airport train costs 11 Euros) and Palatine Hill and steps from the Coliseum. Cost? A mere 35 Euros (about $55) a night! There is no service so pack very lightly -- hauling a heavy suitcase up 106 stairs is impossible. Only one staff member spoke English, but arranged everything by internet and provided a letter of introduction in Italian and English, for which they charge a nominal booking fee. Curfew was 11:30 pm but not strictly enforced. Some monasteries and convents offer breakfast and other meals and accommodate families. No phone, internet or TV, but I felt very serene and secure travelling alone.


TRY TO SKETCH WHAT YOU SEE WHEN YOU TRAVEL -- writes Ann in Tennessee, USA -- My advice to other women travellers is as follows. Wherever you go, try to draw what you see, just a bit -- even if you 'can't draw.' Somehow it sends the place into your body and bones in a way that just passing through can't. You end up really feeling you've 'owned' the place you've traveled to. It's a very wonderful and visceral experience.

P.S. I truly believe everyone can draw, with a little practice. Just find a blank page in your travel journal and let yourself go. It's a perfect activity for long train rides, dining solo and sitting on a park bench in a new city half way around the world.


A GREAT GUIDE IN GUILIN, CHINA -- writes Trysh in Tianjin, China -- Hi Journeywoman, I was introduced to your site through a Canadian friend of mine (I am British). It's terrific and I can't thank you enough for your tips and information. Now it's my turn. I'd like your readers to know that I found a great guide in the Guilin/Yangshuo (Li River area). Lee is terrific and she will take you anywhere you want and really personalize your tour. Her English is good and she will go that extra mile for you. She did for me, bringing my leather jacket to me after I left it in the hotel. You can email her at:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lee was also a terrific help to me. Please read: this short piece to see how she went out of her way to find a stranger in Guilin for me.


TRY A GUEST HOUSE (RYOKAN) WHEN YOU VISIT JAPAN -- writes Anne in Chicago, USA -- Will you be in Kobe? Then from there I urge you to go to Mt Koya-san in Japan. It is beautiful with lots of pine and cherry trees, full of temples and monasteries and it has an amazing graveyard containing two thousand monuments. I stayed at Muryoko-in for about a hundred dollars a night, including two meals and an amazing morning religious service. The monks were especially kind, bringing me hot sake when I came in out of the rain. I can't say enough good about this experience. Mt Koya-san is about a three hour trek from Kobe on three different rail systems, but really quite doable. For more information, click here.


Are You an Older Adventuress?




Now is a wonderful time in your life to travel. Make the most of it. From cruising to intergenerational travel to climbing mountains, we have a whole section at our Journeywoman website devoted entirely to you and your older adventuress style. If you have a tip or a travel tale to add to this section, simply write to:

P.S. If you're a grandmother and loving it, you'll enjoy Evelyn Hannon's blog on Aging Disgracefully. Check out Journeywoman's take on getting older and her place as matriarch of a funky family. Click here, browse and, if you like, post your comments. We always welcome them.





More terrific 2008 tips 1/3/4

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