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Best Newsletter Tips of 2008

TEA AND SUNGLASSES IN AFRICA -- writes Grace in Chicago, USA -- Listen, ladies. I grew up in Kenya and while the sky might be the most beautiful you've ever seen anywhere in the world, the sun is probably much stronger than what you're normally used to. So make sure you wear hats with brims, enough sun screen and sun glasses. Then make sure to remove your sunglasses when entering homes and buildings. Where I come from keeping your sunglasses on indoors is considered rude and disrespectful. And if you are going down to the coast, look for the hot chai (tea) they serve. It actually works to cool you down when the air feels like a sauna. In Voi and Taita Hills, near Mombasa, hot chai is served in every home. I suggest you drink up because it's the only heat control you'll have up there.

EDITOR'S NOTE: -- Another tip. We also love this African archived article called: Outdoor Bathrooms Are Scary Things


BEST CREPES CLOSE TO TORONTO'S ART GALLERY -- writes Erica from Toronto, Canada -- Check out the Art Square Cafe right across from the Art Gallery of Ontario. It's cozy, the staff is warm and welcoming and the crepes (buckwheat or white) are mouthwatering. I was there with a friend for brunch. We shared the Spinach and Walnut crepe and the Grilled Chicken & Mayan Organic Dark Chocolate crepe (yes, chicken and chocolate). Both were fabulous. This is a perfect stop before or after a visit to the Art Gallery. Address: 334 Dundas Street West. Website:

P.S. This cafe has a small gallery adjoining the cafe as well.


PERFECT PRESENTS FROM VIETNAM -- writes Journeywoman Editor, Evelyn Hannon -- Of all the shopping I've done around the world, Ho Chi Minh City is probably the absolute best for buying great gifts under $5.00 and $10 (big splurge items) I've ever seen. Try Ben Thanh Market in one of the liveliest shopping areas in the city. This market is huge but I warn you it is hot and humid inside. Be prepared to sweat for your bargains (I carried my paper fan and used it -- a lot). My sweetest find was a collection of shoe bags hand embroidered with patterns of fancy very high-heeled shoes. They are great for packing (thin and flat) and a perfect sample of the lovely hand-crafted items so readily available in this country. Remember to bargain hard. Offer 75% of the asking price and then you'll probably both agree to meet somewhere in the middle.

EDITOR'S NOTE: -- You'll laugh reading THIS story, She Learns How to Cross Streets in Vietnam


GUIDEBOOKS CAN BE EXPENSIVE TO BUY -- writes Lisa in the Bronx, USA -- Make time before your trip to stop by the library and see if they have copies of newspapers from the area you're traveling to. Spend a little bit of time reading and you'll be more familiar with the politics, the current events, the department store sales and the sports news at your destination. These topics generally make great conversation starters with the locals. Like to use the internet for research? Try for a listing of 1000 newspapers from around the world.


BEGGING CHILDREN IN INDIA -- writes Asha in Bangalore, India -- I was reading the Journeywoman article on begging children and thought I would share what I did about donations for children this time. I found that there are many agencies which provide a free afternoon meal to school children in India's Government schools. I gave my money to this cause. That way I was helping to feed many children and to encourage them to stay in school (while at the same time not encouraging begging). For other reader's information one such agency in Bangalore is Akshaypatra (meaning vessel that never runs out of food), run by ISKCON. Their website is:


A CHIC FEMALE-OWNED SPOT TO STOP IN LIMA, PERU -- writes Lidia in Berkeley, USA -- I recently spent a couple of days in Lima on my way to Cuzco. I stayed at a very comfortable, centrally located, well priced and chic place there. The female owner is extremely nice and very helpful about getting around in Lima, and she can also help you book tours inside Peru, even before you get to Lima. The website is and the phone number is 011 511 255-7048. Please check it out. I'm pleased to recommend it.


Worth a chuckle...

A missionary nun on a home visit wanted to bring a wheelchair back as a gift for one of her patients but airline regulations wouldn't allow it. So, she found her own very simple solution. She sat herself down in the wheelchair, rolled to the counter and asked for assistance.
The wheelchair arrived with her at her destination and, she never had to lie.

Dolores Shares, Golden Gateways Newsletter




More terrific 2008 tips 1/2/4

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