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The Best Newsletter Tips of 2010

BUDGET HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION IN NEW YORK CITY -- writes Erin in Moscow, Russia -- I recently stayed at The Guest House (a hostel in New York City) for two nights and can recommend this accommodation in Upper Manhattan to others. It is run by German Fernandez, a very sincere man, who emigrated to New York City from the Peruvian Andes 27 years ago. Both pleasant and helpful, he operates The Guest House single-handedly and speaks Spanish and English. Mostly international students and backpackers are his regular clientele, but as an older woman traveler I found it comfortable and convenient as well. The price is $30 per night for a clean, private room, bathrooms are communal and there is a good kitchen and eating area with a fridge. No smoking allowed. Reservations and passports are required and checkout time is 1 p.m. Website: Email: Phone: 212.781.1842

EDITOR'S NOTE: Looking for New York City hotel accommodation in all price ranges? Check these tips in our archives.


A WELCOMING HOTEL IN FLORENCE ITALY -- writes Renata in Athens, USA -- I stayed at Hotel Botticelli on my last trip to Italy and loved it. Not only were the rooms comfortable and spotlessly clean but the service was beyond belief. Staff at the front desk treated all guests to quick answers, excellent suggestions and more important to me, great warmth and friendliness. Chiara arranged a wonderful massage for me at an appropriate Esotetica just around the corner and made sure I knew directions and modes of payment before I left her. The young lady who did the coffee service at the morning breakfast made fabulous cafe or tea to order and was always sweet and smiling. The hotel's location, the prices, the second floor terrace and these lovely professionals made Firenze even more of the dream vacation than we expected. Address: Via Taddea 8 Website:


WOMAN IN THAILAND RUNS SANCTUARY TO CARE FOR ELEPHANTS -- writes Jennifer in San Francisco, USA -- The Elephant Nature Park near Chaing Mai, Thailand is an amazing sanctuary for elephants who have been rescued from abuse and neglect at the hands of the logging and tourism trades. I did a one day visit there (longer visits are available) and had the chance to feed, bathe, and otherwise interact with these amazing creatures in one of the few places in Thailand where elephants are respected and well treated. The park was founded by an award winning local woman named 'Lek' who has dedicated her life to saving mistreated elephants. See her website for lots more information. It will change your way of looking at the world. It has mine!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Heading to Thailand? Be sure to read, GirlTalk Thailand for great women-friendly tips.


EVERY TUESDAY THIS TURKISH BATH IN HUNGARY IS OPEN TO WOMEN ONLY -- writes Agnes from Budapest, Hungary -- The most famous Turkish bath in Hungary, built in the 16th century is called Rudas Bath. It's located in the very heart of the city at the foot of the Gellert Hill. Recently restored it has an impressive Turkish dome. This bath has six basins, tub baths, a big lap pool, steam room and both medical and refreshing massages. Rudas has separate 'men only' and 'women only' days. On Tuesdays no man is allowed in the building and the facilities belong to us, gals. Weekends are mixed. The entry fee is about 10 Euro. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Need more spa information? Read 'She Spa's in Turkey'.


CULTURALLY CORRECT SWIMMING IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC -- writes Nadine in Vancouver, Canada -- In Solomon Islands as well as most other countries in the South Pacific, shorts should be knee length at least. Women in this part of the world do not show their thighs. Bathing suits are only appropriate at resorts or public beaches; swimming in a bathing suit anywhere else, especially in or around villages, is disrespectful. You must be fully clothed to do so.


A BED AND BREAKFAST IN ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA -- writes Molly in Calgary, Canada -- In St Petersburg I stayed at the Nevsky Inn Bed and Breakfast. This Inn takes up one floor in a building that is being renovated floor by floor. The rooms are spacious and I found the staff wonderful. There are kitchen facilities in the breakfast room where guests can come and go making tea, etc. It's located on a quiet street within five minutes walking distance of The Hermitage (Nevsky Prospect is just around the corner). I found it an ideal location. Their website has information in English that not only describes the inn's facilities but gives you travel tips for Russia as well. P.S. The management can arrange tours for you (5 euro fee) and pick you up at the airport (35 euro fee) if you need these services.


AN INTERESTING TOUR GUIDE IN NEW YORK CITY -- writes Bronwen in Vancouver, Canada -- I can highly recommend the walking tours called, 'Native New Yorker Walking Tours' offered by Charles Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz was born in New York and is very knowledgeable about each of its boroughs. He speaks English, German and French. He is licensed and insured and his rates are reasonable. We took two tours in the Bronx with Mr. Schwartz and saw not only beautiful Art Deco buildings along the Grand Concourse but lovely parks and historic homes. A wonderful visit to the (Italian) Arthur Avenue and City Island made up a second tour. Mr. Schwartz, unlike most other tour guides can tailor his tours to your own interests. I cannot recommend this interesting, informative and very affable tour guide enough. His website is Email:

EDITOR'S NOTE: When choosing a private guide for sightseeing it's important to get recommendations from other women. At Journeywoman we've listed all our tips pertaining to guides around the world in one section. See:


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