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St. Lucia travel info: Golf, Fishing, Attractions and more


Female Travel Writers Share Their Best Tips 2005

Muggers generally avoid strong women...

We've all done it - found ourselves in an unsafe place, some distance from the hotel, and no transportation around. Try doing the following and probably no one will bother you at all. Instead of looking anxiously about, start slamming your fist into your hand and stride down the street as if you are furious. Mutter phrases like, "He's going to be sorry he started up with me!" Not even the bravest mugger will think twice before messing with an angry woman!
Liz Campbell -- freelance writer with work in such publications as Forever Young, Tourist, City Parent and The Consultant.


She always carries baby photos...

When travelling, always carry along photos of your children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces when they were young children´┐Ż-even if they are into their 50s today! Often, the first question from a local woman is "Are you married?" The second question will be "Children?" Being able to produce a family photo is an instant ticket to friendship. And a photo of a baby will produce smiles and be the beginnings of an animated conversation. It has even softened stern customs or border officials.
Kate Pocock -- travel writer and Toronto Sun columnist, "Family Fare."


Safe and special in Seoul, Korea...

Korea is a special destination, and a stay in Seoul deserves a special hotel, one that reflects Korea's unique history and traditions. That property is SameheongGak, not just a hotel but a cultural complex offering learning experiences, performances, tea ceremonies, music, an elegant restaurant and three traditional houses offering accommodation, all located in beautiful quiet parklands, yet only minutes from downtown Seoul. Spend your day sightseeing, then return to your calm and exquisite house before walking to the adjacent complex for fine Korean cuisine in or on the terrace of SamcheongGak's lovely restaurant. Memorable, relaxing and oh so safe! Website:
Ann Wallace -- Editor of TravelScoop, the magazine for independent travellers. Website:


Making like an Italian Cavewoman...

I am so looking forward to March 20! That's the day my favourite spa reopens. Located at Monsummano Terme, which is about 30 minutes' drive north-west of Florence, the Grotta Giusti is complete heaven. In Italian, "grotta" means "a cave". And, before I came to Grotta Giusti, I never knew that being a cave-woman involved such luscious pampering. I go for the day, but there is a five-star hotel next door, so you get the picture. Michael Douglas did, since he was one of the honoured guests recently. I'll ask Mr D what he pays next time I see him, but if you do it my way, it costs 40 euro for a couple of hours toasting at 34 degrees C in the silence of the softly-lit grotta, with massage to follow, costing from 28 to 65 euro. For further information: Grotta Giusti Terme and Hotel, Via Grotta Giusti, Monsummano Terme (PT) 51015, Italy, Tel: 00 39 0572 90771, Fax: 00 39 0572 9077300,, email:
Roberta Kedzierski -- Freelance journalist, Florence, Milan, Website: &


Shopping storage at Heathrow...

So you're beginning a trip and you're in transit at Heathrow Airport in London. Something catches your eye in a shop: a delicate vase, a bulky sweater, a heavy bottle. The product is tempting, but you don't want to cart it all over Europe. Worry not. If you're going anywhere else in the European Union, you can store your purchase with the airport's Shopping Collection service. Check your baubles, get a receipt, and pick up the goodies in the arrivals area on your way home. Easy peasy--and best of all, it's free. tion_frame.html
Laura Byrne Paquet -- Travel journalist and author of 'The Urge to Splurge: A Social History of Shopping' (ECW Press) Website:






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