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Female Travel Writers Share Their Best Tips 2005

Small family-run guesthouses...

As a woman traveling alone, I prefer to stay in small, family-run inns and guesthouses. I try to make a personal connection with the family and feel that, at least temporarily, I have someone watching over my comings and goings. If I decide to go off on a mini-adventure for a few days, I might leave some of my belongings with the family, as well as a note stating where I'm going and when I plan to return. That way, if anything should happen to me, someone is anticipating my return and has the beginning of a trail to follow.
Thalia Zepatos -- author of the bestseller, 'A Journey of One's Own: Uncommon Advice for the Independent Woman Traveler' , as well as two other books. When not traveling, she works as a political consultant.

Wine, women & horses...

Recently, I took part in a "for-women-only" Wine, Food and Horses weekend at Zion Farms in Armuchee, a rural area north of Rome, Georgia. We enjoyed fabulous meals, tastings of French wines, trail rides and even attended a traditional English fox hunt (some rode but most of us followed the action in the "tally-ho wagon", actually a Chevy Suburban). These weekends "for women who love the finer things" are offered several times a year. The cost is $500 per person, which covers all meals, activities and lodging in Zion's Guest Cottages. For further information, call: 706-235-8002. Website:
Paula Crouch Thrasher -- travel writer at the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Website:

She sends e-mail from universities...

Here's a bit of practical advice for your newsletter readers. JourneyWomen worldwide can save on internet cafe fees overseas by finding local libraries. They often offer free or very low cost internet access - ideal for checking hotmail or yahoo accounts, or browsing for information on your next destination.
Janet McGarry -- Managing Editor, Backpacker Essentials (Australia). Website:

Final Bonus Tip...

I have two websites to recommend to other female travellers. The first is This site is perfect for finding out what time it is in another country no matter where in the world you're logging on. Check out their World Clock. If you're in New York and your parents are tourists in Beijing, find out when you can safely call their hotel without waking them up too early. The second URL is, an online currency converter. When I'm surfing the net for travel deals and prices are offered in euro and yen, I head directly to this site. In seconds, I can learn what these prices are in my currency and whether I'm actually getting a bargain or not.
Evelyn Hannon -- Editor of

A link to business travel tips...

Attention all road warriors! Journeywoman has also published an article featuring tips from successful businesswomen travellers. Included are their recommendations about safety, staying fit 'in the air', packing properly, sleeping well on the road and much more. You can find this information at: Successful Businesswomen Share Travel Secrets.

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