August 18, 2011: Which hat should I pack?


The countdown has begun! In just five days I'll be boarding a train in Toronto and heading to Montreal, Canada to board the MV Explorer on it's three month Semester At Sea Voyage. I'll have a few days with pals in Montreal first and then on August 26 we sail across the Atlantic to Morocco, our first stop.

These last few days at home are just like any other time prior to a journey. I am preoccupied with what I need to pack. Notice the use of the word, 'need'? That's because I try at all costs to keep my suitcase 'lean and mean.' In other words, much as I love wearing a certain top or pants I don't pack things that I'll wear once or maybe never have the appropriate opportunity to wear at all.

My dining room table is heaped high with essentials : my I.D. lanyard for the ship, money belt, backpack, a shawl, sneakers, jeans, sweatshirt, etc. along with a lot of 'maybes.' Over the next few days I'll walk by that table, pick up an object I understand is not necessary and put it back in its drawer. Eventually, I'll be left with the bare bones of what I really need.

But before that happens, I need your help. I have three hats. Which one should I pack?

Hat Number One:

I won this Caribbean Airlines baseball cap at a travel event in Toronto. These hats never feel right on me but this one is so comfortable. I love the long peak. It's perfect for sitting on the deck reading or writing in the bright sunlight.


Hat Number Two:

I bought this hat in Australia and I love it. It's light and folds easily without disturbing the design of the hat. I take it out of my backback and it pops easily right back into shape. It's dressier than the others so just incase I'm invited to meet the Queen or King, I can be well dressed and respectful.


Hat Number Three:

I bought this hat in South Africa as I was preparing for my safari in 2008. Since then it has been on loads of adventures with me. It's fun and funky and I feel the most like a Journeywoman when I wear it. I guess I could wear it on a lunch date with a game warden but as a fashion statement it somehow misses the mark. The beauty of this one? The dirtier and more worn this hat gets the better it is.

So dear readers... what do you think? Hat One, Two or Three. Please leave your choices in the comment box. If you feel like it take a moment to explain your choice. I'd that and it will make this business of packing a whole lot easier.


The hat with the most votes...

Seventy-seven readers checked in to help me make my choice. The most popular was Hat #2. That's the one I took with me and wore on the ship. It was an excellent choice. Make sure you remember this. We're giving away one just like it in our Six Gifts From African Markets Contest.


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