The Housework Fairy has boarded...


Monday, August 29, 2011
For all of you who are making beds, cooking dinner, washing bathroom mirrors and wishing that the Housework Fairy would drop in to help, I have bad news for you. Stop wishing because for the next three months she's joined the MV Explorer as it circumnavigates the globe. She boarded the ship in Toronto in a burst of brightly colored lights.

I knew she was there right away. One minute (as I unpacked the contents of my suitcase) my cabin was a mess. The next it was spotless. Honestly!

I went to the dining hall for dinner, the tables were set, there were three entrees to choose from and someone else cleared the table and washed the dishes. Really!

However, this morning was the absolute best. I got up, got ready for breakfast and left my bed undone and stuff lying around.

When I got back to my cabin I sort of caught Ms. Fairy in the act and I think I startled her. She had no choice but to disappear in a burst of colored lights. This is what the good woman left behind.

The sun is shining on the Atlantic Ocean today and we're half way to Morocco. Students have chosen their courses and the ship is starting to feel like an international college campus. Yesterday on the way to class, I chatted with a young woman from Kenya; this morning, on the way to breakfast a young man from Hawaii stopped to introduce himself.

Dear readers, I am in travel heaven and, of course, absolutely delighted to have the Housework Fairy sailing with me.

Today's Semester At Sea Trivia: Lucky male students! On this Fall Voyage 62% of the student body is female and 38% is male.

P.S. If you have any questions about ship life or if you have a message for the Housework Fairy please post them in this comments box. When the WIFI signal on the Explorer is strong enough I promise to answer each and every one of those queries.


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