I got a better travel deal than Christopher Columbus...


Thursday, September 1, 2011
I was thinking today about the early explorers setting off on ships to discover new and distant worlds. How hard it must have been to rely on winds to fill their sails and how long it must have taken them to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Food was rationed, storms were endured and many sailors died at sea.

Never in these explorers' wildest dreams could they have imagined this Semester At Sea journey that I'm on right now. Our ship, the MV Explorer sports the latest marine technology and is reputed to be one of the fastest, capable of doing 34 nautical miles an hour.

It's equipped with classrooms filled with university students studying oceanography along with the literature, politics, geography and culture of all the countries on our 11-port itinerary. When we arrive at a port we're assigned to specialty tours to help us live what we have learned. I can't think of a better way of acquiring knowledge. Can you?

And while sailors of long ago ate a steady diet of dried cod we, on the Explorer, are treated to multi-cultural choices like aloo gobi, seafood jambalaya and jerk chicken. Don't like the menu? Not a problem. Like every good mom, the ship's chef provides peanut butter and jelly for anybody who craves it.

Each of our cabins has closed-circuit TV so we can watch a choice of movies pertaining to the academic curriculum. We have a tech lab where a specialized staff is available to help with problems we encounter on our computers and iPads. Imagine what it takes to keep 100's of people connected to WIFI in the middle of an ocean.

We have a spa, a gym, a library, a coffee bistro, and a deck for dining, studying, sunning and socializing.

Poor Christopher Columbus, I'm glad he didn't know what he was missing.

Hurrah! Only two more sleeps to Morocco!

Today's Semester At Sea Trivia: On this Fall Voyage there are 36 faculty members and 31 staff members.

P.S. Please leave your comments and news from home and away. I miss all of you.


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