Journey Woman

Twelve Views of Vietnamese Women

Evelyn Hannon

As I walked the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, I snapped pictures of street life at random. Only after I reviewed my photos did I realize how many of them were of women and how large a part females play in the city's sidewalk economy. The females I saw were working so hard and their bargaining skills were formidable. They all smile a lot and are adept at cajoling you out of your last U.S. dollar or Vietnamese dong. I'm amazed that such slim women are so strong. The baskets many of them carry through the streets are piled high with fruits and vegetables yet these ladies seem to handle the task with grace. With respect, I've also included the photos of two older women who were begging at curbside. I shared some of my dollars with them and only after they had the money (and could refuse my request) did I ask if I might photograph them. They both agreed. I wonder... perhaps these women were also street vendors when they were young?

Female-friendly welcome to Vietnam

The mango vendor

Older woman on the street

Too old to work

Hat seller takes her lunch break

She sells art created by Vietnamese women

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