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She travels solo at 11 months...



About the girl koala...

How nice to be a female koala! It seems that the birthing process is a breeze for the mama koala. The gestation period for her little one is from 34-35 days. After that the infant (which is approximately the size of a jelly bean) makes her way down the birth canal and out of mama totally unassisted. From there, she crawls up to and into mama's pouch where she remains and feeds for 180 days. At six months old baby koala makes her first appearance and by 250 days she rides on mama's back for the first time. By eleven months of age, the independent young koala becomes a tiny marsupial in her own right. She still stays close to mama but can exist on her own and can begin taking tiny journeys. You go, girl!

P.S. In case you're wondering, the birthing process is the same for boy koalas but I think they don't like to journey solo as much as the little girls do.
(Source: Evelyn Hannon, JW Files)

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Back to She Travels Solo



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