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You've heard about adopting puppies and kittens. You've probably also heard about adopting sections of highways. Now Journeywoman is introducing the concept of Adopt-A-Page featuring your company's female-friendly banner messages posted across our website.

There are presently over 1000 pages that make up the resource. Each day between more than 3,5000 females visit these sites to catch up on women's travel advice, to choose their next journey and to do their own travel research. In the past year, our readership called up an average of over 300,000 page views per month via our search engine. With the Adopt-A-Page program at you can put your business message permanently in front of many, many women who love to travel. It's easy, effective and extremely affordable.


Why are we doing this?
Banner ads have long been one of the conventional ways of supporting a website. However, that means publishers have to be ready to accept ads at their sites about everything from horoscopes to mortgage plans to casinos that promise millions of dollars to lucky winners. We, at Journeywoman, have never been very comfortable with that mode of marketing so we've decided to rebel and completely stop running these ad campaigns.

What would we like to see in it's place?
Our goal has always been to support the Journeywoman website by only displaying banners that are both women-friendly and travel-centered. We imagine funky messages, funny messages and serious ads -- all informing the female and the adventuress who loves to hit the road.

Who is eligible to adopt a page?
e dream of clothing and travel equipment messages, tourism board representation, touring opportunities, newsletter publishers, hotels, travel book authors, phone cards, insurance company offerings -- any products and messages that will make our lives as women and travellers easier, better, and more fun.

How will it work?
ith our Adopt-A-Page program at Journeywoman your banner (with links included) remains forever and ever and ever at the top of any page you choose to adopt. You can pick these pages from's current or archived articles, or you can reserve pages in upcoming articles. Whichever you choose, every time that page is called up by a reader your message will be there. Our aim is to put you in front of women interested in your product or destination.

Fees for adoptions:
You supply the banner and request the pages. We'll do the posting and those pages are yours.

5 pages -- $750 If you'd rather adopt only one or two pages the fee is $200 per banner.

BONUS If you are already a classified advertiser, you can adopt any 5 pages you will receive two extra banners free ($300 bonus). Want to know more about classified advertising opportunities? Click here.

Which pages are not available?
The home pages, main section pages (e.g. and classified pages have been reserved for sponsorship messages and Journeywoman banners.

Banner ad dimensions: 468x60 (w x h) pixels.

Recent Adoptions at Journeywoman
Already 50% of all our pages have gone to great homes! We suggest that you take a look at some of the women-friendly banners that are now posted at our website. Can you imagine a more natural and beneficial match between the product and their niche market?
Women's Travel Club
The Trip Chicks
Your Great Days in Paris
Gutsy Women Travel
Aquatabs -- Prevent travellers Diarrhea
Women's World Travel
Hong Kong Tourism Board
Earworms Language Lessons
Netherlands Board of Tourism
The Diva Cup
Bright Pearl Dim Sum Restaurant
Erica Ehm's Yummy Mummy Club
Macabi Travel Skirt
Saf-T-Pockets Travelwear Clothing

Complimentary banners:
Any female-centered charity can run their organization's 2 banner ads free of charge providing the request is approved beforehand by

The same is true for any woman who has self-published a book or produced a video and would like help in getting the word out to our rapidly expanding niche market.

We welcome your queries, ideas and submissions. We believe that together we can alter the kinds of marketing messages targeting women travellers. Let's become role models for other female-centered websites!

Call: 416.929.7654

Please note:
- J
ourneywoman reserves the right to refuse any material deemed unsuitable or counterproductive to the mandate of this website.
- Certain pages will be not be available as they are reserved for the sole use of banner messages.
- Journeywoman reserves the right to limit the number of banners one individual or corporation can place at the websites.


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