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Bookshops Worldwide Women Love to Browse

United States...

The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore in an upscale neighborhood is great -- small with oak floors, one small table and maybe two chairs, but an excellent selection of travel, art and bestsellers and more literary authors. Address: 6080 Falls Road . Tel: 410-377-2966. Next door is a coffee shop with outside tables.
Jackie, Baltimore, USA

If you stay in the usual conference hotels (Sheraton, Tutwiler, Redmont, or housing in the University area) in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, you are in a desert island as far as shopping is concerned. The happy surprise is to find the tiny Episcopal Book Store at 2015 6th Avenue North. It's packed floor-to-ceiling with tasteful gifts and cards and books of course. The titles are not all religious in subject; I found books on political conflicts and current events, good fiction, regional cookbooks, humor, and children's classics along with philosophy and religion. Knowledgeable, friendly, all-women staff and clean restrooms. What more can you ask? There IS more: you can buy a book and read it in the beautiful church garden around the corner, facing 20th Street. This bookstore is within walking distance of the Museum of Art, the federal and county court buildings, and most of the banks where you may be doing business.
S.O., Alabama, USA

On the island of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, just where the road curves south in Buxton, is a marvelous escape called Buxton Village Books. In a little white house with a wonderful owner, GeeGee, to guide us through the scrumptiously known and unknown in literature, non-fiction, children's books, and even a few little water color and pen and pencil sets for the "sudden artist" that appears in all of us when we vacation. Bliss!
Jenny, from Athens, Ohio

Chicago has wonderful bookstores for academics - especially in the Hyde Park area. The CTS Bookstore has a great selection of new books covering many academic areas, and has many publications not widely available in the US. Powell's on 57th Street is an excellent stop selling used academic books.
Sue, San Francisco, USA

There's a female-friendly book store in Chicago. It's called, Women and Children First, and it's right on Clark (5233 N. Clark Street). I think other women will like it.
Emily, Chicago, USA

I would love to recommend Tattered Cover located in Denver, Colorado. I studied for my MA in Denver so I had a lot of personal experience with Tattered Cover. There are two or three locations in the city. It is a warm and welcoming bookstore that has lots of activities. There is also a cafe and comfy sofas all over the bookstore where you can read to your heart's content. Some have been known to fall asleep and no one wakes you! There is also a lot of community interaction. See their website:
Ruth, Barbados, West Indies

I know that Detroit, Michigan USA is not a hot travel destination. But there is an used bookstore that is at least 3 floors of books called: John K. King Used and Rare Books on 901 W. Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit, MI, 48226 USA. I am writing a novel set in Ireland and live in Detroit. That book store is a treasure for someone like me who likes to do research. Not much in ambiance, but lots of substance. Tel: 313-961-0622. Website is
Lynn Ellyn, Detroit, USA

I love this opportunity to share my most favorite bookstore in Houston, USA. girl readingTwice Told Tales is a 'small in area but huge in selection' used bookstore. It is owned and run by the nicest lady who used to be a manager at a large chain bookstore, and the others who work there are also book people: just as nice - and unbelievably helpful. They take all paperbacks (& some hardbacks) in trade and maintain your balance on file indefinitely. They do both requests and searches. They coordinate with the local schools and have books on required reading lists, both summer & school terms, in stock. I really could go on and on. (and it's not for lack of competition: within a few miles is a Barnes and Noble, a HalfPrice Books, and several other used book stores). Address: 8648 N. Hwy 6 (out Hwy. 290, NW of Houston in the suburbs). Tel:281-463-4961
Beth, Houston, USA

I'd like to recommend Becker's Books in Houston, Texas. It's literally(!) a house (3500 square feet) full of used books. The owner, Ann claims that she has another houseful of books as her inventory. She and her husband have run this shop since 1994 and every available nook and cranny is stuffed with used, out-of-print, many signed titles and rare books. It's a quiet place to browse; most prices are reasonable. Address: 7405 Westview, Houston, 77055, (713) 957-8088. Website:
Susan, Houston, Texas


Our city of Houston, Texas has a number of great independent bookstores but my personal favorite is called, Murder By The Book, an unique shop filled to the brim with mysteries. Their staff is both knowledgeable and helpful and go to a great deal of trouble to find just the book for you. Murder By The Book has at least one author signing each week. Their book club meets once a month and everybody is welcome. If you plan to visit Houston and love mysteries, sign up for their e-mail newsletter which will fill you in on all events. Website:
Dorothy, Houston, Texas, USA


In Iowa City, Iowa, USA there is the Prairie Lights bookstore. This place is a haven for bibliophiles. Of course, during the summer, it becomes a second home to attendees of the University of Iowa's Summer Writers Festival. In addition to housing every genre of book imaginable, the shop has one of the most extensive selections of literary journals available. It also has a coffee shop upstairs where writers can convene or sit with laptop or manuscript and get lost in solo creativity.
Karen, Pelham, USA


I would highly recommend the independent book store called, Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi. Every employee possesses a wealth of literary knowledge while the store is filled with an impressive inventory of carefully selected titles, has a "First Editions Club" in which a signed first edition is sent to each member every month, has numerous author signings, and will ship anywhere. It is the VERY best bookstore!!
Connie, Jackson, USA

In Los Angeles, CA there is Every Picture Tells A Story, a delightful children's book store that doubles as an art gallery featuring artwork from children's books. The shop used to be located on Beverly Blvd. but recently located to Santa Monica. Its website is
Karen, Pelham, USA


In Louisville, Colorado, The Book Cellar sells new, used and rare books and has a terrific used book trade policy. They are open Mondays through Saturdays. The store is located in the cellar of a refurbished historical building in Old Town Louisville, The Marketplace. They share this space with a bead shop, bakery, chili shop, beauty salon, massage spa, and pottery studio. The store is cozy, and lined with bookshelves full of books of all kinds. Book are arranged by category and alphabetically by author, and if, by some chance you can not find what you are looking for, you can always ask Barbara, the proprietor, or Annie and they will always be able to put their hands on what you want. Twice a year Barbara holds a Psychic Faire when she hosts a numerologist, tarot reader, clairvoyant, and tea leaf and palm readers. It's great fun. Louisville is a little out of the way, but anyone visiting Denver or Boulder should try to make time to stop by The Book Cellar. Address: 820 Main Street Tel: 303-604-2880 Email: Website:
Elizabeth, Louisville, Colorado, USA

There is a little upscale bookshop in New York that I return to time and time again when I need a special gift for the kiddies that I love. Books of Wonder contains a fabulous collection of titles that are sometimes difficult to locate in other places. The staff here is so courteous and I never leave the store empty handed. Gift wrapping in bright, shiny, green or blue paper is complimentary and while books are not discounted here, the last time I visited I was given two $1.00 certificates towards my next purchase. P.S. Every Sunday at noon, Books of Wonder hosts a good old-fashioned storytelling time (16 W. 18th. Street).
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

Idlewild Books is a beautiful new independent store near Union Square, specializing in travel and international literature. A bookstore organized by country, Idlewild carries fiction and non-fiction from all parts of the world, including new and classic works in translation, travel guides, books about politics and culture, graphic lit, language-learning books, maps and more. Address: 12 W. 19th Street near Fifth Avenue.
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada


The Strand bookshop in New York City is massive and has the most amazing titles. I spend hours there. They have rare books, used books and are a family owned business. I like to support them as they are not a cookie cutter store.
Beth, Hoboken, USA

I want to tell you about one of my favorite bookstores in NYC. It's the Black Orchid Bookshop at 303 East 81st St,. Telephone 212 -734-5980. Email Website It is a small shop that only carries mystery writers. They have hard covers but also many many paperbacks. Bonnie and Joe, the owners are very knowledgeable about the genre and have introduced me to many new writers. I make sure I go there before every trip I take. I have been known to overpack books because I once had the experience in Europe of running out of things to read. Don't want to repeat that experience.
Tarah, New York City, USA


In North Cambridge, MA there is Kate's Mystery Books. This shop is not to be missed by any lovers of mystery books or black cats. (Though there are no live cats, there are plenty decorative ones throughout the store.) Kate has a wonderful selection of mysteries and thrillers, both hard cover and paperback, and she and her capable staff are happy to make suggestions. She showcases New England mystery writers on one set of shelves and host book signings with writers of local and national acclaim. She also plays host to the New England chapter of the Mystery Writers Association, who hold their monthly meetings at the shop before taking their invited speaker out to dinner nearby. Another interesting piece of trivia, the book shelves were installed by none other than mystery writer Robert Parker of Spenser series fame.
Karen, Pelham, USA


I lived in Olympia, WA for four years before (sadly) moving away. There is a fabulous little shop in downtown Olympia called The Fireside Bookstore. It's the perfect size, in a perfect location (plus, coffee shops abound nearby), and the owner, Jane is sooo knowledgeable and friendly. There is also a great reading group that meets in the store on a monthly basis. I wish I could still visit!
Jennifer, Sun City, USA

Bindlestiff Books in West Philadelphia is an awesome little bookstore. Opened in the fall of 2005, their staff is super friendly, their selection is outstanding (despite them being a tiny bookstore), and the prices are right! Bindlestiff gets most of its books from remainders or on discount, and then pass those financial savings onto customers. They also solicit feedback from customers, and actually listen to it. Their selection includes great children's books, cookbooks, fiction, and history, including a lot of activism/social awareness stuff. I've found nothing but great books there. Hours: noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. They're located at 4530 Baltimore Avenue, in West Philly, Tel: 215-222-2432.
Kelly, Philadelphia, USA


My favorite bookstore is Powells Books in Portland, Oregon. It is the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. The staff is very knowledgeable, and the store is well laid-out with color-coded aisles and matching maps. Take the narrowest subject, and you will find hundreds of books, while you probably would find only a few anywhere else. The store takes up three floors on one block in downtown Portland. It is almost impossible to make a short visit. Their website ( allows you to be notified if an out-of-print book becomes available. I can't recommend it enough!
Fran, Portland, USA

Without a doubt my favorite bookstore is R.J. Julia Bookseller in Madison, Connecticut. I could live in this place. It is so charming it's like being in another era. The decor is warm and woodsy, the furnishings are such that I'd like to have them in my own home. The pictures on the wall are appropriate and lovely; the selection of books is wonderful, timely, and attractively displayed. There are also reproductions of authors's signatures on the hardwood floors. Gift items are available as well, but not so many that you forget you're shopping for books. In the back is a little tea shop for sustenance. I've never been in such a wonderful bookstore and stop in every time my husband and I drive east.
Pattie, St. Louis, USA

A used bookstore at an airport? Yes! 2nd ed. Booksellers is located at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (Terminal A). If you happen to be flying into/out of the Raleigh-Durham (RDU) airport in North Carolina, and you love books then you have to stop in at this shop -- a real cozy spot in the airport. They have used books, maps, music, and nice people working there. This store almost makes me look forward to going to the airport! Just fantastic! Website:
Lisa, San Diego, USA

Greetings from Washington, DC. A charming bookstore is my city is Chapters Literary bookstore.
It is tucked into a small space on 11th street and has a very carefully selected collection. There is no end to the hidden gems you will find. One of my favorites, a biography, Mistress Bradstreet: The Untold Life of America's First Poet, by Charlotte Gordon. Here's a few others...

Politics and Prose,, is fabulous and has a huge following. It is located close to the Maryland line in Chevy Chase, but well worth the trip. They have numerous author talks every week, run monthly book groups, and are part community activists.

Olssons,, has numerous locations throughout the city and in VIrginia. They have a great store at National airport -- makes it much easier to sit through a delayed flight.
Audrey, Washington DC, USA

I recently travelled to Washington DC. Amidst the business suits, monuments, museums & galleries lies a unique little bookstore. While exploring the shops along Dupont Cirlcle, I came across this unique bookstore called: Kramerbooks & Afterwords. From the outside, it looked like a regular bookstore but once inside I noticed it was also a cafe!! Its a great way to spend some time among great books and good food. Web site:
Tania, Toronto, Canada

I can assure you that no trip to the city of Washington, DC is complete without a visit to the legendary Busboys & Poets bookstore cum restaurant. BB&P is a place to curl up with your laptop, hunker down with an indie magazine, or hang out with a friend. It's a place for social activists, musicians, wannabe authors and curious onlookers. You can peruse the eclectic selection of books in the far corner, gaze at the artworks hanging on the walls, gawk at passersby through the floor-to-ceiling windows, or indulge in a wide array of gastronomic delights (try their veggie sandwiches and you won't be disappointed). Drop in for a film screening, Organic Beer Happy Hour, a Writer's Festival or Open Mic Poetry night. For listings & menu items, check out BB&P's lively website:
Amit, Washington, DC, USA


For the mystery lover check out Foul Play bookstore in an old house in historic uptown Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Meet the resident cats and check out the many books (and cat gifts). They also have author visits and a book club. Website:
Laurel, USA

Have Book will Travel in Wilton, Connecticut is a company that boasts a data base of over 5000 travel books. Need special information? They’ll locate the book(s) titles that will be helpful and even sell the book to you at a 10% discount. Call (203) 761-0604.
Phyllis, Miami, USA

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