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Bookshops Worldwide Women Love to Browse

United Kingdom...

The best U. K. bookstore I have visited is Barter Books in Alnwick, Northumberland, England. This is one of the largest secondhand bookstores in Britain. It is located in an old Victorian railway station and boasts open fires in the winter and a waiting room, with coffee and cookies, where you can sit and read. There is a model railway in the central room and a children's room equipped with toys. It also has a mini cybercafe. Website:
P.S. I took my daughter to Alnwick to visit the castle - some of the scenes from Harry Potter were filmed there. We spent a rainy afternoon in Barter Books.

Diane, Toronto, Canada


Nottinghill Gate is one of London’s funkiest, multi-cultural and sought after areas. Pop stars, actors and designers live there and the shopping is fantastic. If you’re lucky, you might find a spare table at Books for Cooks (4 Blenheim Crescent W11) which, as well as being an incredibly well stocked book shop, is also an eclectic and delicious restaurant (only 5 tables and lunchtimes only). This is how the owners describe their shop, 'Crammed with thousands of tasty titles and equipped with a squashy sofa for cookbook junkies in need of a long read. In this shop we really do cook the books – cookbooks are put to the test in our café at the back of the shop, while cookery classes take place in the demonstration kitchen upstairs.'
Leslie, London, England

In London I'd recommend John Sandoe Books on Blacklands Terrace. The shop is just a few steps north off the Kings Road and a short walk west from the Peter Jones store on Sloane Square. It's in a tiny building but simply packed with books -- there are even piles of them on the stairs leading between floors. Staff are friendly and very well informed. Well worth a visit.
Gloria, Toronto, Canada

On a recent trip to London I took the tube to Hampstead Village (Hampstead Station) which is always a treat to poke around in. This time, not far from the tube station I found the Keith Fawkes Bookshop (on Flask Walk) selling used and antique books. This narrow space is filled floor to ceiling with a jumble of books that can keep you browsing for hours. I found Keith, the owner a delight to chat with. This shop is not far from Hampstead Heath, a wonderful green space where you can find a quiet spot and read the new (old) book that you just purchased.
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

My favorite in London is Foyles on Charing Cross Road (113 - 119) in London - it is five levels high and houses what seems like millions of books. Charing Cross Road in London has several used bookstores along it as well. Enjoy!
Shelly, Halifax, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Silver Moon Books that bills iself as 'Europe's largest women's interest bookshop' is now housed at Foyles, as well. Website:

There is a wonderful New Age/spiritually inclined bookshop in London called Watkins. girl readingIt has just about any self help/spiritual awareness title imaginable. I always visit when I am in London to find something new and inspiring. Don’t have the exact address but it is in Cecil Court, a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square. If you walk up Charing Cross Road past St Martin in the Fields, Cecil court is a small side street on the left full of all kinds of antiquarian bookshops as well as Watkins. P.S. Love getting Journeywoman.
Annie, Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy

I'd like to tell you about Daunt Books in Marylebone, London, W1. This is absolute book heaven! According to their website, 'The soul of Daunt Books is the unique arrangement of books by country - where guides, novels and non-fiction of all kinds will interest traveller and browser alike. Natural light further fills the children's room full of books for all ages. Here you will also find large sections devoted to gardening, cookery, style and interior design. The galleries hold second-hand travel literature, whilst the front rooms are home to new titles of every category. Here, and throughout the shop, displays suggest the very best books we have read and loved'. Website:
Rebecca, London, England


Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street in Dublin, Ireland stands four levels high. It carries all of the standard titles, but also a large selection of book titles I've never been able to find at home in Canada.
Shelly, Halifax, Canada

There is an enormous second hand book shop in Inverness, Scotland. The name eludes me but one would only have to ask anyoneone in town or the tourist info in Inverness. It is in the main part of the city and absolutely jam packed from floor to cieling with rare and second hand books. Worth just a visit even if you're not intending to buy.
Helen, Australia

EDITOR'S NOTE: The shop is called, Leakey's Second-hand Bookshop. It has Scotland's largest collection of old, rare and second-hand books and maps. Address: Greyfriars Hall, Church Street, Inverness.

Book lovers should make a pilgrimage to Hay-on-Wye in Wales at least once in their life. A 19th century coal mining town, it is just a 3 hour train ride from London. Plan at least two full days browsing through their 40 bookstores. The busiest/most crowded times are during the Hay Literary Festival in late May and the Music Festival in July. Most other times you will have this town of books to yourself. I am still wondering how I got the 50 books I purchased back to London on the train! The town’s website is:
Esther, Arlington Heights, USA


Books that crossed our desk...

Whether you are at home or abroad and browsing through the many bookshops that have been recommended, these are a few choice titles women with wanderlust might be interested in. Simply click on any of the book covers to find out more, make a list of the ones that interest you and keep those titles in your wallet for the next time you're combing the shelves. Happy reading, everybody.

Travelin' Lady -- How to Travel Alone Without Being Lonely
Author: Barbara Goldstein
The Girl's Guide to Travelling Solo
Author: Deanna G. Wolff
The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes -- Notes from Nepal
Author: Barbara J. Scot
Outside of Ordinary --Women's Travel Stories
Edited by Lynn Cecil and Catherine Bancroft
Italy, A Love Story -- Women Write About the Italian Experience
Edited by Camille Cusumano
The Virago Book of Women Travellers
Edited by Mary Morris and Larry O'Conner
The Thong Also Rises -- further misadventures from women on the road
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo
Making it In the City -- A Girl's Guide to Starting Life on Your Own in a Ridiculously Expensive City You Can't Afford
Author: Adina Kalish Neufeld

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