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From the Journeywoman's Bookshelf August 2009


Postcards and Pearls -- Life lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

Journey with Gina Greenlee and other women travelers as they share 118 'postcards' filled with life lessons learned while traveling on their own. Whether they drove to New Jersey, hopped a freighter to Bora Bora, or biked across Alaska, women from age 20 to 72 discover the joy of honoring their own rhythms, the confidence of know they can take care of themselves and the reward of making lasting life changes.' Who knows? Maybe reading this book will inspire readers to plan a journey of their own -- toward the best life they can imagine.'

Author: Gina Greenlee

Publisher: Avertine Press


ISBN: 1593305370

Juicy Tip From Book: 'I had to have an ao dai - the national attire of the elegant women of Vietnam - a high-collar, long-sleeve, ankle-length tunic with a tight-bodice that is slit from the waist down and worn over complementary slacks. I was feeling unattractive, what with alternating two pair of pants, rotating four tops and my hair crying for its overdue perm. My only pair of dress shoes - soft, black walking clogs - was scuffed, dusty and caked with mud. And my nail polish had chipped into tiny views of the world map. So, I took what little glamour I could get. I stopped at the tailor's shop. Miss Lam outlined my measurements, promised to sew through the night and then express mail the purple silk creation to me in Hanoi. We were giddy with fatigue as we studied my itinerary, working through the final logistics of our transaction. In Hanoi, my last night in Vietnam, I tried on Miss Lam's ao dai. It fit perfectly. Who are these incredible women who whip up silk dresses in the middle of the night and before getting started, escort you back to your hotel on their motorbikes? I checked the full-length mirror, smoothing the purple silk along my waist. With a fresh set of nails, my hair in a twist and a shoeshine from Saigon, I felt like a million bucks'.


Smiling at the World

Have you ever wanted to leave everything behind and travel the world? Joyce Major rented her houseboat, sold her car, left her successful real estate career and took off for a trip around the world - alone! Smiling at the world covers the volun-turism gamut from a 12th Century farm restoration project in Italy to a sustainability sactuary in New Zealand; from newspaper reporting in Ireland to teaching English in China; from wildlife sanctuaries in Africa, Australia, Thailand and England to riding the Trans-Siberian Express and more. Whether you're a woman ready for an extended travel break or a relaxed armchair traveler, this book is a guaranteed 'fun' read.

Author: Joyce Major

Publisher: Alegro Publishing


ISBN: 978-0979974007

Juicy Tip From Book: 'Hotel, safety, food, a shower, and a bed. I spent the evening curled up watching Italian TV and listening tolaughter and music in the streets below. But the following day, Sunday, I found that everything in the town, including the trains, was shut down. ..But it was my first day in Italy, the 4th of July, and I had a huge smile on my face. Eating my first Italian breakfast of fruit, hard rolls with crunchy crusts, soft cheese, strong espresso, and blood-orange juice, I was quite content.'


10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

While this book has only a small section on travel, we thought it would be a good idea to include it in this list anyway. We can always use new ideas for ways to spend less. Too many books on frugal living focus on the negative, throwing around words such as “sacrifice” and “responsibility” like there was a fire sale at the Boring Store. and this book offer much more—useful information in a folksy and relatable format based on the candid, hilarious, and sometimes painful personal experiences of the writers. The writers at Wise Bread believe the key to financial wellness isn’t a ramen-eating, vacation-skipping, fun-depriving life. Far from it. The best way to ensure that readers will stick to a budget, especially in tough economic times, is to help them create a lifestyle that is as much fun as it is practical.

What kind of tips can you expect from this money-saving book? How about such items as: (1) 3 Easy Steps to Finding Great Airfare Deals (2) 8 Tips for Bridging the Gap from Dining Out to Eating In (3) 25 Great Gifts for $5 or Less (4) 10 Easy Ways to Find Money for Charity (5) 13 Ways to Be Nice that Will Cost You Nothing (6) 8 Tips for Getting the Most from All-You-Can-Eat Buffets (7) 9 Great Ways to See the World for Free and much, much, more. Our advice? The cash you save from following these rules should go towards paying for your next holiday.

Author: The writers of Wise Bread

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing


ISBN: 978-1602397040

Juicy Tip From Book: Secrets to eating cheaply while traveling abroad: Order the soup. I was able to stretch my food budget during my stay in Ireland by ordering the soup, and I've been able to use the same technique in a lot of places. As long as you enjoy chowders and stews of all kinds, you're set. Most restaurants will add in a basket obread, and I've never been hungry after a good-sized bowl of soup and some bread.


Womens words on books...

Books are the carriers of civilization. Without
books, history is silent, literature dumb, science
crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.
(Barbara Tuchman, 1979)

My home is where my books are.
(Ellen Thompson, 1909)

I only really love a book when I have
read it at least four times.
(Nancy Spain, 1964)

When I was about eight, I decided that the most
wonderful thing, next to a human being, was a
(Margaret Walker, 1989)

Fitting people with books is about as difficult as
fitting them with shoes.
(Sylvia Beach, 1956)

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