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Ten Books I'd Give to Girlfriends

Evelyn Hannon

Many, many books cross my desk every month. Some of them are exactly the type of books I'd read myself or perhaps, give as gifts to travelling pals. The list in this article contains ten books, all written by women. They each teach us something special about the art of travel. Journeywoman thinks it's well worth spreading the word about them. Enjoy, everybody!

Volunteer Vacations...

If you're looking for a way to make a difference while on vacation -- simultaneously getting away and using your talents to improve the world -- this guide shows you how. It's filled with in-depth information and profiles of more than 150 select organizations running thousands of short-term quality programs in the USA and around the world. eg. Tutor children in the Navajo Nation or rehabilitate wounded elephants in India. Stories from recent volunteers and a host of photographs help you further imagine your volunteer adventure.

Author: McMillion, Cutchins, Geissinger

Publisher: Chicago Review Press


ISBN: 978 1 55652 784 5

Juicy Tip From Book: Before signing on for a volunteer vacation ask yourself:- Do I have the same goals and values as those of the organization? (This is especially important for organizations that have overt political or religious goals; you don’t want to end up promoting a cause, directly or indirectly, that you don’t believe in.)


China for Businesswomen...

A Western businesswoman in China confronts all the obstacles her male counterparts do. But the challenges in China for a woman on business are unique. In addition to covering crucial business-related protocols, this book also provides essential insights for women only: i.e. how to make sure your authority is recognized and how to close the deal. Scattered throughout is advice from key executives who have already succeeded in China plus fascinating facts about women in China and their history

Author: Tracey Wilen-Daugenti

Publisher: Stonebridge Press


ISBN: 978 1 933330 28 0

Juicy Tip From Book: In Hong Kong, despite 150 years of British rule, the ethnic Chinese maintain a strong cultural identity with the Confusion tradition of Hierarchy. The male is the dominant breadwinner and the female the family caretaker. Chinese men are raised to be aggressive and independent and women to be social and dependent.


Shopping in Marrakech...

Morocco's crown jewel when it comes to shopping, Marrakech features a dizzying array of items just waiting to be uncovered -- but navigating the city can be daunting, particularly when street names and addresses rarely appear on city maps. This guide highlights more than 100 must-see shops and souk stalls, all accompanied by maps created especially for this book. The author also includes personal anecdotes, recommendations for restaurants, and advice about where and when to haggle.

Author: Susan Simon with photos by Nally Bellati

Publisher: The Little Book Room


ISBN: 978 1 892145 78 9

Juicy Tip From Book: Khalid Art Gallery is a super luxurious antique shop. The owner will proudly tell you that the young king of Morocco shops here. There is a wall of celebrity photos that will leave you gaga as to who else frequents the gallery. Expect to find authentic and elaborately decorated vases, pottery and more. Address: 14 Rue Dar El Bacha

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