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Ten Books I'd Give to Girlfriends

The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life...

Protect sea turtles in Georgia, take food and supplies to Haiti, track jaguars in Brazil, collect butterflies in Amazonia or make nature films in Singapore. In this book you'll find a broad spectrum of volunteering possibilities, spanning six continents and a 100 different opportunities ranging from archaeology and tourism to humanitarian aid and conservation. The author packs her pages with enlightening descriptions, detailed visitor information and amusing sidebars designed to whet your appetite.

Author: Pam Grout

Publisher: National Geographic


ISBN: 978 1 4262 0459 3

Juicy Tip From Book: If you plan to volunteer in Australia you should know that Australians are responsible for these inventions: (1) Speedos (2) notepads (3) folding strollers (4) car radios (5) prepaid postage (6) electric drills (7) ultrasounds (8) black box flight recorders (10) dual flush toilets.


Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over 50...

Close to one million copies sold! Get the skinny on everything from upgrades and discounts for hotel chains in the USA, Canada and abroad, take free classes and almost-free courses, choose travel adventures designed just for you. If you're over 50, you're entitled to the biggest bargains, best deals, and boldest vacations of your life. In fact, in this book there are 100's of amazing discounts that can save you a fortune on everything from golfing to globetrotting. And you don't have to access the internet to get them -- they are all here at your fingertips. Kudos to the author for making the print in this book just a bit bigger to sooth 55+ eyes.

Author: Joan Rattner Heilman

Publisher: McGraw Hill


ISBN: 978 0 07 159884 2

Juicy Tip From Book: Save money on train travel in New Zealand. Starting at age 55, you qualify for a savings of 30 percent off the full standard fares on Tranz Scenic's train journeys throughout the country. Tickets for travel on the country's only passenger railroad must be purchased once you arrive in New Zealand. Don't forget proof of age.


Up at the Villa Travels With My Husband...

Explore Tuscany, Lombardy, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Brugge, Paris and more -- and take a journey into relationships and the true places of the heart. This beautifully illustrated collection of personal essays, stories and poetry recounts the ups and downs and adventures of travel, and tells the story of surviving a marriage and keeping friendships strong, even when the circumstances aren't always ideal. Linger over the photos, savor the recipes, make good use of the tips for travelers and enjoy these charming tales from the road.

Author: Linda Dini Jenkins

Publisher: Great Little Books


ISBN: 978 0 9790661 2 2

Juicy Tip From Book: The Moulin Rouge, or Red Windmill, is a cabaret built in 1889 in Paris's Pigalle (red light) district neat Montmartre. Josephine Baker performed here, as did Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra. And Toulouse-Lautrec is famous for painting the nightlife inside.


Exploring Kyoto On Foot in the Ancient Capital...

Experience Kyoto's legendary sites and backstreet locales firsthand with this book of thirty walking tours. These intriguing routes cover a spectrum of geographical and cultural topography, from bustling downtown quarters to shrines on remote mountaintops. The author who has lived in this city since 1970 weaves a rich narrative of Kyoto's history, local lore, and cultural background to guide you through your exciting journey. Detailed maps trace each route, there are over 30 descriptive photos, she's included tips on etiquette and behavior and a full index to all sites and attractions.

Author: Judith Clancy

Publisher: Stonebridge Press


ISBN: 978 1 933330 64 8

Juicy Tip From Book: Kyoto is a jumble of architectural styles, and scattered among its modern and traditional homes and businesses are fifteen hundred Buddhist temples (tera) and Shinto shrines (jinja, taisha), many with famous gardens and works of art. Some temples have nursery schools and kindergartens, and serve as neigborhood gathering places for local residents.

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