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Ten Travel Books to Give or Get for the Holidays...

Evelyn Hannon

For Christmas, Chanukah or a special birthday I generally choose travel books for my best female friends. Whether they're an eco-adventuress, a JourneyWoman who loves luxury or a gal that prefers armchair travel, I can always find something special to suit their particular tastes. Here are some titles - both current and a bit older - that have crossed my desk. I'll bet you'll be able to find at least a few from this selection that your own best pals will love.

Amare: A True Italian Love Story...

Amare is a magical memoir of an odyssey that began as a trip around the world and transformed into an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of southern Italy. In lyrical, often humerous prose, Wright describes the adventure of living the life of a foreigner in Sorrento. From hunting wild mushrooms to learning a new language, she shares moments full of promise and discovery. When Italian authorities throw her out of the country, she returns, undaunted and determined to make Italy her own. A glorious romance ensues, not only with a tall, dark, and handsome Italian, but with the land itself.

Author: Sheila Wright
Publisher: iuniverse
ISBN: 978-1-4401-4172-0

Juicy Excerpt From This Book: Returning from work, Gino is pleased to find the apartment full of his favorite aromas. 'Ah, casa dolce casa,' he breathes as he dumps his pack on the floor and sweeps me up in his arms. Who would have thought that my adventurous spirit would lead me across the ocean to such domesticity? Even stranger that I revel in it! Gino lifts the lid of the saucepan in order to get a better whiff. "Sto morendo di fame, I'm starving,' he says.

Pampered in Paris: A guide to the Best Spas, Salons and Beauty Boutiques...

Where do chic and savvy Parisians go to pamper and indulge themselves? The culture of well-being and beauty thrives in Paris, not only at the instituts of internationally known product brands but in the hands of individual practitioners who work in smaller, more unassuming settings.

Author: Kim Horton Levesque
Kristyn Moore
Publisher: The Little Bookroom
ISBN: 1-892145-86-3

Juicy Tip From This Book: With three locations in Paris, Manucurist is known as one of the best spots for American-style nail service. In a city where heading to a salon for a pedicure is often a seasonal event, Manucurist stays busy year-long. It is a modern space, with bright lacquer colors, black tables and a hip youthful vibe. The Castellane location near Madeleine has four manicure and two pedicure stations. The shop features more than two hundred colors of Essie and Orly brand polish - everything from classic to neon hues. Manucurist is the spot for 'Le French,' an airbrushed French pedicure. The service is friendly and treatments are superb. 4 rue de Castellane, 8th arr. Website:


The author of this book survived the attacks of 9/11, left her job at a Fortune 500 company, and embarked on a year of international travel and soul searching. By giving herself time and space for self-reflection - unplugging - she was then able to build a new life based on vital interests. In this lively how-to book, Whitney-Reiter discusses why we feel empty and how we try to fill the void, and then prescribes the unplugged cure. She advises on how to decide where to go, pay for your adventure, and take care of your commitments. She offers a roadmap to the self-discovery process and advice on the transition back home.

Author: Nancy Whitney-Reiter
Publisher: Sentient Publications
ISBN: 978-1-59181-070

Juicy Tip From the Book: Going away for an extended period? Consider volunteering at your destination. It's a great way to try out a new career, as well as take the focus off of yourself for a while. Not only does volunteering look better on a resume than unexplained time off, but it could eventually lead to your dream job.

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