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Ten Travel Books to Give or Get for the Holidays...

Las Vegas spend less see more...

Pauline Frommer learned her travel writing from the best - her dad, Arthur Frommer, author of the original guidebook series, 'Europe on $5.00 a Day.' Pauline's family always traveled on a budget, staying at mom-and-pop joints, travelling by public transportation and eating where the locals were. And that's the way she still travels today because she learned that these types of vacations not only save money but offer a richer, deeper experience of the culture. 'Las Vegas spend less see more' has been designed as a budget guide for a new generation. Your girlfriends who love Las Vegas will love this book.

Author: Pauline Frommer. Shopping, gaming and side trips by Kate Silver
Publisher: Wiley Publishing Inc
ISBN: 978-0-470-38528-9

Juicy Tip From the Book: It's stupifying how easy it is to plan a wedding in Vegas, even a big one, and even if you have to do it over the phone. That's because unlike your neighbourhood church or temple, wedding chapels in Las Vegas are, in effect, mini-Walmarts of wedding services; once you choose your chapel, you'll use it toplan all of the other elements in the wedding. Actually, you'll have no: The chapels are highly proprietary about couples using services from outside vendors; don't try it, or you could be booted from your own wedding.

Clean Breaks: 500 new ways to see the world...

Clean Breaks unearths hundreds of extraordinary travel ideas that are not only inspiring but unusual but that actually make a real difference in the lives of local people and the planet. From the rustic, like sleeping in house-boats in Kerala or witnessing the zebra migration in Botswana, to the more chic, like taking the train-hotel from Paris to Madrid or an eco-wine tour in South Africa, this full-color travel idea book is packed with 500 unforgettable travel ideas.

Author: Richard Hammond, Jeremy Smith
Publisher: Rough Guides
ISBN: 978-1-84836-047-1

Juicy Tip From this Book: Bathe in a natural spa in France - On both sides of the Pyrenees, but especially in France, there are thermal spas where you can bathe in natural minerals and sulphurous water - ideal after a day in the great outdoors. One of the greatest geothermal spas is 150m underground at Bagneres-de-Luchon in the central Pyrenees (a 2hrbtrain journey from Toulouse). There are several B&Bs and hotels along the town's main high street but for a more homely break, stay 3km out of town in the small village of Juzet-de-Luchon at Le Poujastou, a converted eighteenth-century inn with five rooms where you'll dine on home-made stews. Website: and


10 Best of Everything Families...

Celebrating the sheer fun of traveling with family, this entertaining, informative, and practical planner is the perfect starting point for s dream trip across the country, a week-long vacation with grandparents, or a day's getaway close to home. Chock full of ten-best lists, insider tips, and authorative advice, this innovative, must have guide lists hundreds of appealing destinations and itineraries to suit a variety of budgets and interests. Guaranteed to inspire your family to hit the road and make memories to last a lifetime.

Editor: Susan H. Magsamen
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 978-4262-0394-7

Juicy Tip From this Book: Great ice cream in New Mexico. It all started with a young woman named Tara who created her own ice cream just for her family. Then she got the big idea to open Santa Fe's first organic ice cream store. Now, at any given time you can find an amazing variety of flavors like orange cashew, basil, lavender, a bunch of different chocolates and vanilla. Insiders suggest you try an organic ice cream brownie sandwich. Yum! 1807 2nd Street, Santa Fe, NM. Website:


Paris Movie Walks: 10 Guided Tours Through The City of Lights! Camera! Action!...

See Paris through the eyes of great filmmakers like Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle and Woody Allen. Walk in the footsteps of lovers like Billy Crystal and Debra Winger, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Experience the thrill of the chase with Tom Hanks, Johhny Depp and Robert deNiro. Relive the laughter you shared with Steve Martin, Kevin Kline or Meryl Streep. Whether you're searching for Bourne's identity or DaVinci's code, Paris Walks will show you the way. Ten walks. Scores of film locations.

Author: Michael Schurmann
Publisher: The Intrepid Traveler
ISBN: 978-1-887140-83-6

Juicy Tip From this Book: Rue du Haut-Pave It is here that Anne Hathaway and her new boyfriend - the cold and calculating one - take a nightly walk in the film, 'The Devil Wears Prada' and she remarks that she has 'totally lost all orientation' (that's Notre-Dame Cathedral behind you, you silly girl!) before showing us that she has at least kept her aesthetic standards by pointing out 'how beautiful' Paris is.

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