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Travel Pros Pick Their Favorite Books...

How a travel book changed my life...

Dear Journeywoman,
I�d like other women in the JW Network to know about A Journey of One�s Own (Uncommon Advice for the Independent Woman Traveler) by Thalia Zepatos. Thalia's book gave me the courage to "jump those fences" that we all get close to and then bolt for what ever reasons. Her last line in the book says it all.... "just go, you'll be fine".Ten years ago I ventured overseas alone for my first trip and did "just fine" and got hooked on travel in a way that I'd never been before. Since then I drove old cars and saved all my spare money and went overseas each year.Three years ago, in the process of posting a travel question on a travel site, I made the acquaintance of a fellow traveler with many of my same interests, including a passion for Egypt and the Middle East. We e- mailed travel advice back and forth for about six weeks, and then began to learn a bit more about each other and how we had come to this point. After nine months of trans-Pacific courting, I left the USA and came to Australia for a visit and the rest is history. I've relocated here in Melbourne (with my honey) and couldn't be happier! So there you go. Blame it on Thalia!
Cheers, Diana

I love the Journeywoman newsletter...

Dear Journeywoman,
Take it from a woman who knows. I receive a lot of fancy travel newsletters but yours is the best because it isn�t trying to sell me anything and I just love all of those tips especially -for-women. The one about "Drip" the NY coffee shop that is also a dating service was fabulous. My girlfriends and I will try it out on our next visit. Keep it up. Thank you!
Martha, Chicago, USA

I am constantly on the internet and have never found a newsletter that I have been so inspired to contact and say Cheers to! I think it's an excellent idea, very well put together and full of useful information as well as interesting facts.
Keren, Glasgow, Scotland

So sorry I didn't hear about your organization (and free newsletter) sooner. I LOVE travelling, solo or otherwise and I've already gleamed some valuable info for my upcoming weekend trip to NYC in July.
Alvita, Canada

Nothing I have come across has given me such a good feeling as seeing what you have to offer in your free travel tip newsletter especially for women. Thank you so much. I found what I wanted and what I hadn't thought to look for. I particularly appreciated the tip of giving shampoo samples to a battered wives shelter. Much thanks from Jerusalem.
Sasha, Israel

What more can I say, except, I LOVE IT!!!
Brenda, Western Canada

Ed. note: Want to sign on for our Journeywoman award-winning electronic newsletter? It�s fun, it�s full of great women-centered advice and it�s free. Just click here to register your e-mail address. It will arrive instantly.

open book

Attention bookwormettes...

Each issue we'll be reviewing the latest and best travel literature available. We'll also be bringing back some of the golden oldies that we feel journeywomen everywhere will appreciate. And..we'd love your input. Guide books, biographies, short stories, how to, etc... Simply click here and let us know about your absolute favorites. C'mon. Let's Network!



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