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Get Personal with Journeywoman Travel Books

Passion plus...

Brief Encounters: Stories of Love, Sex, & Travel
Editor: Michelle de Kretser

From the Lonely Planet Journeys series, this collection is a fun read for the passionate traveller. A tourist in Peru falls for handsome guide; a beautiful Italian proposes to the foreigner he's just met... Twenty writers, as diverse as Alice Kaplan, Mona Simpson, Paul Th�roux, and Pico Iyer, have been brought together in a kaleidoscope of all the biggies: seduction, love, sex, and loss.  Brief Encounters

Hong Kong...

Travelers' Tales: Hong Kong: True Stories of Life on the Road
Editors: James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, and Sean O'Reilly

The Travelers' Tales series is based on a simple premise: "That the experience of other travelers is our best map to a strange land." And there's no question that Hong Kong is just that: the intersection of East and West, old and new, known and unknown. This intriguing anthology contains dozens of stories about shopping, eating, loving, and talking by a gold mine of writers. Check out "Towards Fragrant Harbour" by Jan Morris--she's always good.
Travelers' Tales: Hong Kong

Educational and yummy...

A Fork in the Road
Author: Anik See

This is the Canadian author's first book, a collection of tasty travel tales surrounding the international language of food. Anik See is a high-achieving travellin' woman who's circled the globe on her own steam by foot and by bicycle. And the best part for us--Anik has included pages of delicious recipes. Look out for the how-to's of Dugh, an Iranian yogurt drink, the subtleties of Patagonian barbecue, and the mysteries behind those distinctive Thai flavourings. 
A Fork In The Road


Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada
Author: Anna Brownell Jameson

Interested in the history of travel? Check out Anna Brownell Jameson's Canadian travel diary, first published in 1838. In 1836, the socialite sailed from London, England to join her husband in Upper Canada. Theirs was a strained marriage and Anna jumped at the opportunity to take a road trip without him--in a place where there were few roads! Check out Jameson's lively account, a tour of Upper Canada by carriage, steamer, bateau, and canoe. You go, girl!


A terrific new magazine for women travelers...

Passionfruit: A Woman's Travel Journal
Editor: Michele Jin

This quarterly publication focuses on "first-person perspectives," stories by women for women. It also includes photography, fiction, poetry, and, for the maudlin, a special section on nightmare trips. Its mandate includes "raising consciousness" and providing a "forum where women can share journey tales and discuss global issues." For more information, e-mail Subscriptions are available by writing to: Passionfruit, 2917 Telegraph Ave. PMB 136, Berkeley CA, USA, 94705-2017. Website:

Attention bookwormettes...

Each issue we'll be reviewing the latest and best travel literature available. We'll also be bringing back some of the golden oldies that we feel journeywomen everywhere will appreciate. And...we'd love your input. Guide books, biographies, short stories, how-to's, etc... Simply click here and let us know about your absolute favourites. C'mon. Let's Network!

Women's words on travel...

EarthAs a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world.
--Virginia Woolf, English writer

There are always, in each of us, these two: the one who stays, the one who goes away.
--Eleanor Wilner, American Poet

To me, travel is a triple delight: anticipation, performance, and recollection.
--Ilka Chase, American Writer

How can I ever know whether or not I'm really happy here unless I go somewhere else?
--Cynthia Rich, American writer




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