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Menopausal Tours


She´┐Żll Love These Twelve Terrific Travel Books!
great to give or get for the holidays...

Adventures in Good Company:
The Complete Guide to Women's Tours and Outdoor Trips

adventures in good company Author Thalia Zepatos provides the equivalent of a complete course on women-only tours, group trips, charters, and adventure travel. She offers helpful advice on how to choose a trip that suits you, and discusses the various types of trips that are available, from bicycling to canoeing, hiking, sailing, and even wind-surfing. She also includes information on those hard-to-find trips for cross-generational groups, disabled travel, lesbians, older women, and women with children. For each type of trip, Zepatos provides a list of appropriate tour companies, whose qualifications, philosophy and costs she thoroughly profiles. What makes this a delightful, as well as useful book, are the numerous short travel essays that are interspersed throughout. Written by female adventurers and writers, these essays offer friendly advice and communicate the unique joy of travelling with women.

Author: Thalia Zepatos
Price: $16.95

Eight Feet in the Andes

When one of the world's best travel writers sets out to walk through Peru with her nine year old daughter and a mule, the result is a tour de force of observation and enjoyment. Mother and daughter both experience the discomforts of extreme altitudes, the joys of unexpected friendships and the beauty of the Andes and its people. A wonderful read!

Author: Dervla Murphy
Price: $13.95

Go Girl! The Black Woman's Book of Travel and Adventure

go girl Finally a book of travel written from the perspective of women of color. This book combines engaging and delightfully written travelers' tales with practical advice on how to prepare and plan for extended travel. 52 women of color, including Maya Angelou, Colleen McElroy, Alice Walker, Lucinda Roy, Audre Lorde, Linda Villarosa tell their travel stories. And editor Elaine Lee contributes a practical and inspiring piece on "Creating and sustaining a trip around the world."
Author: Elaine Lee
Price: $17.95

Do's and Taboos Around the World for Women in Business

This indispensable resource addresses a wide range of issues including professional credibility, health and safety, balancing an international career and family life, and dealing with harassment and discrimination. It also covers basic cultural issues particular to countries and regions around the globe, such as protocol and language, and helps you locate local services. Any woman involved in--or thinking of becoming involved in--international business should read this book cover to cover.

Author: Roger E. Axtell, Tami Briggs, Margaret Corcoran and Mary Beth Lamb
Price: $16.95

Traveling Solo

traveling solo Berman sets out to take the "loneliness" out of travelling alone by giving some practical advice about how to travel on your own, and by detailing over 250 specific ideas for trips. She describes both specific destinations and companies that offer small group trips appropriate to single travelers, and has suggestions as varied as cooking schools in Italy and climbing Denali.

Author: Eleanor Berman
Price: $16.95

Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women

Take a journey with Brooks behind the veils of Islamic women as she shares her discoveries that startle and often defy our stereotypes about the Muslim world. If you plan to travel to the Middle East or are interested in exploring the role of women in foreign cultures, this book is a must. Enlightening and at times shocking, you won't be able to put it down.

Author: Geraldine Brooks
Price: $12.95

Travelers' Tales: Gutsy Mamas

gutsy mamasSubtitled "Travel Tips and Wisdom for Mothers on the Road", each chapter of this pocket-sized volume covers different aspects of traveling with your kids, from traveling when you are pregnant to traveling with babies and teens to traveling with grandkids. She includes personal stories of her own, as well as other people's experiences, and offers helpful and realitistic tips on how to travel successfully, from packing and planning to actual vacation suggestions. This book is full of wise, time-tested and witty advice that will help you for years to come.

Author: Marybeth Bond
Price: $7.95

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