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In Search of A Good Travel Read

More Women Travel: A Rough Guide Special

More Women TravelToday, like never before, more women are travelling to destinations around the globe and are recording their fabulous experiences. In �More Women Travel,� the reader gets a taste of the scope of these adventures. Included in this anthology are over 60 female-centered narratives including: cycling the French Riviera, exploring in India, hitchhiking through the Yukon, going on walkabout in Australia, riding the Trans-Siberian Railroad, hacking through the Malaysian Jungle and more. Each travelogue ends with Travel Notes: containing suggested reading, transportation and lodging advice, as well as special contacts and considerations to help with your own trip planning. This book is an opportunity to sample a wide variety of female travel authors, be uplifted by their stories and find inspiration to set out and do it yourself.

Editors: Natania Jansz and Miranda Davies
Price: $22.99


Editor�s Choice Award...

Travel Alone & Love It--A Flight Attendant's Guide to Solo Travel

Travelling solo is an acquired art -- one which flight attendant Sharon Wingler has learned extremely well. I�ve had the pleasure of meeting this travellin�woman and I can attest to the fact that both her travel advice and her writing style are a direct reflection of her warmth and savvy manner. Jam-packed with excellent go-alone travel tips, her �how-to� travel book informs, instructs and, best of all, it inspires the single traveller to get out there and enjoy the countless pleasures of the solo experience! Makes a wonderful bon voyage gift for any woman who's decided to hit the road on her own.
(Source: Journeywoman Editor, Evelyn Hannon)
Author: Sharon Wingler
Price: $14.95

Especially for the kiddies...

A World of Faith

Star of DavidTravelling opens up new and wonderful worlds to young people. Sightseeing invariably sparks questions about the forms of worship practiced round the globe. To answer these questions, �A World of Faith,� was created by two women - one the writer and the other the illustrator. From Mormons and Methodists to Jews and Muslims, twenty-eight religious denominations are explored -- each in a simple page of text accompanied by another of artwork which beautifully represents that particular faith.This book is a treat to have in your library and perfect for pre-trip prepping. (Signature Books - ISBN 1-56085-116-3)

(Source: Journeywoman Editor, Evelyn Hannon)

Authors: Peggy Fletcher Stack (writer) Kathleen Peterson (illustrator)
Price: $19.95

Hurrah for fiction...

Why not save the serious non-fiction stuff for at-home reading? Then, be flamboyant with your vacation reading material. These following five suggestions will work equally as well on a sunny stretch of sand or at a sidewalk cafe in Italy.

check Memoirs of a Geisha - Author - Allan Golden

check The Shipping News - Author - E. Annie Proulx

check The Stone Diaries - Author - Carol Shields

check Away - Author - Jane Urquhart

check Like Water for Chocolate - Author - Laura Esquivel

Women�s words on libraries...

As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian in my grade school. I actually believed all those books belonged to her.

(Erma Bombeck, letter to the American Library Association, 1994)

Women�s words on books...

I only really love a book when I have read it at least four times.

(Nancy Spain, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way, 1964) any good books lately?

Attention bookwormettes...

Each issue we'll be reviewing the latest and best travel literature available. We'll also be bringing back some of the golden oldies that we feel journeywomen everywhere will appreciate. And..we'd love your input. Guide books, biographies, short stories, how to, etc... Simply click here and let us know about your absolute favorites. C'mon. Let's Network!

For past women-centered book reviews, click here



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