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Travel Books By Women For Women
Shopping on the Internet...

We all know that there's more to planning a trip than finding the lowest possible airfare or asking friends for names of those budget restaurants they enjoyed on their last holiday. Journeywoman is a firm believer that the more extensive your travellin' research the more you will derive from the actual travel experience.

Twenty-five years ago there were few books written by and for the woman with "a journey" on her mind. Today there are many and that's a delicious thing!

Journeywoman suggests the following travel-related books written or edited by women. As usual I've based my selection on titles that are available online. In this way, journey women anywhere can go cyber bookshopping whenever and as often as the spirit moves them.

Happy browsing, everybody!

Ms. Biz...

The Smart Woman's Guide to Business Travel
Author: Laurie D. Borman

Smart Woman's Guide to Business TravelThis book introduces all sorts of travel issues specific to women on business and provides down-to-earth advice to make your trip more productive, less stressful, and even more fun. Look for safety information, tips for making childcare arrangements, advice on the etiquette of travelling with men on business, packing lists, using an expense account responsibly and much more. The author says, "Instead of embracing the travel opportunities that our world brings, all too often, we women suffer through them. But armed with knowledge, a good strategy, and a positive outlook, it's easy to turn business travel tribulations into wonderful adventures." Journeywoman says, "Amen."

Older Adventuress...

Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over Fifty
Author: Joan Rattner Heilman

Unbelievably Good DealsIf you are over 50, you automatically qualify for hundreds of money-saving offers, from vacation adventures to everyday benefits. This bestselling guide, now in its eleventh edition, is newly revised and packed with up-to-date information about trips, clubs, programs and special deals for the older adventuress. Get invaluable info concerning discounts at hotels, motels, and restaurants, price breaks on airfares all over the world, matchmaking services for mature singles, free rounds of golf at 1,600 golf courses, etc, etc, etc. Modern Maturity calls this book "The bargain-hunter's bible." Journeywoman says, "This guide is the perfect birthday present for any travellin' woman turning 50."

Ms. Foodie...

Food Lovers Guide to Paris
Food Lover's Guide to ParisAuthor: Patricia Well

Bon Appetit Magazine calls this guide "a must for every food lover." Choices abound! Author Patricia Wells, an International Herald Tribune critic, introduces her readers to 450 restaurants they might like to try on their next visit to the City of Lights. She lists the best bakeries, cafes and specialty food shops in Paris and even introduces fifty recipes to try at home. Learn more about fabulously French baguettes, foie gras, wine and cheeses. If you are a foodie who yearns for French cuisine, this book is "absolument" for you!


Bugs, Bites and Bowels
Bugs Bites and BowelsAuthor: Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth

This authoritative guide is aimed at travellers to the tropics, sub-tropics, mountainous regions and other remote areas of the developing world, where standards of medical care are often poor. With tables to help you match disease to country, this book gives advice on what to expect, what to take, as well as on vaccinations. Dr. Wilson Howarth knows what she's writing about. She has lived in Asia for the last seven years; she is a general practitioner and experienced expedition doctor, also trained in parasitology. Look for her section on women-centered health advice. It's well done!


Safety and Security Safety and Security for Women Who Travel
Authors: Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer

Through their own stories and tips plus the entertaining and insightful anecdotes of travelling women, Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer show you how to take care of yourself on your journeys. Learn how to avoid looking like a victim, to stay centered in a bad situation and to spot a scam artist no matter which foreign culture you're visiting. This book makes an excellent Bon Voyage gift for any woman whether she's travelling solo or with a friend.


Family Travel: The Farther You Go, the Closer You GetFamily Travel
Editor: Laura Manske

From Tanzania to China, Peru to the Arctic Circle, these sometimes poignant, often funny, and always satisfying stories are passports into a world where family travel has become par for the course. Travelling en famille can give us balance. Give us roots. Give us stronger wings to explore the world. Notable authors include: Paul Reiser, Mary Morris, Tim Parks, Calvin Trillin, and Michael Crichton. This is lovely reading. You needn't be married or a mother to thoroughly enjoy it! P.S. One of Journeywoman's love stories, originally published at our website, has been included. See if you can spot it.






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