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This Month's Hot Deals

Books to e-Read Before Traveling to Britain, France or Italy
Evelyn Hannon

I love to read but I never, ever carry books when I travel. They are much too heavy for me to shlepp in my backpack. Instead for the past three years, I have been e-reading on my Kobo. This month I agreed to be a Kobo Ambassador and to take an e-reading challenge on their new Kobo Glo HD. These are (a) my findings (b) a crowd sourced list of books to e-read before traveling to Britain, France or Italy.

Why I like this Kobo Glo HD ...

1. It weighs less than a sushi roll (180g).
kobo ebook reader2. It has only one on-off button plus one outlet for the charger. So easy to use!
3. I can adjust the font size.
4. I can load up to 3,000 books on it and it still weighs less than a sushi roll.
5. Tap on the light icon at the top of the screen to adjust the light - low, medium or high.
6. It's low-glare E Ink screen reads just like print on paper.
7. It allows you to read in bright sunlight.
8. Its battery charge lasts up to two months.
9. With a WIFI connection you can go online anywhere in the world and buy your book.
10. Once a book is downloaded you can read anywhere without WIFI
11. Forget carrying heavy guidebooks - load them on to your e-reader instead
12. When you sign up for a free Kobo account you get a $5 account credit. See: goo.gl/RNmCb1

BONUS: By the way, I always keep my eyes open for Kobo's daily deals and price drops on their e-books. And, be aware that if you see an e-book at a cheaper price than what you paid at Kobo, just let them know. They will discount the difference on your next purchase.


kobo ebook reader


The Ladies' Paradise

Paris to the Moon

Murder in the Marais

A Year in Provence


kobo ebook reader


All Creatures Great and Small


Pillars of the Earth

Angela's Ashes


kobo ebook reader


The Neighbors

Falling in Love

The Name of the Rose

Eat Pray Love

Women's words on reading...

family readingI learned from the age of two or three that any room in our house, at any time of the day, was there to read in, or to be read to.
Eudora Welty, 1984

She would read anything from a dictionary to a treatise on turnips. Print fascinated her, dazed her, made her good for nothing.
Kylie Tennant, 1943

Source: New Beacon Book of Quotations by Women



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