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Her Hong Kong Reading List...

Evelyn Hannon

Researching and writing GIRL TALK Hong Kong has been a lovely three month process in which I have happily immersed myself in the colourful history and culture of Hong Kong. In preparation for travel, much time was spent at my desk poring over background material -- both non-fiction and storybooks. Then, for ten short days, my lessons became the reality as I explored Hong Kong and its outlying islands.

Hurrah for books! They helped me to enjoy my pre-departure armchair travel and once on my way I didn’t have to waste precious time figuring out where I wanted to stay, what restaurants I wanted to try or what I wanted to do when I got there.

For those of you preparing for a trip to Hong Kong, I suggest the following reading list to augment GIRL TALK Hong Kong.

Travelers Tales Hong KongTravelers Tales Hong Kong

Seen through the eyes and pens of such notable authors as Jan Morris, Suzy Gershman, and Paul Theroux, this is a collection of tales written in and about the special region of Hong Kong. It is many different points of view -- female, male, eastern, western, Asian, Caucasian all converging to offer the reader a better understanding of this very exceptional place.

Asia For Women on BusinessAsia for Women on Business

For American and European professional women, doing business in Asia is no simple matter. This how-to book clearly and concisely covers every aspect of the Asian business experience, from jet lag to protocol to after-hours socializing. Checklists summarize winning strategies for handling all manner of situations, and the authors give specific information and advice for Asia's "Four Tigers," Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. An excellent resource for the female road warrior!

Staying HealthyStaying Healthy in Asia, Africa and Latin America

When travelling it’s always a good idea to pack at least one medical handbook. That resource should be able to answer two distinct questions.The first --How can I avoid becoming sick? The second -- If I do become sick or injured, what steps should I take if medical care is not immediately available? Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa and Latin America is just such a book covering topics such as safe eating and drinking, treating simple illnesses, recognizing the symptoms of infections and diseases, and medications: their use and availability. It also includes an illustrated guide to basic first aid. What more could a Journey woman want?

Born to Shop Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not just any old shopping destination. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To understand where the treasures are, you need a pro to lead the way. Author Suzy Gershman has specialized in shopping for a very long time. Check out her shopping rules for Hong Kong. This woman knows what she’s writing about!


Treasures and Pleasures of Hong KongThe Treasures and Pleasures of Hong Kong

Authors Ron and Caryl Krannich lead you step-by-step through Hong Kong’s fabulous shopping opportunities -- the emporiums, hotel arcades, markets, boutiques, factory outlets and department stores. They offer tips on pre-planning, bargaining, tailoring, shipping your treasures as well as the best in advice about accommodations, restaurants and sightseeing in Hong Kong. An indispensible guide!

For your Night table...
Noble House Tai-Pan
by James Clavell

The articles in Her Best Books and Great Guides have been independently researched by Journeywoman Online. We thank for sponsoring this female-friendly information. Together, it is our aim to inspire women to travel safely and well.

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