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Her Hong Kong Reading List...

Hong Kong StandardThe South China Morning Post and Hong Kong Standard are the two local daily English-language newspapers.

To find out “what’s on” and where the bargains are in town, do as the locals do. Check the listings in the Dollar Saver which comes out free every Friday.

HK magazine is a free weekly broadsheet, with lively editorial, restaurant reviews, events and activity listings. This is an excellent source of timely info for visitors and it’s usually found in restaurants and some shops.

For those women who plan to live and work in Hong Kong, there is a very helpful publication called Setting Up in Hong Kong written by Fiona Campbell. This is an absolutely wonderful resource for everything from finding a place to live, to dealing with health matters to developing one’s new social life. For further information e-mail: or visit:

Hong Kong on a Plate is a beautifully illustrated culinary history and practical guide to one of the world’s great gastronomic experiences. Authors Ivan Lai and Frances Bartlett take the reader on a journey through the city where a magnificent variety of Chinese, Asian and Western cuisines meet in a hurly-burly kaleidoscope of dining. As a bonus, recipes from some of Hong Kong’s (and also the world’s) best restaurants have been included. Absolutely yummy!

Exploring Hong Kong’s Countryside written by John Stokes is an introduction to the natural heritage of Hong Kong -- an exploration of its mountains, valleys and coast. Think green! Available through HKTA information centers in Hong Kong.

Anybody wanting to know the ABC’s of discount shopping should pick up a copy of Dana Goetz’s The Complete Guide to Hong Kong Factory Bargains. It’s one of the oldies but goodies.

Accommodating Asia Filled with tourist attractions, travel advice, recommendations, alerts and travellers’ quotes, this book bills itself as “the travel guide with heart.” A lovely bonus are the charming line drawings of Hong Kong by Chan Kau On. Journeywoman had the pleasure of meeting with Judith Love Eastham this guidebook’s Canadian expat author. Judy offered us many useful tips and bits of advice to be included in GIRLTALK Hong Kong. For each copy of Accommodating Asia that is sold, Judy donates $1.00 in aid of Inuit children and the preservation of their culture. For more information:

Raise Your Cultural IQ (Asia and Pacific) is a handy reference guide for business and vacation travellers alike. Packed with helpful facts and figures, this book helps the reader to know right from wrong in both business and social situations. Learn about what topics to avoid over dinner conversation, why fashion is important in Hong Kong, which colours are mourning colours and why certain numbers are considered unlucky. Written by Louisa Nedkov, an international business consultant, this book goes out of its way to address cultural-correctness from the female point of view. For more information

Finally, stop by at any HKTA office and you’ll be rewarded with a huge number of very well written booklets, pamphlets, maps and brochures.

Kudos to this HK woman...

Sabina Wong is the creator (writer and illustrator) of a delightful deck of 52 cards called Fun Excursions in Hong Kong -- each brightly coloured card offers info and suggestions for adventures you might like to try!

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City of Hong Kong WebsiteThe articles in GIRLTALK Hong Kong have been independently researched by Journeywoman Online. We thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for sponsoring this female-friendly information. Together it is our aim to inspire women to travel safely and well.




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