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Her Best Guides to NYC

Karen Dougherty

girl readingPlanning on taking a bite out of the Big Apple? Whether you're planning a weekend jaunt for two or a two-week solo stint, there are mountains of books sold on the internet to help you chart your trip. However, you may find that you need a guide just to lead you through the maze of New York City guidebooks that are available! To help you narrow down your choices and to acquaint you with some of the best, Journeywoman has selected excerpts designed to please. From the standard pocket guide to the big-on-detail to the ultra-hip, here they are...

Going Like Lynn New York
Going like LynnBy Lynn Portnoy
Diamond Publishers--ISBN 0-9670099-1-X

Going Like Lynn New York is just the kind of book we love at Journeywoman! Lynn Portnoy is a Detroit fashion retailer--and that makes her an authority on shopping. For her business, she heads to New York City for a few days each month to do just that-- and that also makes her an expert on solo travel for women...

Female-friendly New York...
"New York fits my definition of a female-friendly destination based on these simple premises--New York offers many choices and diverse activities to appeal to women of various tastes and interests (as long as they like urban centers). New York is as safe as any city if you take the necessary, common sense precautions of any large city. Women are accepted and basically well received. New York women have achieved prominence in practically every field and New Yorkers generally are comfortable seeing women in groups, in pairs, or alone everywhere. For women who enjoy world--class culture, theater, sightseeing, shopping, dining, or whatever, New York has it all--in multiples. If you cannot experience it, taste it, watch it or buy it in New York, the odds are it probably does not exist."

New York in Your Pocket Guide
Michelin New YorkBy Michelin Staff--ISBN 2-066-5040-17

A practical, straight-up, just-the-facts ma'am Michelin manual for the on-the-go traveller......

Culturally correct clothing...
"Informality is the keynote in the U.S., and comfortable clothing is essential for the busy tourist. Some restaurants are very formal and it is wise to check before you reserve a table. Similarly, smart dress should be worn for the ballet, opera and most theaters. Remember that evenings can be considerably cooler than the daytime, and air-conditioning makes theaters, restaurants, and stores quite chilly, so an extra sweater or jacket can be essential."

New York City Handbook
NYC handbookBy Christiane Bird
Avalon Travel Publishing--ISBN 1566911036

Christiane Bird's book is smartly organized and as full of life as the city itself and covers the Big Apple the way New Yorkers know it--neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Christiane keeps women travellers top-of-mind, always a Journeywoman plus!

She travels safely...
"As in big cities, crime in New York is a serious problem. But according to the FBI, New York is one of America's safest large cities. It didn't even make the top-25 list of cities with the highest homicide rates in 1998, and reported crime dropped by 59% between 1994 and 1999. Statistically, your chances of being mugged are less than 30,000 to 1. To avoid being that one--act as if you know where you're going; don't carry large quantities of cash or large bills; ignore hustlers and con artists (and anyone who approaches you with an elaborate sob story); avoid the parks at night, and be extra careful around transportation centers; don't carry valuables in lightweight backpacks that can easily be slashed open; when in rougher neighborhoods, stick to blocks where other people are in sight; if you're mugged, hand over your valuables immediately."

NYC hotelsThe New York Times Guide to Hotels in New York City
By Charles Suisman
New York Times News Services Division--ISBN 09668659

This official guide calls itself "the only comprehensive survey you'll need" to find your way around New York City. It features 250 hotels, from luxurious to simple, rated by price, comfort, and services...

Her hotel smarts...
"Some things to know when you're planning a stay in New York. If you're a light sleeper, hotels midblock are generally quieter than hotels on an avenue, and you should ask for a room in the back of the hotel. It may be darker, but you'll be awakened to fewer sirens. A good shower is important to us at a hotel-it's important to a lot of people, usually simultaneously at 7:30 a.m. Older hotels, even highly rated ones, may have plumbing troubles. The higher floors often have the weakest pressure. Many hotels have their published "rack rates," which they then discount six ways (or more) from Sunday. Don't accept the first rate you're quoted. It used to be the case that New York hotels offered serious discounts on the weekends, but you'll find less of that than there used to be. The hotel tax has been reduced to a somewhat more reasonable 13.25 percent (plus a $2 per night room charge)-keep it in mind when you're calculating the real cost of a visit."

Lots more New York books...



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