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What Should I Wear?


I travelled in Kenya and Tanzania on a safari trip. It was really hot and very dusty and in some parts pretty humid. Don't do what I did and wear white! White gets very dirty very quickly and never looks that white again. Stick to natural fabrics (cotton) and neutral colours to hide the grime. T-shirts and shorts are good. If you take extra t-shirts - particularly with good designs on them, you may be able to barter them for some fantastic carvings or rugs.
Mandy, Australia


Don't worry about packing a bathing suit for the beach. Here, the beach attire of choice for all Korean women is T-shirts and shorts! As light-colored skin is considered more attractive here, a tan is a no-no. That also explains everyone setting up there tents on the sand.
Cindy, Ulsan, South Korea

My advice for women travelling to Seoul is -- dress up! Korean women are very sophisticated and dress up both in the office and when going out at night. Even for Sunday shopping, most women wear business-style suits and high heels. So if you don't want to feel underdressed all the time make sure you bring enough dressy things.
Kelly, Ontario, Canada

South Korea has four very distinctive seasons. Winter is Siberian cold, but clear and sunny. Their summer is tropical, rainy and horribly humid. Spring and Fall are pleasant, though all too short. For summer I recommend linen; cotton clings in the humidity and does not feel cool. Jeans are very hot and heavy to wear in the summer. Unlined linen slacks are good for hiking, but a long, loose skirt or dress is coolest for sight-seeing. Korea is conservative. Short skirts are not a problem, (if you wear a very short skirt, do as the Koreans do and carry a scarf to cover your knees when you sit down) but avoid even the suggestion of cleavage, and bare shoulders are just marginally acceptable for college-age women. Light lacy jackets are usually worn over sleeveless garments or tank-tops. Unless you are going to be in a tourists-only area, wear a modest one piece swimsuit and avoid bikinis. Here, wearing sunglasses is rude. If you need to wear them - especially in the sunny, freezing wintertime - always take them off if you are speaking to someone, and if you enter a building. Non-cling jeans and T-shirts are fine to wear for hiking or sight-seeing, but stay as neat and clean as possible.
Farzana, Seoul, Korea

I stayed in Seoul for two months. I worked, took a Korean class, nightclubbed, shopped and visited DobongSan (lovely cool mountain area) during the summer. I advise packing "girly" clothes if you visit Seoul. In summer I recommend cotton, linen and silk and make sure you press/starch all of your gear. Tempted to wear ruffles, frills or lace, go right ahead. Your clothing will fit right in in Seoul. Make sure all attire covers your knees.

Bring shoes that are easy to take off. In traditional restaurants, everyone removes shoes before entering. Most women wear open-toed high heeled mules in summer. If you must wear flats, try to find a very pretty dressy pair. You can also stick to foreign restaurants where you can keep your shoes on and sit on a chair.

Bring a wide-brimmed hat if you plan to walk a lot in summer. Bring ponytail holders, barrettes and clips to tame your hair. If you bring a perfume, bring a very light scent. No one wears strong perfume. If you have a favorite, apply it with a very light touch or just change to a milder fragrance.

Make sure to bring at least one nice handbag and stock it with lipstick, eyeliner and concealer. Bring a good cleanser because the pollution and heat will affect your skin. At any rate, properly dressed coiffed and lipsticked, you may still be a foreigner, but you will feel more at ease in the sea of beautiful, well-dressed, impeccably groomed women that roam the streets of the capital!
Joanne, Timonium, USA


Kuwaities are very used to foreigners (esp. Westerners) in their country, so you will not be leered at for not wearing traditional Arab garb. Many natives wear popular Western fashions and designer clothes. However do dress conservatively, as some natives are more traditional than others. It was scorching during the summer, but I would not wear shorts, just out of respect. A long skirt, cotton pants, even jeans are okay. I wore a short sleeved t-shirt and a long skirt. I would cover up tattoos (if you have them) and not wear anything that could label you as an American. Most Kuwaitis are very friendly and nice, but unsavory characters are there as well.
Crystal, Hampton, England




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