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Journeywoman's 2003 Biking, Hiking & Walking Directory

Evelyn Hannon

This is so exciting! Our Journeywoman Network of classified advertisers worldwide just keeps growing and growing and growing. This year our 2003-2004 Walking, Hiking and Biking Directory contains over forty-five different and delightful travel opportunities to tempt the adventuress in you.

No matter where in the world you live, there are gorgeous opportunities for everybody -- the solo woman traveler, the older adventuress, the backpacker, mother vacationing with her kiddies, partners, hubbies or pals. And, there's something special for every budget (one tour operator even graciously offers financial assistance for single moms).

Pick the one you love most...
The destinations and the activities are so varied you'll be hard pressed to find the one you love the most. There's mountain biking in Canada, hiking in Iceland especially for the older adult, cycling in Sicily for women-only, photography and advanced hiking in Homer, Alaska, exploring the U.K. on foot, learning Spanish as you walk in Spain, massage therapists to ease your tired muscles at the close of the day, inn-to-inn hiking or biking, fabulous food and wine, and much, much more! Each listing is linked directly to a website so, at any time, you can explore these opportunities to your hearts' content.

Be prepared...
Not all of us are Fitness Goddesses! Our Journeywoman directory takes this into account and offers a fun holiday to suit every fitness level -- from beginning hikers to experienced cyclers and trekkers. If you're not "in shape," you may want to be before you set out.

Most tour operators will offer advice on how to prepare for a hiking and cycling holiday. And, fitness programs for beginners are popping up all over the place -- your local YWCA and organizations like Canada Fit and USA Fit will help to get you ready. Take advantage of these organizations. It's a terrific challenge for all of us!

Meet other JourneyWomen...
Declare yourself, please. When you sign on for any of these healthy holidays, please tell those in charge that you are a "Journeywoman." Our aim is for members worldwide to begin meeting up on these excursions and getting to know each other. Perhaps this will provide the basis for future travel together. We'd love that!

P.S. Please keep checking back to this directory during the year. It is a work in progress with new companies joining us all the time. After our initial launch, extra listings will sport a "new" sticker so they will be easily identifiable.

We've divided our Journeywoman 2003 -2004 directory into four categories. Happy browsing, ladies!

Women-Only Adventures


Cycling Specialists


Hiking and Walking Specialists
Mixed bag of trips


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