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Feewheeling Adventures


I Packed My Backpack...
and in it I put...


Evelyn Hannon

Wonder what a woman carries in her backpack? Because so many of you have been writing to tell us your travel secrets, we now know that a true travellin' woman always has a few special items near and dear to her heart that she never ever leaves home without.

Journeywoman decided to put all those helpful "must-pack-this-in-my-backpack" picks into one article. Some items are oh-so-practical, some are downright quirky and some are so smart that we wished that we'd thought about them first.

May we suggest that this list can make a wonderful addition to a Bon Voyage gift for any journey woman preparing to hit the road.....your friends, mama, sister, grandmama or Godmother. Print it and pass it along, ladies. We're sure it will be a hit!

Journeywoman's Top 25 Picks....

She's So Practical

hiker with backpack

...1 Be sure to take along several photographs of yourself. This way you'll avoid the hassle of having to locate a photo booth when you need ID for a foreign bus pass or museum card.

...2 Pack a folding umbrella that has an aluminum spine and handle. This type is more expensive to buy than all the others but it's so light and compact, you'll almost forget you're carrying it.

...3 In hot humid countries, a folding paper fan works wonders when waiting at bus stops or travelling by (non-air conditioned) vehicles.

...4 A mini flashlight -- the light disposable type is invaluable for Third World destinations where power failures are frequent.

...5 Leave expensive jewellry at home. Instead, for an evening on the town, try dressing up your hair. A dime-store rhinestone barrette or sparkly bobby pin works wonders with black shirt and pants.

...6 Can't wash your undies because the plug in your hotel sink is missing? Before you leave on holiday, pop into your local hardware store and pick up a "one-size fits all" stopper just in case.

All Bathrooms Aren't Created Equal

...7 Always carry emergency toilet paper or a package of tissues. In some parts of the world, it's either very scarce or too coarse to be usable.

...8 Handiwipes are perfect when hand-washing facilities aren't readily available.

...9 The smell in toilets is sometimes overpowering. Carry a mentholated chapstick and dab some under your nose to help mask the odours while you use the facilities.

She's Health Wise

...10 Feel a cold coming on? Keep lots of chewable Vitamin C on hand. Many women swear by it and when taken in prescribed doses, for short periods of time, it's reported to be quite harmless.

...11 Ditto for Echinacea -- a herbal remedy meant to rebuild your immune system.

...12 No chicken soup available? For some women, Ancient Healing Formula in tea bag form (Yogi Tea Co.) is the anti-sniffles remedy of choice. Even when it's hard to find a pharmacy, it's easy to locate hot water.

...13 Carry these two recipes for making your own emergency rehydration mixture should diarrhea strike and you find yourself far from a pharmacy. (Mix 1 litre of bottled purified water, one-half teaspoon of salt and four teaspoons of honey or sugar). If these ingredients are not available, eat bananas (to restore your potassium levels) and dry chips (to give you salt) and drink cola (to provide glucose).

She Needs Her Beauty Sleep

...14 Don't leave home without your eyeshades

...15 ..or your earplugs. They're perfect for snoozing on the airplane and, for keeping out the "sounds of baby" just two rows ahead.

...16 Carry clothespins for those hotel drapes that refuse to close properly. They're perfect for blocking out the early morning sun as well as discouraging potential "Peeping Toms."

...17 A tiny (1 oz.) bottle of lavender oil is lovely for relaxation. Add several drops to an evening bath and travel stress will simply melt away. Put some on your pillowcase and you'll sleep like a baby.





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