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I Packed My Backpack...
and in it I put...


Journeywoman's Top 25 Picks....

Ms. Fix-it

...18 A small roll of electrical tape has a myriad of uses. A skirt hem come down? Tape it up in a pinch. Leaving your luggage at the hostel for a few days? Tape everything closed so nothing can be slipped in or out. Shipping a box home, want to put souvenirs into your journal, need to take fluff off a black sweater? Hurrah for electrical tape!

...19 Don't throw away the plastic canister that your film comes in. They make perfect do-it-yourself sewing kits with enough room for needles, thread, a few extra buttons and safety pins.

hiker with backpackShe's a Hungry Girl

...20 Many hotels and B&B's now provide electric kettles in their guest rooms. To satisfy those middle of the night munchies, it's great to have packets of dehydrated soups, powdered hot chocolate (and a light-weight plastic spoon) on hand.

...21 Girl Travellers Have Special Needs! Having your period while travelling can make your body feel extra tired. Pack dried fruit (heavy on the apricots) and pop them at "period time." These magic morsels help to replenish the iron your body has lost and you'll feel great again.

Making Connections - Discouraging Connections

...22 When on holiday, leave those formal business cards behind. Instead carry colorful postcards from home and give your new acquaintances a glimpse of where you live. Relevant contact info can be printed on the reverse.

...23 Carry ball-point pens for the kiddies you meet. In some Third World destinations young irresistible children will beg you for candy. Why help to rot their teeth? Instead, before you leave home, check your local phone book for those companies that personalize ball-point pens. They generally have no use for their misprinted stock and will be happy to give you some free of charge.

...24 Want to discourage unwanted and persistent male advances while travelling? Pre-trip, pick up a (Chinese) magazine in Chinatown. Then when someone invades your personal space, pretend that you don't understand English, absorb yourself in your Chinese reading material and watch the guy's puzzled reaction. (P.S. If you do read and speak Chinese...all the better. You don't have to pretend).

She Finds Many Uses For One Item

...25 Always carry a few cotton handkerchiefs. They're cheap, they're light, they fold flat and they serve a 1,000 purposes (well...almost...) Use them to carry groceries, sit on them, tie one to your backpack for instant creative color, wrap them around your favorite travel hat to spice it up. If you need a drain plug, a hankie comes in very handy. Want to stay cool on a hot day? Simply wet it and wrap around your neck. They work wonders at keeping your hair up or pulled back. If you exercise while traveling, they make super sweat bands. Want to take an unexpected dip and don't have a towel... use a hankie. They dry real fast. Cotton handkerchiefs can carry leftovers from lunch picnics. You can put them on your head when visiting churches or when walking in the sun. Tie one around a backpack handle or strap--it makes yours easier to spot when in a train or bus luggage pile. You can hold it in your teeth and dance with a Greek Adonis in a taverna. Italian and French dogs love them around their necks and so do their masters --they're a yummy ice breaker. You can use one as a belt. Or an arm sling (heaven forbid). Want to say thank-you for something special? Always keep a few new ones aside and give them as gifts.

Backpacks - a female invention? We're so smart!

..the backpack is probably the most practical piece of luggage ever invented by man. Or more likely woman, who probably devised the first one to lug babies around in. Consider the advantages of a backpack:

  • It leaves your hands free so you can fumble around for your tickets and passport more easily.
  • It usually has neat little pockets that are ideal for hiding dirty socks.
  • It can often pass the carry-on-luggage test at airports.
  • And you don't have to put it down on wet dirty floors whenever (and however) nature calls
(Source: Paul Waters, Travel Editor, Montreal Gazette, May 1998)

Diarrhea isn't fun...

This is an ad offered by one of the members of our Network of Journeywoman classified advertisers. We thought it would be appropriate to post it here...

PREVENT TRAVELLER’S DIARRHEA -- Giardia (Beaver Fever), e. Coli, Cholera, Typhoid and other waterborne disease and illness with AQUATABS® water purification tablets. Don't get caught with your pants down - Protect your health! AQUATABS® makes water of questionable bacteriological quality safe for drinking, brushing teeth and washing fruits and vegetables. AQUATABS® have no unpleasant taste or colour and are safe, simple to use. Purchase online at or call (807) 577-0030 for personal service. 50 x 1 L tablets only $10.99 CAD including free shipping! (January 15, 2008)


Pack your condoms...

Beside their primary function, condoms can come in very handy when you're travelling. Infantrymen (and women) as well as seasoned jungle travellers use them to carry suprisingly large volumes of water among other things. They are also good waterproof covers or containers. They can be used as temporary fan-belts in cars, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Condoms can be filled with ice and placed on swollen painful joints to decrease inflammation and discomfort.
(Source: Bugs, Bites & Bowels, Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth)

Older adventuress packs nothing... express package

An eighty-eight-year-old woman who rides the buses regularly mails her clothes to the friend she's visiting. That's right - mails her clothes. Isn't that marvellous? She has no luggage to wrestle with or keep track of or wait for when it doesn't show up. Only a small purse goes with her.
(Source: The Girls With The Grandmother Faces, Author, Frances Weaver)


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