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Top Tips for the Active Adventuress...


If you're an adventuring Journeywoman, these tidbits of advice taken from our JW files are guaranteed to please. Topics include soft silk long johns, great music to walk to and the magic of mascara brushes. Have fun, ladies!

Sisters pack pedicure kit...
My sister and I just returned from a two week trek in Costa Rica. We did much hiking and walking and the best thing we ever packed was a pedicare kit! We learned quickly that taking very good care of our feet was vitally important and each evening we had a ritual of cleansing, lubricating and nipping blisters in the bud (there is a special bandage called Blistex which can be placed on budding blisters before they get too bad). We had the happiest feet in the group and we were never slowed down! (Barbara Aldridge, Guelph, Canada) footprints

Can sport socks do math...
Heard about SmartWool socks? No, they aren't able to do math or geography but these feisty little sports socks will keep your feet warm or cool, well cushioned, dry, and they look great, too! You might just want to pack a pair or two next time you go off adventuring. P.S. SmartWool socks are the official socks for the U.S. ski team. And, they offer a money-back guarantee if you don't absolutely love them! warm socks

Cyclists find help in their make-up kit...
Don't throw away your used mascara brushes. The word on the road is that these brushes make excellent tools for cleaning bicycle chains. Give it a try and if it works for you, consider this. Collect a few more and carry them in your saddlebags. Journeywoman thinks that these mini brushes will also make great �forget-me-not� gifts for the cute guy cyclists you meet along the way. hearts

Choose your trips carefully...
When choosing your biking or walking holiday, read the brochure carefully. Ask a lot of questions in order to ascertain whether your fitness level matches the exercise and endurance skills that the trip will require. Your tour operator cannot make these judgments for you. Click here to read what happened when two Journeywomen chose a cycling holiday that was too difficult for them. Guaranteed to make you smile! bikemap

Walk to the diva beat...
If you enjoy walking to music, there�s a great website for you to visit. Check out for compilation tapes designed for your particular walking pace. Journeywoman smiled when we found the title, "Walk to the Diva Beat" in their catalogue. "The great ladies of pop and rock take you on an unforgettable, energizing walk. You'll be stepping in style to the music of Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner and lots more." Great to give or get as gifts! Telephone: USA 1-800-878-4764, Outside USA 770-664-1375. notes

She puts notes in her cycling helmet...
For extra smart cycling it�s a good idea to tape your special medical info to the inside of your helmet. Picture this scenario. You�re cycling in a foreign country. Accidents happen, you're unconscious or too injured to think. Medical workers will remove your helmet to examine you. If all your contact info is right there, including your doctor's name, insurance policy number, allergies and/or blood type, then your treatment can be started that much faster. P.S. Make sure that when you�re doing your pre-trip research you check to see whether your insurance policy covers biking holidays. helmet

More tips...





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