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Best Brunch Spots in the USA

Evelyn Hannon
We asked U.S. readers for their hometown brunch favorites and as you can see below lots of your excellent suggestions were submitted. This is now the American portion of what we hope will evolve into a full blown International Brunch Directory that travellers worldwide can refer to when they are on the road. If you have another American brunch spot to submit please email it to: and it will be added to the list. Remember to give us your first name and city plus a website for each restaurant you suggest.

Los Angeles, California
Aroma Cafe, (4360 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, CA, (818) 508-7377, provides healthy food and some GREAT people watching. Everyone from local school teachers to actors and celebrities to hikers and bicyclists cooling down after their trek, to business people looking for a little down-time. There's almost always a line out the door to order food, which is delivered to your table in record speed and just the way you like it. A wonderful little bookstore is on property as well. Hands down, in my neighborhood it's a gem that is a gathering place seven days a week from breakfast on.
Lori, Studio City (LA), USA

Long Beach (LA County), California
Best ever breakfast-brunch spot in Long Beach is the Omelette Inn on Pine in downtown Long Beach, within walking distance of all the major and minor hotels in the city (318 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802). Open until 3pm, their menu has tons of choices including lunch sandwiches etc but their omelettes, waffles, pancakes and huevos rancheros and other breakfast concotions are all fabulous. You can eat inside or outside on the patio. Inside the walls are fascinating - chock full of historic memorabilia of fishing and seagoing adventures, pictures, nets, maps etc. The staff are wonderful too and make a huge effort to see that you get exactly what you want. Prices are low, omelettes run from $8 to $12 and you can make up your own combination of ingredients if you like. On their website they claim that you can call ahead and they'll have your breakfast waiting for you. Website:
Diane, Long Beach, California

Bolder, Colorado
Without a doubt, I can recommend Brasserie TenTen for a wonderful brunch, French Bistro style in my city. They are located at 1011 Walnut Street. My favorite choices and ones that I happily recommend to other JourneyWoman (and men) are vegetarian crepes, Salmon Tartar and divine beignets (donuts). Actually, I don't think you can go wrong with any item on the menu. Reservations are a must for Sunday mornings (and probably Saturdays as well). Website:
Teresa, Bolder, Colorado

EDITOR'S NOTE: Heading to Washington? You'll love reading '50 Things to See and Do in Washington.'

Tampa, Florida
When Journeywoman asked about a favorite brunch spot that women would enjoy, the name Circles came up in a few conversations. Housed in a 1920s bungalow, Circles' decor is best described as elegant simplicity. You'll find tables topped with white linen, and walls aesthetically graced with black-and-white photographs. Holiday lights adorning the windows lend the eatery a festive air. The food is varied enough to satiate a plethora of appetites. 50 lunch and dinner treats range from lobster bisque -- a hearty favorite with real chunks of lobster floating in a cream base -- to egg rolls, calamari, pasta, tuna dishes, meat, vegetarian specialties and Thai dishes. Open on Sundays for brunch it is a favorite with the locals. Address: 2500 W Azeele Street, Phone: 813-879-5228 Website:
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Heading to Tampa? You'll enjoy reading, 'You Won't Be Bored in Tampa.'

Miami Beach, Florida
I like this less than fancy place. It's small and low rent but it offers interesting character and food. Puerto Sagua is a definite locals spot for a late Cuban breakfast. Address: 700 Collins Ave located on 7th and Collins (indoor dining only) There is no official website but here is the Yelp link:
Cindy, Miami, USA


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