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How she travels with Food and Wine


To pack breakables, etc...

But keep in mind that you have to wrap wine securely. How will you feel if a bottle breaks and your clothes are stained? That's where large-sized Zip-loc bags come in.

To pack wine, wrap the bottle in newspaper or bubble wrap, place it in the Zip-loc, and then place the wine bottle between layers of clothing, not at the bottom or top of your suitcase. For anything in a jar, wrap the jar in newspaper, put that inside a Zip-lock, and tuck in to a corner.

Cheese can simply be wrapped in newspaper, as can fruit and veggies (go for the firmest you can find, ripe is not your friend here). Baked goods are a little trickier. Will the cookies crumble, or the croissants get crushed? You might put these in your carry on.


Send it instead...

If your suitcase is getting too heavy, or you don't want to risk spillage, consider packing a box to ship home same day service. Shipping companies sell all sizes of boxes, or you can cadge a wine box from your hotel. Keep in mind: the shippers can't pack perishables for you. You'll need to prepare it in advance.

But, you can pack a Styrofoam cooler and drop it into a box. One of my former business school students regularly ships home a mini luau for family from Hawaii. Here's where you'll want your ice packs (you've hopefully frozen them in your hotel fridge) or your insulated bag. Box up what you're sending, tape up the box with the tape from your kit, address it, and drop it off with the front desk or at a shipping company.

These tips should guarantee you a feast when you get home and edible memories of your trip long after you've unpacked. As for me, I'm having another macaron.


Editor's Notes...

Micheline explained to me that when dealing with food, it's always necessary to use common sense and be cautious. There are no blanket rules. The things she brought home on the plane were out of the fridge for about six hours total. The things her friend brought back from Hawaii were in a mini pack for half a day or so.

Always think: if it's something you wouldn't risk bringing back from a shop or a restaurant in your car, then you wouldn't fly with it. Likewise, if there is a chance your baggage wil be sitting for a long period of time between flights and might be exposed to hot temperatures, then you should think carefully. Don't risk food poisoning.

Travelling with food within your own country doesn't pose any legal problems or any governmental restrictions. If you plan to bring food across borders check their regulations very carefully and always declare what you are importing. Simply put the following question into Google - 'What food can't I bring into _________? (fill in the country name). If you've stayed within their regulations they'll certainly permit you to bring your goodies in. If you don't and you are caught there can be severe financial penalties. For example: In Australia if you make a false food declaration you could be fined on the spot and even risk prosecution. Be wise Journey Women!


I was caught smuggling...

The custom officer asked me, 'Do you have any food?"

I answered the question correctly,'Yes.'

But, wait ... something I said seemed to be terribly wrong. He picked up the dreaded 'red' pen, wrote on a (dreaded) customs form, handed it to me and pointed to a door marked, SECONDARY INSPECTION.



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