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International Travel Tip Bazaar


JourneyWomen of the world - send us your terrific travel tips and bits of advice. We’ll post the best right here in our international bazaar. Click Here


New York Holiday Market
I'd like visitors to New York to know about the Holiday Market at Union Square (14th St.) held outdoors (dress warmly) in December. It's a little funkier than Grand Central Market with some really interesting booths. The rest of the year Union Square is the site of what is probably the largest Greenmarket in the city with loads of fresh produce, flowers, etc. A very nice NY experience. Enjoy!
Gail, New Jersey, USA

A no-star hotel in Paris
Whenever I go to Paris alone I like to stay at Hotel Eden. It is very basic and located in the 15th arr. with many shops around -- a bakery, fruit store, wine shop, bookstore, drugstore, a small park, and it's only a 5 min. walk to Metro Vaugirard. From there, with a metro map, you can get anywhere, discover Paris and enjoy! This hotel is so neat and run by very nice people, room with w-c-shower and 2 single beds, or a double bed for quite a cheap price in Paris, including breakfast with milk coffee to dip your baguette � la fran�aise. That's Paris at Hotel Eden - 110 Blomet, Paris 15e - Tel: 01-48-28-13-95, Fax: 01-48-28-15-85
Huguette, Quebec, Canada

Where I stay in Paris
The last three times I've been to Paris, I have stayed at Hotel des Trois Colleges. This was an hotel tip I originally found through Journeywoman and it was very much appreciated. I'm staying there again with my mother this year. Other readers can get contact information about the hotel by going to:
Sandra, British Colombia, Canada

Dickens Museum in London, England
I just wanted to let Journeywoman know that all major museums in London are now free. However there are some wonderful smaller museums which still require entrance fees, as do some exhibits at the larger ones. I have discovered a wonderful museum in Doughety Street devoted entirely to Charles Dickens. It costs 3 pounds and it is a beautifully detailed exploration of Dickens' life based in one of his very own houses. P.S. It's a bit complicated to find the museum so I'm enclosing directions. Take the Picadilly line and get off at Russell Square. Turn right as you come out of the station and walk down past the Brunswick Centre and International Hall. Turn the corner and follow the path past Corams fields. Walk past the Cannons health club and Goodenough College. At the next street cross over Guildford Street and walk up Doughety Street about 1/3 of the way. The Museum is on the left hand side.
Zelda, London, England

A book I think your readers will enjoy
I'm working for a publishing company in Portland, Oregon called Frank Amato Publications, Inc. We are publishing a book, "Alone With Michelangelo: A Woman Follows Her Dreams to Italy" by Marlene Hill. On her first trip to Italy over 30 years ago, Marlene fell in love with the vibrant country the moment her feet touched the streets of Rome. I'd like JourneyWomen to know about this one because it seems to be perfect for them.
Kim, Portland, USA
Ed. note:
Thanks, Kim. For anybody who'd like to know more about this book, click here.

Even thieves dislike dirty laundry
I've been travelling for many years, and my greatest achievement was when I travelled overland from Singapore to Munich (Germany) in 9.5 months. During my journey, I learned something quite interesting. If you're carrying an expensive camera, put it in a grubby day pack along with a few really dirty sweaters and socks, and no one will want to steal it from you (or even go near it). This was always true for me even when I left my bag behind in the hostel dormitory.
Kemmy, Singapore
Ed. note: Be careful! All you need is one thief somewhere who doesn't mind dirty clothes and you could be minus a camera.

A safe flying tip
According to the FAA - Fly Smart Guide, "Passengers who wear sensible clothing can reduce their chances of serious injury in the unlikely event of an aircraft emergency. They suggest we... "wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, denim or leather. Synthetics may melt when heated. Dress to cover as much skin as possible. Wear clothing that is roomy, avoiding restrictive clothing. Wear low-heeled, leather or canvas shoes." I hope this tip helps other women travellers.
Beverly, Georgia, USA

Plus size shopping in Britain
Are you a Journeywoman who wears larger sizes? If you're travelling to Britain, I have a great shopping tip for you. There are specialty shops such as Ann Brooks which only sell plus size clothing. Also, New Look, Etam, Marks and Spencers and BHS do plus-size ranges for women. Happy shopping Journey Gals!
Sarah, Birmingham, England

Cover your legs at the palace in Bangkok
Please ladies, don't assume you can wear a sarong in places that require you to cover your legs. The royal palace in Bangkok forbids sarongs (or "salongs" as the sign reads in English), so you are better off wearing long pants or a long skirt.
Lynne, Bangkok, Thailand

Glebe is a suburb of Sydney, Australia
A charming, must-see suburb of Sydney is Glebe, where Vienna culture meets New Orleans-style architecture. It is located just south of Darling Harbour and the main drag runs along Glebe Point Road where you can stroll in and out of bookstores, restaurants, thrift stores, pubs, and even a massage centre with float tanks. Or you can lounge at an outside table of one of the many cafes to watch other passers-by. Highly recommended is Thai on Wok, one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Sydney. At the furthest end of Glebe Point Road is a park overlooking a harbour from which you can view three of Sydney's major bridges, or spot the neighborhood dogs who meet and catch up on the week's events. I spent four months in Sydney and was still in love with Glebe when I returned.
Selma, Chicago, USA





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