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Women-friendly in Jamaica
We'd like journey women around the world to know that we organize wonderful, exhilirating walking tours/hikes into the lush countryside of the Rio Grande Valley where one is escorted by guides who share their knowledge of flora, fauna and "bush" medicine (herbal medicine) that they have inherited with great enthusiasm from their ancestors . We also encourage visits to the local women's community project, where they make handmade paper. Barbara herself is an artist and gives classes in sculpting and drawing - ideal for people who want to explore their creativity in these beautiful surroundings. We can be reached at
Barbara and Shireen, Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Amsterdam Hotel Advice Via Munich
Take note of this hotel. It's small, inexpensive, breakfast is included and it is near the flower market in a relaxed Amsterdam neighbourhood. Refurbished rooms are bright, pleasant and fair-sized. Staff is smiling and helpful. Book well in advance as not all rooms have ensuite facilities. A wonderful find! Hotel Agora, Singel 462, 1017 AW Amsterdam.
Cornelia G., Munich, Germany

Tam Tam Femme in Africa
Tam Tam Femme/Congo is a network of women in various African countries. We give practical information and support to women moving to an African country for a long period of time,with particular regard to women travelling with their children. However, our data bank includes information (such as security, doctors, communications, etc.) that might be of help to any woman traveller. We welcome journey women. It is free to join our organization. You can reach us at Tel/fax (00242) 81 02 15 .
Claudia L., Brazzaville, Congo

Your Hairdresser or Your Husband?
Here's an item that I saw in the Detroit Fress Press and thought it was fun. Amex platinum card holders were asked what they most wished to take with them when travelling on business. Men said: their spouse 26%, personal items 14.9% and their computer 4.9%. On the other hand, women said: personal items: 15.7%, computer 10.5% and spouse...only 5.2%!
Pamela A., Toronto, Canada

Low-cal French Food
Yes, there is such a thing! In Paris, look for Country Life Restaurant. It's located in back of a diet food shop and it serves low fat, low cholesterol sometimes vegeterian fare. You'll find it in the second arrondissement at 6 Rue Daunou (not far from Galeries Lafeyette). Prices moderate and higher.
Florence M, Toronto, Canada

A Historic Pub Site
Just a little bit of trivia for JW history buffs. When you visit London, stop in at the Mayflower Pub at 117 Rotherhithe St. SE16. That's where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America.
Maggie D, At Home in London, United Kingdom

Budget Travel Tip
As a B&B operator, I pass the following hints on to you. In Canada, if the B&B you choose operates less than four bedrooms, you will not have to pay sales tax or GST. Also, when checking room rates, ask about discounts for seniors, reduced rates for longer stays or advance bookings. Remember B&B's are privately operated and the operators can alter the price at their discretion. So ask, ask, ask!
Gail H, Gravenhurst, Canada

Pension in Istanbul
My favourite pension in Istanbul is a series of Ottoman era townhouses that have been updated with modern bathrooms. The rooms are full of antiques and Turkish carpets. From your window you can almost touch the minarets of the thousand year old Santa Sophia and the fabulous Topkapi Palace is just over the back wall
Contact: Ayasofya Pansiyonlari (513-3660) Sogukcesme Sokak, 34400
Sultanahmet, Istanbul.
Wendy Mesley, Toronto, Canada

Riding in Canada
A couple of summers ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying a riding holiday with Warner Guiding and Outfitters Ltd. in Banff, Alberta. Along with 15 other guests, I spent six days exploring the Rockies-- all on horseback. Our guides were real cowboys who really spoilt us.. We stayed at three different campsites. Our bags were delivered by pack mules and we enjoyed hearty homecooked meals. If you choose to do this trip, then bring a good sleeping bag. It gets mighty cold at night.
Contact: Box 2280, Banff, Alberta, T0L 0C0 Tel: (403) 762-4551.
Erica Ehm, Toronto, Canada

Women’s Rights Museum
I love your women-centered travel information and can’t resist passing on to you a tip about the fabulous Women’s Rights Museum in upstate New York at Seneca Falls - the only feminist museum I’ve ever visited - generous, accesssible and exciting. Definitely not for feminists only!
Contact: the National Women’s Hall of Fame, 76 Fall Street, Box 335, Seneca Falls, NY 13148.
Michele Landsberg, Toronto, Canada

Small Hotel in Paris
Re: request from Roz in California for a small Left Bank hotel in Paris (JW-Spring ‘96), I always use the well-priced and friendly, family, Eugenie Hotel, 31 Rue St. Andre des Arts, 75006, Paris. It’s in the Latin Quarter within walking distance to Musee D’Orsay, Les Halles, Louvre, St. Germain des Pres and, lots more.
Tel: 33-1-43-26-2903. Fax: 33-1-43-29-7560.
Helene C, Edmonton, Canada
Ed. note: Hurrah for networking! Remember, any JW can post their personal networking requests free of charge in our magazine’s classifieds -- a perfect way to get female-friendly travel tips or to find a travelling partner.

Posh London Hotel
(Re: Female in London - JW Winter issue 1995-6) "22 Jermyn Street" is an exclusive hotel in London that caters to its guests’ every wish which includes such diverse services as a resident manager (female) who jogs with guests, and supplying bird food for guests who want to feed the birds in nearby St. James Park....I have stayed there many times myself and as a female business traveler I appreciate their security measures and sensitivity to women travelling alone.
Dana C, Miami, USA
Ed. note: This is an award winning First Class hotel. For rates tel: 071-734-2353 or fax: 071-734-0750.

Use Commonsense
When travelling, use common sense and trust your vibes about the hearts and intentions of people you meet. As you would at home, accept invitations of true hospitality and offer something in return: news, opinions, honesty, English lessons, etc.
Linda H, East Berlin, USA

Bagels in Stockholm
If you’re a homesick tourist in Stockholm,we have North American places to "cure" you. Gray’s Bagels serves bagels (what else) and deli guaranteed to please. You’ll find this spot at Jarlsg. 39.
Kirstin D, Hagersten, Sweden

Cooking Thai
In one of your recent issues you asked about interesting cooking courses. A company called Bolder Adventures (303) 443-6789 arranges 4 day Thai cooking courses in Bangkok. The cost is $US100 per day and that includes classes, lodging and your meals.
Lynda G, Westmount, Canada
Ed. note: We were able to find their address: P.O. Box 1279, Boulder, Colo. 80306.

Washington T-House
Thought your readers would enjoy this one! In April of this year, Linda Orr and Michelle Brown opened Teaism, an Asian teahouse at 2009 R Street, NW in Washington D.C. (just off Conn. Ave, NW) They offer a large selection of Asian teas in brewed and leaf form plus, tandoori dishes for eating in or taking-away. Moderately priced. Great place for lunch. It’s also the spot to shop for tea-related merchandise.
Franceline R, Cultural Tours, Washinton

Tuscon Chic
Re: Female-friendly Arizona - Spring ‘96,we submit this tip. The Arizona Resort Inn is a smart address. Their Audabon Lounge piano bar is "oh so casually chic" and always an inviting spot for Happy Hour or a light evening snack. We recommendtheir Veggie Burger at $5.95 or the Grilled Chicken Salad in the under $10 category. (2200 E.Elm)
Alison & Barb, Flagstaff,USA

Fun in Phoenix
Re: Female-friendly Arizona -Spring ‘96, I love Ed Debevics in Phoenix. This 1950’s style diner with lots of memorabilia and full service bar is a burger joint with attitude. Don’t be surprised to see staff climb on to a table to perform their rendition of Y.M.C.A. Whether you’re eating alone or with friends, you can’t help but have fun. Prices are moderate. (2102 Highland Ave E.)
Lisa R, Phoenix, USA

Child-Friendly Calgary
Did you know that Calgary, Canada is a child-friendly city ? Teams of Calgary youth evaluate attractions, restaurants and hotels and rate them according to their child-friendliness . So if you are coming here for a convention or business, bring the kids along. They can have "breakfast with the elephants" at the Calgary Zoo or explore the outer reaches of space at the Alberta Science Centre. The possibilities are endless! Further info on Child Friendly is available from Penny Hume at
(403) 266 5448.
Maura H, Calgary, Canada

2 Tips - Picked up in Passing
If you are a traveller on a special diet, get someone at your hotel to write your special needs on a paper in the local language. Phrases such as no salt, low sugar, no dairy will help your waiter understand better what he can serve you

Have Book will Travel
in wilton, Connecticut is a company that boasts a data base of over 5000 travel books. Need special information? They’ll locate the book(s) titles that will be helpful and even sell the book to you at a 10% discount.
Call (203) 761-0604.
Women’s Travel Club Newsletter, Miami, USA

Bicycling Tip
Re: Your JW call for bicycle organizations - The Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society is a wonderfully energetic and creative organization for the mature set. I’ve tracked their activities for years. Membership fees: single -$25; couple$35. Write 6943 Antrim Ave., Burnaby, BC, Canada V5J 4M5.
Alison G, Victoria, Canada.

Be Battery Smart
Never go abroad with a new camera unless you really check what kind of batteries it takes. Better still, never leave home without spares. I’ve just returned from Gaza without photos because my new camera had battery problems!
Sonya G, Jura, Switzerland.

Amazing Australia
I spent 5 weeks travelling around Australia as an independent traveler and celebrated my 50th birthday south of Perth. I found people kind, courteous and friendly. I must say that I had not even one awkward experience. When visiting Sydney my tip to women is not to stay in the King’s Cross area or even go into it alone at night. I stayed in Darling Harbour and liked being on the water.
Rena B, Edmonton, Canada

Check Prague Taxis
I just returned from Prague and want to tell other readers to beware of cab drivers. They usually try to pull the wool over your eyes. Take care by either agreeing on a price before gettnig into the cab, be prepared to haggle or make sure that their meter is switched on to tarif 1. Drivers have different tarifs and I’m personally under the impression that they use certain ones for the people who look well off or like tourists.
Jan H, Amsterdam, Holland
Ed. note: Thanks, Jan. Also in the spring issue of JW, we listed the numbers of several supposedly reputable Prague cab companies.

Girls of Ipanema
My daughter and I visited Rio de Janeiro over the New Year. (lovely Reveillon on the beach Dec. 31st--music, dancing, throwing flowers into the sea to Yemanja, the sea goddess). We rented an apartment in Urca, a lovely district with luscious vegetation, old style houses, some apartments, very quiet and no violence. We found a nice bookshop called Dazibao in Ipanema and enjoyed a wondeful Sunday morning ‘hippy’ market with all sorts of handicrafts. For safe and good eating, we recommend Rio Sul, the biggest shopping center with plenty of different restaurants, shops, bookstores and cinemas. But, always watch your purse!
Sara P, Rome, Italy.
Ed. note: Sara has sent us the name and address of the woman who provided the rental in Urca. Want it? Contact the JW office.

N.Y. - What a Bargain!
I’ve just stayed at the European style Wentworth Hotel which is well situated on 46th St. between 5th and 6th.--close to Times Square and Rockefeller Center. It’s newly renovated, rooms are small but very clean and staff is helpful. All this for $89 double which in a real steal! My only complaint - the elevators are very slow. Stay on a lower floor so you can walk the stairs if necessary.
Marilyn B, Montreal, Canada

Royal Bras
Want to know where the Queen buys her bras in London? I didn't see her there myself but the word a shop called Rigby and Peller at 2 Hans Road close to Harrod's. You're sure to find your fit here. Sizing goes from 32AA to 46FF. But,talk about posh prices for underwear...WOW!
Les M, London, England

Leave your purse at home!
A tourist carrying a fancy purse is an easy mark, especially when you are dressed like a tourist. Instead use a zippered tote that can hide a wallet, carry an umbrella, a bottle of water and your camera. Carry it on your shoulder with the zipper end facing the front of you. Your possessions will be safe!
Roxanne S, Minneapolis, USA
Ed. note: Here's another item for your bag. If you are travelling solo in a non-English speaking country, remember to pack a section of your hometown newspaper. In restaurants, keep it on the table beside you. You'll be surprised at the number of people who stop to chat because they want to practice their English or they recognise the paper, etc.

Florida Feline Resort
Living in the Miami area and own a cat? When you go on your holiday, she can stay at A Country Cat House, the luxury vacation hotel for cats. Their brochure promises aquarium views, no barking dogs, soft music, and picture windows for kitty's bird watching. Write 12006 SW 64th St., Miami, 33183.
The Women's Travel Club Newsletter, Miami, USA.

British B&B
When in London last summer, I stayed at The Penn Club, 21 Bedford Place, London WC1B 5JH. It's a great place, located in the heart of Bloomsbury and run by a Quaker society. The rooms are clean if not exceptionally cosy; staff friendly, breakfasts filling and good and they have tons of info on London Walks and other tourist and leisure options. I seem to remember paying around 30(lbs)/night. Tel: 0171-636-4718.
Francis B, Hong Kong

Travel Undies
Save all of your old underwear for when you travel. Then throw them away as you use them. That means very little laundering en route.
Joan S, Yarmouth, Canada

Terrific Travel Toothbrush
When I was in Paris, I found a wonderful travelling toothbrush (about $US4.00) at the pharmacy. It's called Naturelles Fluocaril. The funky design and case makes for great drainage. Perfect for packing! Also a lovely gift to bring for friends!
Deranna N, London, England

A Dentist's Travel Tip
Remember that toothaches only get worse when the pressure decreases. i.e. in airplanes or on the ski slopes. So, if a tooth feels uncomfortable prior to a holiday, make sure to visit your dentist at least one day before you take off. You'll be glad if you do and sorry if you don't!
Dr. Judy S, Toronto, Canada

Caribean Retreat
I thought your readers might like to know about our woman-owned, New Dawn Guest House on the unspoiled island of Vieques. The main house was built for outdoor living by women participating in carpentry courses in '86. Set on 5 acres dotted with hibiscus and with horses grazing, this retreat offers an environment of natural beauty. Rates as low as $10 per night in tents to $40 in a room. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Write to: P.O. Box 1512, Vieques, PR 00765
Paige W, Vieques, Puerto Rico


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