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Journeywoman Top Ten Tips of 1998

1 -- Deodorant not only under arms -- When travelling in hot and sweaty climates, try putting underarm deodorant under your breasts. A bra rubbing on your skin when you perspire can cause chaffing and uncomfortable rashes but the deodorant under your breasts eliminates this problem.

2 -- Visiting Chicago on a budget? -- Eleanor's is a women-only facility that was designed to provide a reasonably priced, safe place for women studying or working in the city. It has quite a few long term residents, but rents out some accommodations on a short term basis as well. The rooms are single, spartan and clean. Each room has a sink; bathrooms can be found down the hall. There's security at the front door and common rooms to watch TV or chat with other guests. The $50 per night price includes both cafeteria-style breakfast and dinner. Eleanor�s Residence is located at 1550 North Dearborn close to transit in the Gold Coast neighbourhood. Definitely a good place for women travelling solo. Contact: the Eleanor Residence for Women at 312.664.8245.

3 -- My Husband Will Be Here Soon -- Always wear a wedding ring whether you�re married or not. This will be helpful in combating harassment particularly in countries where western women are viewed as fair game. Tell all and sundry that your husband is on business in some other city or country but will be joining you in a few days hence.

4 -- Travelling to Africa? -- Tam Tam Femme/Congo is a network of women in various African countries. They offer practical information and support (with particular regard to women travelling with their children) to women moving to an African country for a long period of time. However, their data bank includes information (such as security, doctors, communications, etc.) that might be of help to any woman traveller. It is free to join their organization. You can reach them at Tam Tam Femme in Milano, Italy. Tel/fax (00242) 81 02 15. E-mail

5 -- Sun, Sand and Sex -- Females beware! Crowded tourist beaches are notorious pick-up joints. In Jamaica, the Gambia, Aegean Turkey and Brazil a well-developed gigolo culture has emerged. Women arriving alone are assumed to be on the lookout for a holiday boyfriend, someone to share a good time and holiday cash with. Don't be fooled by the lyrical sweet-talk, your replacement is probably arriving on the next plane.

6 -- Travelling solo and staying at bed and breakfasts? --Pack your simplest casserole recipe and offer to cook dinner for your host and some of her friends. They�ll appreciate the meal, you�ll get the opportunity to shop at the local grocers/markets and, best of all, you�ll have totally new company for dinner!

7 -- Cute Dutch men -- In the heart of Amsterdam, just opposite the central train station you will find Vic's Terrace. It is located on the Damrak, on the way to the stock exchange building. On the glassed-in terrace you can watch the delicious �dutch business suits� (i.e. great looking Dutch men) passing by. And, while enjoying a 'koffie verkeerd' ( the best coffee in town) you have a perfect view of one of the liveliest streets of Amsterdam.

8 -- Western toilet paper is necessary in some Third World countries -- When you�re trying to pack as much as possible into one small bag you begin to notice that full rolls of toilet paper tend to take up too much space. So, in the weeks leading up to trips, wait until the paper at home gets down to maybe a quarter of an inch or so left on the roll. At that point, squash them flat and put them aside ready to pack. These mini rolls fit beautifully into all the nooks and crannies of a suitcase.

9 -- Beware of Women Carrying Babies in Italy -- While travelling in certain areas of Italy such as Pisa or Rome, beware of women who are lingering by souvenir stands holding babies. They may be thieves getting ready to rob you. Their babies are not real babies; they're dolls which the women will throw to you. You, of course, will want to stop the (fake) baby from falling and as you reach out to catch it, the dishonest female can snatch your purse and run.

10 -- Padded push-up bras are great for a night out -- On trips, when you go out in the evening, take the pads out of your push-up bra, wrap the money you need for the evening in tissues and put the packets back where the pads originally were. Works every time!

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