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After sorting through the many, many fabulous e-mails and lovely bits of info you’ve showered us with these last few months, here they are, ladies! Journeywoman’s top 25 “red hot” female-centered travel tips.

If you have a tip of your own, please click here and share it with us. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or anything else. That’s our job here at the JW office.

The best ten tips will be included in our next Journeywoman newsletter. To say thank-you for your advice we’ll be sending out some of the latest travel books to contributors picked at random. A few recent winners are Anne in Nanaimo, Canada and Kimberly in Miami Beach, USA. Well done!

She spas in Mexico...
For a wonderful spa experience, check out Rio Caliente, located outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. Beautiful weather, the Sierra Madre mountains, and hot springs from the "hot river" are just the beginning. This spa offers great, comfy, and adventurous options, and is perfect for women traveling alone. I've been there three times and have always met new friends. Or, you can just lie by the mineral pool reading a book, and watch the resident animals (six horses and Petunia, the donkey) meander by. Great meals, kind and supportive staff, wonderful massage and mud baths, yoga, horseback riding, hikes in the mountains. I could go on and on. In fact, I think I'll go on and book another visit. Check their website at
Eva Olson, USA

She complains about Harrods washrooms...
Can you imagine? Harrods charged us one pound for the use of their "luxury washrooms" which weren't really luxurious at all....and a big rip-off, in my estimation. My advice is don’t miss Harrods, but pass on their bathrooms (if possible).
Denise, Charleston, USA
She raves about an e-mail service...
I learned about a wonderfully simple e-mail service for travellers and used it on my last trip to Hong Kong. It worked perfectly! allows you to retrieve all of your e-mail messages directly from your own internet provider at home. Just set up your account and password with Mailstart prior to leaving (it’s free), receive your instructions and you’re ready to go. Do yourself a favour and check it out at I loved it!
Evelyn Hannon, Toronto, Canada
Attention teacher and student travellers...
Hospex is a hospitality exchange group started in 1991 to foster cross-cultural friendships by connecting academics and students with hosts. Currently, there are Hospex members in more than 35 countries. There is no membership fee, and homestays include free accommodation. Contact: and visit their website at:
Kari Bodnarchuk, Somerville, USA
She e-mails her documents to herself...
A journeywoman on the road should always carry a photocopy of her passport and birth-certificate in case those items get stolen. But what happens when the bag carrying that vital info is also swiped? This is how I get around the problem. I scanned my important documents and e-mailed them to myself. So now, it's stored on my Hotmail account (a FREE e-mail service accessible anywhere around the world that computers are available). If the day should come that I need a copy, all I need to do is access the internet (
Brigitte Torok, North York, Canada
She packs her little red suit for Paris...
In French cities, you will observe the greatest number of chic-looking women you have ever seen - in shops and travelling to and from work. No sneakers, no jeans, no sweats, typically subtle make-up and good hair cuts or hair pulled severely back. As a tourist, better dress up than down (think business attire), especially in the evening if you go out to dinner. I wished I had left behind my jeans and packed my little red suit.
Anne W, Toronto, Canada
Not touristy in Sydney, Australia...
I live in Sydney and absolutely love it! The thing I like to do is walk my dog from my home in Mosman Bay around to Cremorne point. This is not a tourist attraction at all. It is just a lovely walking path that winds around the water foreshores and ends up looking over the harbour to the city (the view taking in the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge). There are ferry stops along the walk. A traveller could catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Mosman Bay, walk the path around to Cremorne point (about 45 minutes), then catch the Ferry back into the city from Cremorne. Far cheaper than a harbour cruise and you see a lovely part of Sydney.
Anna Tempke, Sydney, Australia
Chicago’s ladies room in the sky...
In my opinion, the Signature Lounge in Chicago's John Hancock Center (875 North Michigan Ave.) is not only the best place in town to have a cocktail and watch the sun set over the city but, check out their ladies room. I do believe that no other women’s bathroom can boast their floor to ceiling metropolis view from the 96th floor!
Kimberly Meadors, Miami Beach, USA




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