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She writes to herself...
When on the road, why not send a postcard to yourself from each city or place you visit? This is not as crazy as it sounds. Not only will you have a written memory of the place (as well as a great photo), but writing down your immediate impressions will help you relive your experiences when you arrive home and the postcards continue to come in the mail.
Elizabeth Israel, Seattle, USA
She B&B’s in Brugge...
I live in France. This past weekend I ventured to Brugge, a sublimely picturesque small city located in Northwest Belgium where I enjoyed an absolutely splendid stay with my B&B hosts, Paul & Roos Gheeraert. I received a handy map to the town which allowed me to bypass the lines at the Tourist Information center; slept in the most comfortable bed I think I've ever slept in on a holiday, and enjoyed a spacious room with lovely amenities. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my stay however, was chatting with other guests during breakfast. As we munched on fresh raisin toast and nut bread from the nearby 'Brood' stores and sipped freshly squeezed orange juice, we marvelled at the wonders of this small village. Such a fantastic place should be shared with other Journeywoman readers! My single room for the evening was only $US45. Want to know more? My Belgian B&B hosts can be contacted by e-mail at:
Stephanie Reiter, Saint Cloud, France
Bargain shopping in Brisbane, Australia
When visiting Brisbane (my part of the world), there is a suburb where many leading clothing manufacturers have discount shops offering end of season or seconds at a fraction of their original price. This suburb is called Stones Corner and is a short taxi ride from the city centre. Or else (being the smart shopper you are), you can just hop on to a Brisbane City Council bus to get yourself there. Stones Corner has recently had its main shopping street prettied up so you can relax at any number of coffee shops when “going through the racks” becomes too much. Enjoy!
Pat Garvey, Brisbane, Australia
Feed 'n Read in Thamel, Nepal...
Journeywomen will love this one! Located directly behind Pilgrim’s Book House in central Thamel, and owned by them, this patio cafe is perfect any time of day. Fresh citrus or apple juice, crunchy wheat toast with homemade apple butter, and scrambled eggs are a satisfying breakfast. Indian dishes for dinner are good and their momos (like won tons) make a great snack with a pot of tea or lemon soda (lemon juice with bottled soda water). Who know? You might just sit yourself down next to a hopeful writer trying to make a publication deal with Pilgrim’s Publishers; it’s offices are in the adjacent building.
Joyce Tapper, Kathmandu and Los Angeles
Shops and women-friendly eats in Hong Kong...
Women travelling to HK will love the Pacific Place Shopping Mall for browsing or buying. There’s also many interesting restaurants worth a try within this complex. For fast food, there’s Coo in the basement of Seibu department store. They are very reasonable by HK standards and they serve everything from sushi to sandwiches for eating in or taking out. (You can eat well for around $HK50). Next door is a Japanese restaurant called Ichigawa which has a counter -- quite cozy and great for noodles and set lunches (around $HK120). When you need a caffeine fix look out for Pacific Coffee Shop (I believe that they have computers with free internet access here so you can connect with Mama at home and tell her you’re fine). For a western-style lunch, there’s a sandwich bar called Eats -- good food and wonderful for people watching. Opposite to that is La Cite decked out like a French style cafe/bar -- quite pleasant although a bit pricey for a shopping lunch.
Anna Cheung, Hong Kong, China
Limber up your legs for Japan...
I’ve just returned from Japan and would like to make a suggestion to others going to this destination. Prior to leaving set time aside to learn to sit comfortably on the floor in the Japanese style. When eating in many Japanese restaurants or participating in a "Tea Ceremony", sitting on one's legs is customary (and rather painful - if you are not prepared to do so). If I had it to do over again, I would spend more time prior to my trip in limbering up my legs.
Barbara B. Miller, Winter Park, USA
Mexican taxi, anyone?...
Prior to leaving for Mexico I was warned about taking taxis because others have had their jewelry, purse, etc. stolen by their drivers. However, on my last two day business trip, I was allocated a taxi driver who was well known by my client with an office in Mexico City. This man was excellent and he even waited for me while I was in meetings - all at a very reasonable cost - US$40 for about four hours of work. I felt that this was true value for my money and, above all, I felt safe. I would be happy to supply his number to anyone that would like it. Contact the JW office for my e-mail address.
Nadine Marsh, London, England
She yells in Japan...
Living in Japan, I can tell you that for a woman traveller this is probably one of the safest countries you can travel in. You will feel (and be safe) at any hour of the day or night. If you ever do feel threatened, which I assure you is rare, (i.e. relatively harmless situations like unwanted advances from a drunk office worker on the train), create a scene by yelling a few words in the language of your choice. The man’s behaviour will generally stop and he will probably be yanked from the train.
Jennifer S, Nagoya, Japan
B&B savings for the older adventuress...
Here’s a very juicy one! Join a bed-and-breakfast club and pay a pittance for accommodations. The Evergreen B&B Club, limited to people over the age of 50, charges annual dues of $40 single or $50 per couple. This gives you the privilege of staying at the homes of other members here and abroad for only $10 a night single or $15 double. For further info call the club at: 800.374.9392 or 815.288.9600
Joan Rattner Heilman, USA
Ed. note: Joan is the author of “Unbelievably Good Deals and Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re Over 50.” We’re delighted to have her as a member of the JW Network. She lets us in on all the good stuff for older, wiser, adventuring gals.



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